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Stewart Stadium – Weber State Wildcats

Photos by Connor Comeau, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.86

Stewart Stadium 3870 Stadium Way Ogden, UT 84403

Year Opened: 2001

Capacity: 17,500


Wildcats of the Wasatch

When you think of College Football in Utah, it’s very normal to think of the big FBS Schools first, such as BYU, Utah and Utah State. But nestled against the Wasatch Mountains between Salt Lake and Logan lies an FCS school that has enjoyed unparalleled success in recent years – the Weber State Wildcats. Being a member of the Big Sky Conference since 1963, the Wildcats have been to the FCS Playoffs five times since 2016, with a semifinals appearance in 2019. That success has been a boon for Weber State, and it’s lead to an increase in attendance at its home field, Stewart Stadium.

Food & Beverage 4

One of the things Weber State does well is having local food trucks on hand at both ends of the stadium. Food choices range from Hot Dogs, Burgers, and Pizza to desserts like Churros and Snow Cones (depending on the time of year). This gives the feel of a normal college town and it’s great to see schools like Weber State help support local businesses, as they can be essential to college towns as a whole.

The prices for these concessions aren’t all that different from what you would pay at a professional sporting event, and there are combos available as well that can help save money, such as Hot Dog Combos ($8) and Popcorn Combos ($7) to name a few. And all the food is cooked on-site, meaning the quality is very high and you get it fresh.

Atmosphere 4

When it comes to the atmosphere at the game, it does have a family-friendly feel, which is normal for a lot of college towns. But here, it feels a lot more intimate due to the way Weber State is situated in the college football landscape.

Location-wise, Stewart Stadium is nestled right against the Wasatch Mountains of northern Utah, which is a great backdrop during late summer and early fall, but even more so during the winter months with a fresh coating of snow. The stadium has recently undergone renovations, including the addition of a brand new entrance and ticket will call on the north end of the stadium, along with a new Strength and Conditioning Complex and plaza for guests.

Stewart Stadium Conditioning Center & Ticket Will Call, Photo by Connor Comeau, Stadium Journey

The West end of the stadium features the Sky Suites and Press Box section. Completed in 2001, this building houses 26 Suites featuring club seating and is only used by season ticket holders. The main seats in the stadium are bleacher seats, so be sure to bring something comfortable to sit on, especially during the winter months.

Neighborhood 5

The stadium itself has many redeeming qualities, but one of its biggest is its location and views. The stadium is located on the eastern end of the campus, which overlooks both the campus and the city of Ogden and the surrounding valley. Getting around campus is easy, as there are many walking paths and tons of signage to help point you in the right direction. Not to mention that the stadium is located along the Wasatch Mountains, meaning it’s a haven for any outdoor enthusiasts.

It’s also not far from many well-known places in Ogden, including Historic 25th Street, home to numerous shops and restaurants. Two recommended places to eat are Slackwater Pizzeria and Roosters Brewing, both of which have high reviews from locals. The football stadium is also close to Lindquist Field, home of the Ogden Raptors Baseball team. You’re close to outdoor areas where you can bike and hike during the summer, and ski and snowboard during the winter.

Stewart Stadium Wasatch Mountains, Photo by Connor Comeau, Stadium Journey

Fans 4

With Weber State being in the FCS, it doesn’t get as much attention as it should. But that doesn’t stop the fans and alumni from coming out, either rain, snow, or sunshine. Weber State has some of the most passionate fans in the FCS and they travel well, even when the Wildcats are out of state. When you’re there, it’s hard to miss the sea of purple and black that fills the stadium. And don’t let the small size of the stadium fool you. When it’s clutch time, the stadium gets loud. Very loud. Weber State may not have the stature of a big-name school, but don’t let the fans and alumni say that.

Access 4

The city of Ogden is located directly off of I-15, meaning the city itself is fairly easy to get to. You will have to traverse some residential areas to get to the campus itself, but it’s not that difficult to find. You can get to the campus either by Interstate 15 or U.S. Highway 89, which cuts through the heart of the city. For parking, there are numerous areas to park in and around the stadium and campus, and parking areas are clearly marked on game day.

If you’re taking public transit, there are four bus routes the Utah Transit Authority operates between Salt Lake City and Ogden. UTA also operates the FrontRunner commuter train, which runs between Ogden and Provo, and runs every 30 minutes.

Return on Investment 4

Tickets are very cheap for Weber State Football, and there is no bad seat in the stadium. Most ticket prices fall between $10 and $20, making it very affordable if you want to take your family to a game. Concession prices are also within the normal range, so it won’t feel like you are spending too much at a game.

Extras 2

One point here for the Wildcats mascot, Waldo the Wildcat. He is definitely one of the more energetic college mascots I’ve seen and does a good job keeping the crowd in the game. He seems very approachable and family-friendly as well.

Another point for the location. With the stadium so close to outdoor recreation areas, it is a good school for anyone looking to take part in outdoor activities either while visiting or not in class.

Final Thoughts

Although not a big FBS school, visiting a Weber State football game and the town of Ogden in the fall and winter is an affordable family-friendly experience. Enjoy the spectacular view of the Wasatch Mountains and all the outdoor activities it provides when in town.

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