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Busch Stadium - St Louis Cardinals

Photos by Chris Green, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 4.57

Busch Stadium 700 Clark St St Louis, MO 63102

Year Opened: 2006 Capacity: 50,345


Stellar Baseball in St. Louis

From time to time, a stadium experience reminds you why baseball is magical. Walking through the gates, being greeted by a friendly ticket-taker, witnessing athletic greatness on the field, and the smell of hot dogs and popcorn filling the air; these things combine to make you take a moment and think how amazing it is to be in the place you are.

Some of these awe-inspiring facilities can be found in cities like Cleveland, Boston, and Baltimore, and without a doubt, St. Louis is also one of these places, showcasing all that is great in baseball stadium design.

Rising in place of its former namesake, Busch Stadium features stellar food options, a scenic skyline for a backdrop, welcoming and kind fans and staff, and an excellent stadium design for optimum viewing from all angles.

Food & Beverage 5

Talking stadium food is a requirement here – St. Louis has no shortage of options for your selection at Busch Stadium. The basics are covered; jumbo hot dog and fry combos ($14.75), cheeseburgers and fries ($18.50), chicken tenders and fries ($17.25), popcorn or peanuts ($5.75), nachos ($8-$21), and the quintessential Cracker Jack ($5) are all available. Drinks range from hot coffee ($4.50) to sodas ($6.50-$9.75) and beer options ($9.75-$15). However, it is the alternate options that are the star of the show here.

First, the stadium features several grab-and-go marketplaces – these offer the perfect option when you just need a snack or drink and don’t want to wait in long lines. A fan favorite is the bacon-wrapped hot dog, available at several stands around the main level concourse. BBQ is also popular, being in St. Louis; a BBQ basket will cost you $13.50 but provides you a plentiful helping of top taste.

The stadium even features a kosher food stand complete with pastrami sandwiches ($14), corned beef sandwiches ($14), pastrami dogs ($12.50), and knockwurst ($9.50). The upper levels feature a Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers concession stand, a fan favorite, and you can also find the likes of Dippin’ Dots all around the stadium.

Atmosphere 5

This facility features everything you need for a great day out watching baseball. First, the stadium is easily walkable, making it possible for fans to circle the whole stadium during the game and watch the action from various angles. Stores are also plentiful for your favorite St. Louis Cardinals gear, as well as having several locations that sell game-used and authenticated autographed equipment.

A kid zone with a playground is located in the outfield, as is a Build-a-Bear workshop. Hallways throughout the stadium feature graphics showcasing the team’s storied history, while various display cases house memorabilia doing the same.

The stadium itself evokes the architecture of the Midwest in all the best ways – steel beams, throwback pieces of history added throughout the interior brickwork, and lighting features all make this a beautiful stadium. Much like Wrigley Field, the stadium here also features rooftop seating on buildings across the street from the outfield.

Neighborhood 4

Located in downtown St. Louis, Busch Stadium puts you near many hotels and restaurants. Shopping and attractions are also nearby. In addition, the famous Gateway Arch National Park is just a few minutes walk away from the stadium’s gates, and adjacent to the outfield is a plaza filled with restaurants, shops, and bars. Here you can see the footprint of the old Busch Stadium, as well as where the field was laid out, thanks to a replica set in the walkways of the plaza.

Fans 5

The Cardinals welcomed 3 million fans for the 18th straight season in 2023, a feat they’re quite proud of. When it comes to attendance, the Cardinals average just shy of 40,000 fans every game, putting them in the top 5 for average MLB attendance. Needless to say, the fans here love their Cards, win or lose. Even as the season winds down, the stands are still filled with baseball lovers. The Cardinals atmosphere is also very family-friendly, with young fans packing the seats as much as their parents on game day.

Access 4

To get to the stadium you simply must arrive in downtown St. Louis. The stadium quite literally borders I-64 and Old Route 66. The only difficulty here might be parking, though there are plenty of garages and parking lots in the area. Most places with nearby parking are available for purchase before the game, making the planning process of finding a spot much easier.

Return on Investment 5

Tickets to see a Cardinals game start at $12 for upper-level-right-field seats, and go up to $500 for all-inclusive Diamond Club seats right behind home plate. This wide variety of options gives all levels of fan budgets the option to take in a game of baseball in one of the best stadiums in the league. Secondary market tickets are also available and plentiful, meaning last-second plans can be accommodated as well.

Extras 4

The stadium features a viewing binocular stand in left field on the main concourse, allowing you to get a closer look at the other side of the stadium. The Cardinals also feature numerous giveaways and theme nights. In addition, outside the Gate 4 area, several statues of former players greet fans, making for a great photo spot. Finally, you can check out the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum.

Final Thoughts

The Cardinals have one of the best fanbases in baseball, and the stadium matches. Without a doubt, this is one of the premier experiences in all of baseball, featuring stunning views, a stellar game day experience, and top-notch food options. If you’re looking for a great experience on par with those of other facilities that are well-regarded, Busch Stadium must be at the top of your list.

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