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Stadium Journey's Favorite Summer College Ballparks of 2023

Nothing says "summer" in North America more than taking in a ballgame in a small-town ballpark. While in recent years traditional minor league baseball has contracted, summer wood-bat leagues are exploding all across the continent, to the point where it's hard to even keep up with all the new leagues and teams sprouting up all in towns and cities everywhere.

For many towns, summer ball has allowed their local ballpark to stay in use after being abandoned by affiliated baseball. In others, new ballparks have been built to accommodate the new team. Summer ball offers baseball fans an affordable entertainment option throughout the summer months.

Stadium Journey has visited 153 Summer Collegiate ballparks across 23 leagues. Listed below, in alphabetical order, are some of our highest-rated and favorite ballparks. To see the full review, simply click on the stadium/team link. Hope you enjoy it!

Gregory Koch - The experience at a Bethesda Big Train game is a cut above the rest of the league, and indeed a great experience on its own merits. For those who live in the DC area or are just visiting over the summer, a Bethesda Big Train game at Shirley Povich Field is a great way to spend your evening.

Lloyd Brown - Bowen Field is one of the treasures of minor league baseball. Though it does not have many of the bells and whistles of more modern stadiums, it more than makes up for it in small-town friendliness, a beautiful natural setting and a community and their ball team putting their best efforts to ensure you have an enjoyable night at the ballpark.

Paul Baker - In a league full of unique parks, Chatham offers an experience that may top them all. It has a real vintage charm, and the view from the top of the outfield berm simply can’t be beaten.

James Hilchen - FieldCorp Field takes fans back in time to when baseball was about taking in the experience of what was happening on the field, rooting for your players and against the opposing team. For a true baseball fan, this is a fabulous venue.

Paul Baker - In a league full of postcard-perfect ballparks, Lowell Park may just top them all. Its location in a nature reserve gives it a tremendous backdrop. With the best college players in the nation on the field, it’s a combination that puts the Cape Cod Baseball League at the top of any baseball fan’s must-do list.

Marc Viquez - At one time, Danville Stadium was slated for the wrecking ball and left to rot after the Milwaukee Brewers relocated their Single-A team after the 1982 season. Aren’t we somewhat better off having baseball played at Danville Stadium and other buildings of its kind? It is good to know that there are still old-school parks left to watch baseball at these days.

Marc Viquez - A wonderful and charming little stadium in southern Indiana that is somewhat of a drive for some in the state, but perhaps a drive that is well worth it since there is not quite another ballpark like it in the Hoosier State.

Marc Viquez - The charm of Dunn Field would be enough to attract any ballpark traveler to Elmira. The amply-sized stadium has the look and feel of many great minor league ballparks that are no longer around. It is clean, spacious, and ideal for a relaxing day of baseball viewing.

Gregory Koch - It is indisputable that Eagle Field at Veterans Memorial Park is the most modern facility in the Valley League. While the older venues certainly have their charm in their way, the Turks manage to create the same great atmosphere there is elsewhere in the league in a more modern stadium with all the amenities that come with.

Marc Viquez - Capital Credit Union Park is by far one of the most curious places to watch a baseball game during the summer months. Its design and features best suit a soccer match but it’s full of popular areas and affordable food and concessions items that make it a nice destination for fans in the area.

Marc Viquez - There’s a reason that TVA Credit Union Ballpark has been a class act for so many years in the Appalachian League. It continues that trend as a summer collegiate venue in 2021 but still offers all of the great atmosphere and fun from its days as a Rookie League ballpark.

Alex Mailes - Joe Becker Stadium offers the feeling of small-town baseball at a high level for an affordable price. There are plenty of promotions and games for fans to keep things exciting and Joplin has plenty to offer if you find yourself bored after the game.

Steve Ohnsmann - Given the remarkable number of creative additions in the last year provided by the Growlers in their close working relationship with the city, this venue is a must-see experience. Considering that they offer college wood bat baseball, they are offering a product that competes with class A minor league parks.

Paul Baker - It’s readily apparent once you step foot into Alumni Field why it’s one of the marquee venues in the New England Collegiate League. Take an unforgettable setting, add in great fan support, enthusiastic staff, and tons of extra features and you have all the elements of a fantastic place to catch a ballgame.

Lloyd Brown - Each off-season the stadium is evaluated for what can be done to improve the fan experience and the changes are implemented. This is rewarded by the most loyal fan following in the league, multiple sellouts, and a definite desire to return for future games.

Marc Viquez - Kapco Park offers great concessions and an atmosphere that reminds me why I enjoy traveling around the country and visiting ballparks. The wait was worth it, a fine ballpark experience.

Lloyd Brown - Just as bacon has seen a renaissance as a food item, the Macon Bacon has brought about a renaissance for baseball in the Middle Georgia area. This Bacon recipe of baseball in a historic structure… seasoned with a few modern elements to meet the taste of today’s fans… is high in fun and low in cost. The Bacon Nation is sure to come back for a second helping.

Marc Viquez - The Madison Mallards might be the O.G.'s of packing in exciting crowds in summer-collegiate baseball. Before the Savannah Bananas brought record numbers to their ballpark, the Mallards were among the leaders in baseball in average attendance numbers at Warner Park.

Jim Flannery - The Mavericks have been a consistent contender in the WMBL for most of their franchise history. Coming out to see a game in a lovely, relaxing environment, with friendly people is a great way to spend a summer evening in “The Hat.”

Paul Baker - Holman Stadium is a quaint ballpark that has likely seen the end of its days as a professional facility. With Northeast Delta Dental Stadium located 20 minutes to the north and LaLacheur Park located 20 minutes to the south, there are just not enough fans for the affiliated ball in the area.

Gregory Koch - For baseball fans in Virginia, the Valley Baseball League is a hidden gem and the New Market Rebels are no exception. Those in New Market certainly know about the team and passionately follow it, but a trip to Rebel Park is well worth it for those who don’t live here as well.

Paul Baker - They certainly don’t build them like Cardines Field anymore. This historic ballpark, filled with features not seen anywhere else, is a relic from another time. Cardines Field is frequently mentioned as one of the top places in the country to watch summer wood-bat baseball.

Richard Smith -Seaman Stadium is a wonderful ballpark, especially for the collegiate summer league level. There are likely to be affiliated minor teams that would be jealous of this fine facility.

Paul Baker - Baseball has been played at Eldredge Park since 1913. As a member of the Firebirds' staff put it, "We have three things going for us in Orleans. We have the best beaches on the Cape, we have the hill, and we have the history."

Gregory Koch - There is no doubt that War Memorial Stadium is an old ballpark. While it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of more modern facilities in the CPL and elsewhere in the area, the energy at Peninsula Pilots game is top-notch.

Gregory Koch - What John Moxie Memorial Stadium lacks in flashiness it makes up for in charm. Baseball has been played at this site for over a century. Although Moxie Stadium doesn’t have the amenities of modern stadiums, and it certainly would never be mistaken for one, it is a gorgeous, historic stadium to watch a game on a summer’s night at a great price.

Marc Viquez - It seems like only yesterday that the team arrived and spearheaded a movement toward ballpark construction in the state. However, the ballpark still stands out as a beauty and provides a highly enjoyable baseball experience.

Gregory Koch - Although Shepherd Stadium is almost 75 years old, you wouldn’t know it from attending a Chili Peppers game here. The stadium has all the amenities and excitement of a newer stadium.

Paul Baker - Centennial Field, while an older facility, offers many modern amenities and enough comforts to keep today’s fan happy. With a decidedly small-town feel, this ballpark belongs on any baseball fan’s must-see list.

Meg Minard - It is so, so comfortable here. The seats are wide, there’s plenty of legroom, the fans are energized, and the Pioneers staff is ready to assis, if needed. It’s still more about the game than the extra stuff but there’s enough of that to keep non-purists entertained.

Gregory Koch - Baseball has been played at Bowman Field for almost 100 years and you can feel a part of the history when stepping in here. However, this very much feels like a modern ballpark as well, not an old decrepit one that is falling apart.

Richard Smith - The Yakima Valley Pippins and Yakima County Stadium is a perfect spot to watch a summer collegiate league team. The stadium is past its prime for minor-league baseball. but is perfect for this level of ball.

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