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Stadium Journey's Ranking of the Top 20 FCS Stadiums 2023

This weekend the University of Montana and South Dakota State University will square off in the FCS National Championship football game in Frisco, Texas. FCS stands for the Football Championship Subdivision. There are 128 college teams in the FCS, and for the first time, Stadium Journey has reviews for all 128 stadiums at this level of competition.

We are proud to release our listing of the Top 20 Stadiums in the FCS. Due to ties, there are actually 21 stadiums on our list.

These rankings are based on our FANFARE score, which takes into account all the factors that encompass the gameday atmosphere: food, atmosphere, neighborhood, fan support, accessibility, return on investment and extras, or anything especially unique about the stadium. When two or more facilities are tied, a Stadium Journey "Council of Elders" is consulted to break the deadlocks.

We don’t expect everyone to agree with our rankings… in fact, we encourage lively discussion and debate on our social media pages. That’s part of the fun of lists like these.

Our top-rated stadium features spectacular natural surroundings, an engaged fanbase, close-up views of the action, and a very well-done Wall of Champions making Washington-Grizzly Stadium our top stadium in the FCS.

The ETSU football program returned from the dead to play in this well-designed stadium. Greene Stadium has been designed to accent nature, rather than compete with it. It sits at the base of a mountain, yet it allows nature to determine its low profile. A large berm at one end of the stadium is usually filled with fans. The nearby mountain tends to trap the noise generated by the fans, making it difficult for visiting teams to communicate.

Lindenwood University may be new to the FCS, but Hunter Stadium makes a great first impression. It features a sleek modern design, a two-story press box, and one of the largest videoboards in the FCS. The Lions' Pride tailgates provide a wonderful prelude to the games for home fans and visitors alike.

The pageantry of a football game at a military academy is always something special. The cadets marching from the school to the stadium attract crowds that are not even going to the game. Inside, recent renovations have transformed the Fieldhouse into a castle-like structure that mimics the architecture of the Citadel campus.

The house of the Phoenix is rising due to the great sightlines, terrific Carolina BBQ, and the sounds of the Fire of the Carolinas.

Like many other things in Philadelphia, Franklin Field is a truly historic venue. The tales of Army-Navy games past, long-ago Eagles games, and its present tenant in the Penn Quakers are all part of its legacy. Penn embraces this history rather than competing with it.

Our top HBCU stadium experience features a very dedicated fan base, a wonderful band, and a top-notch football program in the Aggies. You’ll probably stand the entire game, cheering the action on the field or dancing to the music in the stands.

All aboard for a fun experience in the land of the Mocs. The party starts early in Chattanooga in the Pavilion across the street from Finley Stadium. Once inside the stadium, there is a food truck alley to keep the fans well fed, as well as one of the larger videoboards in the country. After the game, fans can visit Chattanooga’s many downtown attractions without moving their cars.

The Jackrabbits have Dykhouse Stadium hopping well before the kickoff. They’ve developed a terrific reputation as tailgaters. Low ticket prices, wonderful sightlines, and a massive videoboard keep the fans coming to this virtually brand new stadium.

Bobcat Nation impressed us with their enthusiasm throughout the game. Montana State gets them up on their feet early with one of the best team entry celebrations we’ve ever witnessed.

A lovely setting, great concessions, a fun zone for the kids and full houses are all part of the Spiders gameday experience. It’s a wonderful web they weave.

The home of the Lions features the Manhattan Hudson River view, some of the cheapest sports tickets in the Big Apple, and the panache of an Ivy League school. What else can we say?

Our top-rated indoor facility features one of the better tailgating experiences at the FCS level. Once inside the building, the noise generated by the crowds is deafening. More importantly, the Fargodome provides a refuge from the winter weather that often moves in towards the end of the football season.

A unique playing field (it’s purple and silver) is the calling card for this stadium. In addition, the stands are filled with Bears fans due to the low ticket prices. The on-campus stadium attracts many Conway residents, as well as football-starved fans from nearby Little Rock.

Visiting a Weber State football game and the town of Ogden, UT in the fall or winter is an affordable family experience. Enjoy the spectacular view of the Wasatch Mountains and all the other outdoor activities available when in town.

Delaware Stadium is a simple facility but offers fans a close-to-the-action spectacle with one of the most successful college football programs in the country.

Few stadiums can boast of a more unique surrounding area. Princeton has it all, with the stunning campus of an elite school that has produced luminaries in numerous fields. Yet it has retained the feel of a small town and the vibrancy of a college town. Princeton Stadium completes that small-town feel in many ways.

A visit to the Dakota Dome is a great way to see college football. You can take in some great scenery on your way to the game while enjoying a game in comfort and style. You won’t have to brave the elements outside. That alone makes this dome worth the journey.

Although Cooper Field is small, and not particularly fancy, a visit here is still a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon watching football at an affordable price.

Presbyterian football offers some great traditions, such as the sword in the stone and the students bringing a couch to watch the action behind the end zone. The scenery is great and the 20-year-old facility still feels very modern.

“The Hole” offers a great family-friendly atmosphere and regularly features a dominant on-field product. Cowboy Stadium is the place to be on Saturdays in SW Louisiana.

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