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Coors Field - Colorado Rockies

Photos by Michael Davis, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 4.14

Coors Field 2001 Blake St Denver, CO 80205

Year Opened: 1995 Capacity: 46,897


Three Decades of Rockies Baseball

Coors Field is home to Major League Baseball’s Colorado Rockies, located in downtown Denver. The ballpark opened in April 1995, built as the first baseball-only facility since Dodger Stadium in 1962. Coors Field is starting its 30th season hosting MLB baseball, making this ballpark the third-oldest stadium in the National League, behind Wrigley Field (1914) and Dodger Stadium (1962).

Coors Field’s grass surface is Kentucky Bluegrass/Perennial Rye. The ballpark dimensions are asymmetrical, with the shortest being 347ft in left field versus 415ft in center and 350ft in right. The seating capacity is currently 46,897, with the capability of reaching 50,000 including standing room only tickets.

Coors Field has been one of the best ballparks over the last 3 decades, with little change from the original stadium design – the most noticeable change was in 2014, when the Rockies turned 3,500 seats in right field’s upper deck into The Rooftop, a 38,000-square-foot gathering area. The Rooftop has two levels and a standing room only bar, but is open to all ticketholders, so get there early to secure a spot. Besides being the place to be at Coors Field, this area provides views of downtown Denver and the Rocky Mountains.

Coors Field has hosted 2 MLB All Star Games (1998 and 2021), a World Series (2007), and a Colorado Avalanche outdoor hockey game (2016) as part of the NHL Stadium Series, along with concerts.


Food & Beverage   5

The hardest decision for fans walking into Coors Field could be what food or drinks to consume, due to the massive selection of concession options. The choices range from a stand for kids to the first brewery built in a major league ballpark, and there are also stands that cover people looking for healthy options (such as gluten-free, salads, and veggie burgers) to fans seeking more than just the typical ballpark fare.

The basic fare of hot Dogs, nachos, pretzels, bratwurst, pizza, and Coca-Cola products are available throughout the ballpark at fixed or portable stands. Specialty concessions such as 505 Southwest Burrito serve burritos or chicken quesadillas, using New Mexico’s famous Hatch Valley green chiles. Coors Field also has two burger concessions that will satisfy any fan – the Smashburger concession in 303 near the rooftop area, and Helton 17 Burger Shack in left field. Helton 17 is in reference to former Rockies player Todd Helton.

Biker’s Jim on the lower level in section 107 serves Elk jalapeno cheddar dogs, craft beer brats, spicy polish sausage, bacon cheddar brats, and vegan dogs. In addition there is Rocky Mountain Oysters, which feature breaded oysters and fried bull testicles (yes, this Colorado delicacy is sold inside Coors Field from section 144).

Buckaroos in section 149, located on the main level concourse in left field, is a concession that is for kids. The menu consists of kid-sized hot dogs, nachos, fries, burgers, and pretzels. There is also a kid's meal to make your choice easier, which includes a small hot dog, animal crackers, apple sauce, and a prize.

One of Coors Field’s staples since the ballpark opened in 1995 is Sandlot Brewery. Located behind section 113, this concession has a BBQ smokehouse and serves brisket, pulled pork, smoked sausage, and burnt ends. Coors’ Blue Moon Belgian White was first brewed at Coors Field’s Sandlot Brewery.

The alcohol selections here are in abundance, including plenty of Coors products available around the stadium. However, there are very good local crafts as well, including choices from Epic Western Saloon in the outfield concourse, which is set up as a little mini beer store.

The food and beverage prices at Coors Field are the typical prices you would expect when at a professional baseball game, and of course the specialty items are sold at a higher cost than the regular items.


Atmosphere   4

The Lodo district provides plenty of pre- and post-game locations for fun and entertainment, while inside Coors Field, the Rockies continue to have an above average game day experience. The ballpark also provides scenic views while watching the ballgame.

The ballpark has four levels of seating, with the third being the club level; all seats have an excellent view of the game. One of the more appealing areas is the rooftop area in upper right field, where fans can meet without being attached to a seating section. There is also plenty of leg room throughout the seating area – The Rockpile section in center field has benches, and even though these seats appear to be far from the action, the view from there is good, and fans have the extra bonus of having a view of downtown Denver.


Neighborhood   5

Coors Field is located in Denver’s lower downtown or “LoDo” neighborhood – this area is full of restaurants and bars, and for that reason it is worth arriving early or staying late when attending any Rockies game. One of my favorites places in LoDo is Viewhouse Ballpark, a rooftop bar with views of both downtown Denver and Coors Field.

Along Blake Street, across from Coors Field’s right field entrance, is Cherry Cricket – Cherry Cricket has a large beer selection, and you can also build your own burger. As a matter of fact, this restaurant was voted Westword’s 2024 Best Burger in Denver, and has been operating for 40 years. Across the street you can also find the rently opened 4play Kitchen and Cocktails. This eatery is a little high end for fans going to a baseball game, but it is an option. Another option is 1-Up, a vintage arcade with pub food and a full bar, located one block south of the ballpark on Blake Street.

McGregor Square was created by the Colorado Rockies from an empty parking lot in 2021, and has a hotel, restaurants, and retail shops. The square’s centerpiece is a 17,000-square-foot outdoor plaza with a 66-foot-long, 20-foot-wide LED screen, where fans can watch other games of interest before or after the Rockies game. Private events are also held in this outdoor plaza, especially during the NBA or NHL playoffs if any Denver teams are involved.

If you are interested in trying one of Denver’s best breweries and Colorado’s first brewpub, go to Wynkoop Brewery Company, with its pool hall/bar setting providing a great adventure. However, there are really hundreds of choices available around Coors Field, so, anyone will be able to find a favorite spot.

A must-see attraction, especially for baseball fans, is located near Coors Field’s home plate entrance – the National Ballpark Museum is the only museum dedicated specifically to baseball stadiums, and fans can see relics from classic ballparks including Crosley Field, Forbes Field, the Polo Grounds, Ebbets Field, Shibe Park, and Comiskey Park. This museum tells the story of baseball in Denver, but unfortunately is closed on Sundays.

There is an abundance of lodging options in downtown Denver that have easy access to Coors Field; the few that are extremely close are very expensive, however, so I would suggest doing some research if you decide to stay downtown.


Fans   2

The Colorado Rockies were around the middle of MLB attendance last season, leaving a lot of open seats in the ballpark. Much of this has more to do with the Rockies poor on-field performance, as the ballpark itself is beautiful. The small number of Rockies fans who attend are vocal, engaged, and enthusiastic, but Coors Field can feel like an opponent’s home field, especially when popular teams visit Denver. Just like any team, every fan base loves a winner – just ask the Nuggets or the Avalanche, as attendance is solid at their games in the same city.


Access   4

Coors Field’s LoDo location in downtown Denver provides easy access via public transportation. There are buses, but the best access to Coors field is the light rail. There are three light rail routes convenient to the ballpark, including one from Denver International Airport. All three of these routes arrive at recently renovated Union Station, which is three blocks south of Coors Field on Wynkoop Street, an easy 5-minute walk to Coors Field with places nearby for pre-game food and drinks. Another option in Denver is shared bikes and scooters.

The hardest access is driving to Coors Field – Denver’s traffic for a weekday game can be quite time consuming and frustrating at times. There are two official parking lots and plenty of privately owned parking facilities within a few blocks, however.

There are five lettered gates at Coors Field; Gates A and E open 2 hours before the scheduled first pitch for batting practice, while the other gates open an hour and half before the game. The most popular gate is Gate D, behind home plate, but the better option for quick entry is Gate C, along Blake street on the first base side. Once inside the stadium the concourses are wide, and there is plenty of signage to help you navigate around the park.


Return on Investment   4

The Rockies have joined the recent trend of flex pricing for tickets. Weekdays games are your best value, with the lowest ticket prices ranging from $6-$12 in the Rockpile bleachers in center field. The rest of the pricing can range from $16 in the upper decks to $160 in the lower field boxes. But Coors Field is such a wonderful ballpark that any seat is a good view, and the average ticket price for a Rockies game is one of the cheapest in Major League Baseball.

The Rockies do offer a few ticket specials on their website, such as the Blake Street Steal offering lower level seating for under $20 on select games. There are also Club level ticket specials that give fans 50% off on select games. The most interesting special is family based and is available for 4 games in May – this offer sells for $79 (lower level) or $59 (upper) including four tickets, a parking pass, and a $40 concession credit. Of course, checking on third party sites for tickets could save you money, depending on how the Rockies are performing on the field during the season.

Concession prices are what you would expect when it comes to Major League Baseball, while parking can cost anywhere from $20 to $30. However, with Coors Field being close to Denver’s Union Station, using the train system can cost as little as $5 per person, and is the best way to attend a Rockies game.


Extras   5

Coors Field is one of the best ballparks in baseball – the beautiful center field centerpiece by the bullpens put one’s mind at peace with nature. Also there is a purple row in the upper deck that signifies 5,280ft above sea level; fans can say they watched a baseball game a mile above sea level.

Coors Field has no bad viewing of the game – even the Rockpile, in upper center field, provides not only a good view of the game, but views of Denver’s downtown skyline and the mountain peaks to the west as well, providing incredible backgrounds when watching a game. The Rooftop addition has not only provided a great place for picturesque views, but a meeting place for fans.

The Rockies also do a great job of in-game presentation bringing out all the baseball antics fans expect at a game, along with the Rockies mascot, Dinger. Another plus for Sandlot Brewery, the first brewery inside a major league baseball stadium and the place where Blue Moon beer was created.


Final Thoughts

My travels have taken me to all 30 of the active major league ballparks. I have seen 8 games at Coors Field over the years, and every time, Coors Field ranks among the best with its beautiful structure, downtown location, and picturesque views. A trip to Coors Field is more than watching a baseball game; Coors Field is a place that signifies the beauty of Colorado. Any sports fan should put Coors Field high on their list of places to visit.

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