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Stadium Journey 2022 Major League Baseball Stadium Ranking

On a recent episode of the Stadium Journey Podcast, our correspondent Dave Cottenie asked "how can you not be romantic about baseball?" Of all the sports, none come close to the feelings evoked by a visit to our favorite ballpark.

Stadium Journey endeavors to visit every Major League Baseball ballpark annually to keep our reviews current for those of us who love to travel the country visiting these cathedrals to the sport. In 2022 we were able to visit 21 of the 30 parks nationwide. Not bad considering we're not back to normal.

Here we are ranking the 30 ballparks according to our patented FANFARE rating scale. This scale takes into consideration a ballpark's concessions, game day atmosphere, neighborhood, fan support, access, value, and more. It's a bit of a different way to evaluate a ballpark, and historically our rankings have created much debate. That's OK, we can take it. Plus, isn't healthy debate the reason why we make lists like this?

The fact that over two-thirds of the Major League ballparks scored a 4.00 rating or better is a testament to the quality of the ballparks and the game-day entertainment provided by the team staff around the leagues. To see the full review of each ballpark, just click the link underneath the photo.

You'll notice that there have been some changes in our rankings as we move to this new site. There is no longer a place for readers to contribute their scores. After much consideration, the decision was made to discontinue crowd reviews, as the vast majority of them came from previous Stadium Journey reviews and simply were not being utilized as designed.

Our rankings are now based solely on the reviewer's FANFARE score. Where two or more venues are tied, a counsel of Stadium Journey elders is consulted to break any ties. We encourage our readers to share your input on our social media channels. Stadium Journey can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We hope you are enjoying our new site. Without further ado, we present our ranking of the 2022 Major League Baseball stadiums.

Andrei Ojeda - Petco Park continues to play a huge role in the revitalization of the local area throughout the East Village. Despite last year’s late-season collapse, the excitement level and expectations remain high among the Friar Faithful. Now in its 18th year, Petco Park continues to bring high energy to the East Village and continually ranks among the top ballpark experiences year in and year out.

Chris Green - The Guardians continue to showcase what makes their home one of the best home stadiums in the major leagues. Progressive Field has everything you would want in a perfect setting. Top food and beverage options mix here with a constantly improving stadium that remains one of the best in baseball. Affordability and easy access create a welcoming environment that makes for one of the best game-day experiences around.

Andrei Ojeda - One visit to this beauty and you will see why Oracle Park consistently ranks among the top ballpark experiences among baseball fans. As you walk away to the tune of Tony Bennett’s “I Left My Heart in San Francisco,” a piece of your heart will undoubtedly be left at 3rd and King.

Paul Baker - Fenway Park’s mix of historical touches, quirky features, and modern comforts are unmatched anywhere. Other cities try again and again to find the magic formula that has existed in Boston for 111 years. Simply put, Fenway Park is the standard against which all other ballparks are measured.

Paul Baker - Fans who haven’t visited the North Side of Chicago in a while will be amazed by the transformation that has taken place in the home of the Cubbies. Modern features have been integrated into the ballpark in a way that does not detract from the historic aspects of the facility. Wrigley Field is truly a special place to take in a baseball game.

Dave Hanson - Citi’s unique location in Flushing, extensive food offerings, and rabid fanbase make visiting the park feel completely different from the experience across town at Yankee Stadium. Citi Field is a world of its own, both of the city and simultaneously removed from the dense urbanity of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. Yankee Stadium is a tourist trap that happens to contain a baseball diamond. Citi Field is a proper ballpark. There’s a difference.

Patricia Beninato - PNC Park is a mecca for MLB fans two decades after its opening, and the recent right field plaza refurbishment combined with a ton of promotions and discounts make it a relatively cheap day or night out for locals and visitors alike. Pittsburgh hopes that one day the Pirates will field a team that’s worthy of the beautiful ballpark they call home.

Andrei Ojeda - Coors Field was among several yards that opened during the so-called “retro parks” era. The recent enhancements to Coors Field, most notably the new video/scoreboard and The Rooftop, have only helped improve the game day atmosphere. Coors Field trails only Dodger Stadium and Wrigley Field in the National League senior circuit for years of service.

Gregory Koch - The difference between Target Field and the old Metrodome is like night and day. While the Twins previously played in one of the worst stadiums in Major League Baseball, they now play at one of the best. Just walking up and gaping at its gorgeous exterior, you get the sense that this place is different, and once you get inside, you will not be disappointed. From the Minnie and Paul sign to the unique concession items to all the other extras here, a trip to Target Field for a Twins game should be on every fan’s bucket list.

Andrei Ojeda - The recent enhancements throughout the third oldest yard in the Majors have made the Dodger Stadium experience much more accessible for fans wanting to experience as much of the historic venue and have assured us that Dodger Stadium will be the home to Dodger Baseball for many more years to come.

David Berger - Busch Stadium offers enough history, class, and views to make it an ideal baseball destination. The ballpark is a favorite among many ballpark enthusiasts and is considered home to many Cardinals fans during the season. Does it have to stand out among the copious “retro-classic” facilities built in the past 25 years? Perhaps, Busch doesn’t necessarily need to be anything more than what it is, a nice spot for baseball.

Richard Smith - Philadelphia fans often get a bad reputation and it can be well-deserved at times. The stadium itself can also get lost in the sea of new stadiums across the league, but the fact is that Citizens Bank Park is a modern ballpark that offers all of the best things that fans expect out of their stadium experience. It should not be forgotten.

Richard Smith - Oriole Park at Camden Yards opened in 1992 and has been considered one of the best Major League Baseball stadiums in the league. Before its opening, the landscape of professional baseball was littered with boring, multipurpose bowl stadiums. Now nearly every team has a great baseball stadium. Luckily Oriole Park has kept up with the experiences. Out were lackluster parks and in were fan-friendly stadiums that were designed for the optimum fan experience.

Chuck Utech - Stadium journeys have to include a trip to Kansas City. This is an experience for an individual, couple, or group that can be done at a variety level of expenses. The level of entertainment, however, is high.

Eric Moreno - After moving out of the Eighth Wonder of the World, the Astrodome, the Astros moved into their new luxury downtown facilities at (the now-named) Minute Maid Park. From the friendly confines of their new home at the Juice Box, the Astros have made the playoffs nine times, claimed four pennants (one when they were still in the National League and three since joining the American League), and won one World Series championship in 2017.

Andrei Ojeda - From the baseball-themed artwork to the vast food selections and the majestic views of Puget Sound along the left field upper concourse, the cool Pacific Northwest summer nights with a welcoming fan base, and an exciting young team, a visit to T-Mobile Park will rank highly among your list of ballpark visits.

Richard Smith - The best feature of Comerica Park is the giant Tiger statues that guard the various entrances to the stadium. These are popular photo spots and/or meet-up locations before games. They are not only a great feature but show a team knowing how to double down on their mascot.

Gregory Koch - In 2005, the Nationals came to town, and in 2008, they got a brand-new stadium. Since then, the excitement has worn off and the crowds have steadily declined, especially as the Nationals’ performance on the field has gone downhill. That being said, Nationals Park is still a nice stadium for fans to take in a Major League Baseball game.

Marc Viquez - Great American Ballpark is one of the better values in all of Major League Baseball. It includes a modern Stadium with plenty of great views and concession options, affordable ticket pricing, a great location along the river, and multiple entertainment districts surrounding it. Cincinnati is a town that offers a lot of other things to do besides watching the baseball game; you may find yourself spending a lot longer going up and down the hills of Queen City.

Marc Viquez - The Chicago White Sox has been working very hard to improve the amenities at the stadium. The past few seasons have seen renovations to the concourse regarding food and beverage service, social areas for fans, a brand new scoreboard, and fan-friendly pricing on game day tickets. If you haven’t been to a Sox game lately, perhaps you need to come back sometime soon for a game.

Meg Minard - Chase Field provides good game day enjoyment and it is easy to reach and traverse. The swimming pool and the retractable roof and panels offer unique elements to the ballpark. A recommendation is to visit early in the season (April) to enjoy a game with the roof open. Phoenix is a vacation destination in early spring and late fall so enjoy a D-Backs game when in town.

Chris Green - Miller Park is a beautiful stadium, and it features a unique roof design mixed with appropriate architectural design. The food is plentiful and top quality and the fans are among the best in baseball. Almost every game is a packed house, so you get that exciting experience sports fans to yearn for. If you’re visiting Milwaukee, or even just passing through, a stop here is a must-consider, even for the casual sports fan.

Lloyd Brown - A visit to Truist Park and the Battery provides a daylong set of options for baseball fans. Arrive early or stay late and enjoy a wide range of dining and entertainment options. In between, you can enjoy some great baseball featuring the defending World Champion Atlanta Braves. Chop on!

Andrei Ojeda - Angel Stadium is the 4th oldest yard in the bigs behind Fenway Park, Wrigley Field, and Dodger Stadium. It has gone through its share of changes. From being enclosed in 1979 to accommodate the Rams to its return to its current form as a baseball-only park, compared to other yards of the post-Camden era, Angel Stadium could use some updates.

Chris Green - While many may regard Tropicana Field as one of the worst stadiums in baseball, the facility still has some life in it. Yes, the age and overall aesthetic of the place just feels “meh” worthy, but the Tampa Bay Rays have called it their home since their inception in 1998, and you can almost feel a bit of history when you walk through the ballpark doors.

Dave Cottenie - With the renovations long overdue coming to Rogers Centre, it will be interesting to see if, as Blue Jays President Mark Shapiro hopes, the former SkyDome becomes a “ballpark” and not a “stadium.” What the future holds will be exciting, but for now, Rogers Centre remains one of the most influential stadiums in the league and one that needs the most TLC.

Greg Venuto - Yankee Stadium overall is impressive and a must-see for baseball enthusiasts. It can be a bit too much splash and often tries too hard to remove as much money as possible from your wallet. Some detractors also say it’s too much of a museum and not enough of a conventional ballpark.

Michael Davis - Globe Life Field is the newest ballpark in Major League Baseball, yet it fails compared to the old ballpark. Maybe my emotions have entered into this review, as I loved Globe Life Park. Somewhere the baseball fan was forgotten in leaving the old ballpark – overall attending a game at Globe Life Field is more expensive than its predecessor, yet the Rangers product on the field is less.

Matt Fiedler - loanDepot Park is a very interesting place. It has some unique features that make it stand out from the pack of bland ballparks. The park does a good job of showcasing Miami's culture and cuisine. The fans and atmosphere drag things down though. The laid-back vibe of Miami does show at the games.

Chris Green - Oakland baseball deserves better – most everyone agrees on this. The fans who do show up are passionate and proud of their team’s history. And while the Athletics have done the best they can with what they have in their current state, the shortcomings are so vast that it is hard to overlook one, if not most. The beauty of the weather and climate helps, but Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum could use a proper facelift to make it more enjoyable for the fan experience.

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Dec 25, 2022

What an undertaking!! I have been to 29 of these stadiums (going to #30 Rangers Globe Life is now more interesting thanks to dome/AC). When I went through the list, it occurred to me that this subject is very emotional - we lead with our hearts. I put the Pirates' PNC park at #1 while Tampa Bay and Oakland are clearly at the bottom. It can be difficult to rate parks with low attendance; it's not the park's "fault" if the team is struggling.

Thanks for a great read!

Steve Ohnsman

Marc Viquez
Marc Viquez
Aug 21, 2023
Replying to

I know what you mean!

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