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Chuck Stevens Baseball Field - Koa Sports Green Wave

Photos by Gregory Koch, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 1.71

Chuck Stevens Baseball Field

11300 Gainsborough Rd

Potomac, MD 20854


Ride the Green Wave

The Maryland Collegiate Baseball League is a summer collegiate baseball league based in Maryland, in the Baltimore and Washington, D.C. area. Most players come from local colleges or are otherwise based locally.

The Koa Sports Green Wave is based in Montgomery County, just outside DC. They play their day games at Chuck Stevens Field at Winston Churchill High School in Potomac, and their night games at Wheaton Regional Park, as Chuck Stevens Field does not have lights. This review will focus on Chuck Stevens Field.

Food & Beverage 0

There is no food or drink for sale at Green Wave games. Fans can bring their own.

Atmosphere 1

There are several places at Chuck Stevens Field to watch a game from, but none are particularly good. There is a small set of bleachers behind home plate, but your views of the left field corner from here will be obstructed by the dugout.

Bleachers are also located further up the left field line but it is difficult to see home plate from here. In either case, you will be caught through a thick metal fence rather than netting. Some fans also choose to bring their own chairs and sit closer to the fence, often with umbrellas to stay cool. It offers marginally better views but can obstruct other fans' views.

Some fans also choose to sit in the outfield, as there is a gap in the fence down the foul line, so this offers an unobstructed view. However, there are no seats here, so you will need to either bring your own or stand.

A scoreboard is located in the outfield but is non-functional, so you are on your own to figure out the count and score. Music is played during breaks in the action, but there are no announcements like starting lineups or player introductions.

This is an extremely barebones experience, to say the least.

Neighborhood 3

Winston Churchill High School is located in a mainly residential neighborhood, so there is not much in the immediate vicinity. However, the Cabin John Village shopping center is located a short drive away and offers many options. Gregorio's Trattoria is a locally popular Italian restaurant and is probably your best option here.

Fans 2

The Green Wave only draws a few dozen fans a game, and most of them are friends or family of the players. They do seem to be pretty knowledgeable about the team and the league, which is a plus.

Access 2

There is a small lot at Winston Churchill High School next to the football stadium, and a larger one closer to the school. Another lot is located closer to the baseball field but is blocked off by vehicle traffic. It is open to pedestrians, and you will need to walk through it past the tennis courts to get to the stadium. Then you will walk along a gravel path and down a grass hill. It is not easy to get to the field.

There are no restrooms at the field itself, but there are some in the football stadium, about a five-minute walk away right next to the entrance. They are of a sufficient size for the crowds.

Return on Investment 3

There is no cost to attend a Green Wave game. However, there isn't enough here to earn more than an average value.

Extras 1

Look for the plaque honoring the field's namesake, longtime Winston Churchill High School coach Chuck Stevens.

Final Thoughts

A Koa Sports Green Wave game is an extremely basic experience. True baseball diehards and purists and completions who want to visit as many stadiums as possible may want to check this out, but if you're not in one of those groups, this may not be the ballpark for you.

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