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American Football Stadium

Stadium Journey

Sports travel, made simple

Stadium Journey was founded in 2009, originally with the idea that one man would be travelling the country with the goal of seeing as many sports stadiums as possible, while documenting the experience and sharing tips and recommendations. We soon found that by utilizing a community of stadium travelers we could cover more ground and provide greater coverage of the sports travel world.

To date, we have reviewed more than 2,600 stadiums in 31 countries around the world. We have nearly 50 writers who travel to games and prepare reviews in order for you to have a great next trip.

We make it a goal to post at least one new or updated reviews each day, providing sports fans with all of the information they need to make the most out of their next trip to a stadium.

If you have been to a stadium, please share your expertise. 

If you have an interest in sports travel and are interested in joining the Stadium Journey list team of correspondents, then please contact Stadium Journey with your name and examples of your writing. 

Happy Journeys!

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