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George F. Bachman Sports Complex - Baltimore Chop

Photos by Richard Smith, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 2.57

George F. Bachman Sports Complex 570 East Ordnance Rd Glen Burnie, MD 21060

Year Opened: 2003

Capacity: 100


A Baltimore Chop

The Maryland Collegiate Baseball League is a summer collegiate league with players from many colleges but mostly from regional colleges and universities, such as Towson, Maryland, Penn State, UMBC, and Mount St Mary's.

The Baltimore Chop team has played in the league for many years. They are named for the "Baltimore chop, " a chopper that takes a high bounce near home plate, allowing the runner to reach first safely. The Baltimore chop came from the Orioles of the late 19th century.

With runs hard to come by in the dead ball era, the Orioles hatched a plan: They instructed their groundskeeper to pack the dirt in front of home plate (legend has it he once even put down a concrete slab) so that speedsters like John McGraw and Willie Keeler could leg out infield singles.

The George F. Bachman Sports Complex is a 55-acre adult sports complex that contains 6 lighted softball fields, 1 lighted baseball field, and 1 lighted multi-purpose field.

Food & Beverage 1

There are no actual concessions at Bachman Park, but the softball fields in the same complex have a food stand with good prices. The softball fields are seemingly in use more often than the baseball field, so getting food there should not be an issue.

A good option is to bring your food. There are no restrictions in doing so, and the open areas around the baseball field would make an ideal picnic area.

Atmosphere 2

There are only three small metal bleachers surrounding the field. Most fans bring their folding chairs. The smartest fans also bring a small sun shade or tent, especially for long daytime doubleheaders.

The field lacks almost any amenity, although there is an announcer who also happens to distribute roster sheets. The park does not even have a scoreboard. The lack of a scoreboard is the biggest fault of this otherwise fine field. Well, that and some seating. And anything besides a porta-potty for bathroom trips.

The atmosphere is still pretty good, as the quality of players in the league makes those in attendance realize they are watching a great level of play. The field is also in seemingly good shape.

Neighborhood 3

Bachman Park is an intriguing place. Glen Burnie is not often considered the most exciting place around. It is a non-stop strip of shopping malls that run south along Governor Richie Highway from the Baltimore Beltway towards Severna Park or Annapolis. But this complex is tucked in a lovely wooded area that is next to the United States Army Reserve land and across from a Home Depot. The Curtis Bay US Coast Guard Yard is also right down the road.

Being so close to shops and restaurants means that attending the game here will give a fan many pre and post-game options. All the normal fast food options are around, with a McDonald's being the closest, as they are in that Home Depot Center. For quick food, the best options are Wingstop at 6710 Governor Ritchie Highway, Checkers (1417 North Crain Highway), and Maria D's Sub Shop at 111 North Crain Highway. Mo's Seafood Factory (7146 Ritchie Highway) may be your best bet for a little higher level of dining. Cafe Bretton in nearby Severna Park (849 Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard) may also be worth a drive for some fine French dining.

Fans 2

There are not a lot of fans who attend games. The ones who do tend to be friends or family of the players involved. They are a knowledgeable bunch, and cheer and jeer at all the correct times.

Access 4

Access is a strong part of Bachman Park. It is located near I-695, Route 10, and Governor Richie Highway. Please note that the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, which was part of I-695, could make getting to the field from the north a little more difficult. You will need to use one of the Baltimore tunnels instead.

Parking lots may fill quickly if there are softball games also going on. And it seems like softball games are always going on. You should still be able to find parking on a lot or in overflow grass areas. Just be careful to stay out of foul ball territory.

A porta-potty is the only bathroom at the field itself, although full bathrooms are open at the nearby softball fields. There is currently construction going on for a real bathroom facility.

Return on Investment 4

The games are free to attend. And the food at the nearby concession stand is cheap and of good quality. You will certainly not go broke at a night out here.

The level of play of this summer college league is very good. The rosters are filled with players at high-level college programs, so you will see good baseball.


Extras 2

Stop at the nearby softball fields and watch a game at one of the six fields in the complex. The weekend warriors swarm the area and play some intense games.

The Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association holds their girl's fast-pitch semi-final tournament at the complex yearly, so you may see some other softball players besides just the usual beer-league type.

Final Thoughts

The experience at Bachman Park is better than you would expect. The area nearby is the most exciting, but this tree-lined sports complex makes for an enjoyable day or night of baseball.

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