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Comerica Park - Detroit Tigers

Photos by Marc Viquez, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 4.00

Comerica Park 2100 Woodward Ave Detroit, MI 48201

Detroit Tigers website Comerica Park website Year Opened: 2000 Capacity: 41,574


A Carnival Like Atmosphere at Comerica Park

Comerica Park has been the home of the Detroit Tigers since 2000 after playing at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull Avenues since 1896. The new ballpark replaced Tiger Stadium, which debuted in 1912 and ushered in a new era of baseball in Detroit.

The stadium’s construction cost $300 million and featured a 40,000-plus seating capacity, 102 private suites, a playground area for children, a wrap-around concourse, and dimensions that are pitcher-friendly. The stadium also features 9 tiger statues at the two main entrances that provide one of the best looks in major league baseball. This is Tiger Town.

Food & Beverage 5

There is plenty of great food at the ballpark, from your common hot dogs, nachos, peanuts, and soda pop to a few more adventurous items. Visitors can enjoy the iconic coney dog with chili and onions, but also check out this Detroit snap dog with a natural casing that gives the customer a beautiful snap when they bite into it. If you're looking for just your normal hot dog, it's also here at various concessions throughout the stadium.

If you're looking for something a little bit bigger, there are Italian rope sausages with grilled onions and peppers, giant burgers from the 313 Burger Company, pulled pork and brisket sandwiches from 313 Barbecue, featuring The Notorious P.I.G. which is a pulled pork sandwich with mac and cheese jalapenos and crispy onions. There are also pulled pork city tacos that are served on grilled corn tortillas and melted cheese.

Two regional food items are available: Detroit-style city chicken and pasties. The city chicken is cubed pork, wrapped in bacon, deep-fried, and served on a stick. It was commonly made with veal or pork since it was more readily available than chicken. Pasties are popular in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and are pastries filled with minced meat and onions. At the ballpark, they also fill it with mac and cheese, brisket, or apples.

There are plenty of local restaurants serving up unique eats. They include El Ray Taqueria’s Sonoran hot dog, Green Dot Stables shawarma fries with grilled chicken and garlic sauce, Breadless gluten-free options, Lobster Food Trucks mac and cheese with lobster, and Yum Villages version of nachos with jerk chicken and a spicy sauce made from peaches and apricots.

Atmosphere 4

Comerica Park offers a carnival-like atmosphere during the baseball game and features enough quirky amenities that set this place apart from other ballparks in Major League Baseball. The first thing fans will notice is the giant tiger statues at the main entrance. There are nine in total and two even sit on top of the stadium and peer down at the fans. There are many ball clubs named after animals, but none of them feature as many statues of them at the stadium.

The outfield area offers the Chevrolet Fountains that provide a liquid fireworks display. It is synchronized to music and changing lights and is used to celebrate home runs and other in-game moments. There are 6 granite statues of former Tigers legends Ty Cobb, Willie Horton, Al Kaline, Hal Newhouser, Charlie Gehringer, and Hank Greenberg. They are 11-13 feet tall and appear more like mythical superheroes than baseball players.

Another great section is the Big Cat Court behind section 119. The area is designed circularly and offers a variety of food from different Detroit neighborhoods and offers entertainment for kids and adults. There is a carousel featuring Tigers to ride on for an additional charge, the tiger retail shop, the Tiger Den lounge, an open-air grill and beer hall, and a Ferris wheel that is shaped with multiple baseballs. The grill area features different pop-up restaurants from time to time with an alternating menu.

The ballpark offers open views of the Detroit skyline, concession areas that allow fans to enjoy the game while they are online, and a collection of memorabilia on display from the Tiger’s 120-plus-year history. There are multiple retail shops, kiosks, and lounge areas sponsored by national retailers.

Neighborhood 4

Comerica Park is located in Downtown Detroit and is buzzing during game days. When you're inside the stadium you can't help but notice the home of the Detroit Lions Ford Field behind the left field area. The Little Caesars Arena that houses the Detroit Red Wings in Detroit Pistons is a few blocks away from the main entrance of the stadium.

Some various bars and restaurants are open before Tigers games, one of them is Tin Roof Alley which offers rooftop seating with a gorgeous view of the stadium. Down Below they offer live music before the game in a giant patio setting. Hockeytown is a Red Wings-themed restaurant and bar offering pub food and drinks.

A few other places within walking distance from the stadium include the Elwood Bar & Grill, Brass Rail Pizza, Mom's Spaghetti, and the Detroit Beer Company. Also in the neighborhood is the Fox Theater and Detroit Opera House which is home to live concerts and performances.

Fans 3

Tiger fans or devoted group of individuals who are still looking for the elusive fifth World Series championship that has eluded them for almost 40 years. The seasons have been lean for the Tigers since their last playoff appearance in 2014. However, when the team starts building a championship-caliber club, the ballpark will be rocking once again. Still, it's not hard to spot a fan not wearing the iconic Old English D at the game.

Access 4

Downtown Detroit is easily accessible from both I-75 and I-375. There are multiple parking decks near the stadium and it is advisable to arrive a little bit earlier to avoid any congestion. parking prices will range to the much higher $30 closer to the stadium, but there are spots on the street or in independent Lots that are much cheaper a few blocks away.

Return on investment 4

A ticket to a game or relatively inexpensive, but it depends on what promotional event or who the team is playing. a fan could check out a second ticket website and scoop up a docket for as low as $10. However, if there is a valuable giveaway at the game that price could double or triple in price.

The concession prices were somewhat less expensive compared to some other major league ballparks the Stadium's website staff has visited in the last few years, but there were no value items during our visit. A basic hot dog is $6 and macro beer is $10

Extras 4

The ballpark earns extra points for providing a carnival-like atmosphere that includes a Ferris wheel, a tiger theme carousel, and a liquid light show against fountains in the outfield. Fans can also enjoy a wide range of food from local area restaurants and take pictures in front of one of the nine tiger sculptures at the main entrance. I would also suggest doing the same for the six former Tiger legends inside the stadium in the outfield.

Final Thoughts

Comerica Park doesn't get a lot of the attention that other major league ballparks do, but it stands out among many of its contemporaries. when you're walking around the Concourse and visiting certain areas you know you are at a ballpark in Detroit in nowhere else. The accessibility, surrounding neighborhood, and unique touches make a Tiger game worth your time in the Motor City.


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