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Crocker Field at Bailey Memorial Stadium – Presbyterian College Blue Hose

Photos by Aaron S. Terry, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.86

Crocker Field at Bailey Memorial Stadium 503 S Broad St Clinton, SC 29325

Year Opened: 2002

Capacity: 6,500


The Scotsmen in Clinton

The Presbyterian College Blue Hose has been playing football for more than 100 years, and currently competes in the Pioneer Football League of the NCAA’s Football Championship Subdivision (FCS). Beginning in 2017 the team began the transition to non-scholarship football, making them somewhat unique in the college football landscape. The Blue Hose currently plays their home games at Bailey Memorial Stadium in Clinton, South Carolina, which holds 6,500 fans. Their new head coach Kevin Kelley began his stint at PC in 2021 and has brought a host of new traditions to Presbyterian.

Food & Beverage 3

Bailey Memorial Stadium has two concessions stands on the home side, which offer a limited but adequate menu, including all the typical fare you would expect at a college football stadium – hot dogs, brats, pretzels, popcorn, nachos, peanuts, sunflower seeds, packaged candy, bottled water, and Pepsi products from the fountain, with nothing costing over $5. The prices are very reasonable, and the stands offer more than enough to keep you satisfied during the game.

Atmosphere 4

The first thing you notice when you walk up to Bailey Memorial Stadium is the statues – for example, the football player in full stride at the edge of the parking lot, the track and field athletes in one end zone, and most notably, the PC Scotsman, with a sword in hand and fist raised menacingly, guarding the main entrance. That sword, a Scottish broadsword or Claymore noted for its double-edged blade, is a key theme at Presbyterian; you will see it painted on the elevator as you enter the facility, and it is also the keystone of a new tradition at Presbyterian.

Before every game (just before the team runs onto the field) the bright silver sword is stuck into a large rock in front of the field house, heralding a victory for the team and striking fear into the hearts of PC’s opponent. The cannon roars simultaneously, and the cheerleaders (with bright blue flags spelling H-O-S-E) lead the team onto the field. The same cannon fires again every time the Hose score, and Scotty the Scotsman, a medical team warrior, is also on hand to help rev up the crowd.

Another fun tradition to mention is that when the visiting team comes onto the field, a funeral dirge, played on Scottish bagpipes, of course, echoes from the loudspeakers, again signaling doom for PC’s opponent for the day.

Neighborhood 3

Clinton, South Carolina is a typical Southern small town but offers plenty to occupy fans if they are in town for the day or weekend. There are plenty of restaurants within a short drive from the stadium (although there are none within walking distance), including Chinese, Mexican, and pizza places, as well as some local favorites such as Whiteford’s Drive-In, Patriot’s Kitchen, and Big Boys Country Cooking (think cafeteria-style sort of like K&W).

As for hotels, these are a little further away from Bailey Memorial Stadium than the restaurants, but there are several options up along 1-26 such as a Days Inn and a Hampton Inn, while for attractions there are several options in the area, for example, Horseshoe Falls and the very unique Tiny Town, assortments of log cabins and other buildings built in miniature – note that Tiny Town is only open in the evenings.

Fans 3

Unfortunately, Bailey Memorial Stadium is not very well attended for football games, probably due to their performance on the field (slightly below .500 all-time), with only a 2-10 record in the last full season. However, expectations are running high given the new head coach, so I expect attendance to get better soon.

One very unique tradition at Presbyterian is their student section, which attends games in the form of BYOC – bring your couch and/or bring your cooler. Yes, you read that correctly; the students bring their couches to the games and set them up under tents behind the south end zone. The couches are trucked in before each game by the fraternities and sororities on campus, and you can see several students watching the game from there (in much more comfortable seating than the bleachers) – this is something I have never seen before at a football game and is a great tradition that I think other schools should adopt.

Access 5

Getting to Bailey Memorial Stadium is pretty simple, as the stadium is just a few miles from I-26. There is parking for $5 right in front of the stadium, and the facility is very easy to move around with plenty of bathrooms and no lines to speak of at the concessions. You will also see fans watching from the fences, or seats on the hill, or standing in various places around the track, so feel free to move around and watch from wherever you like.

Return on Investment 5

General admission tickets are only $20 each, which is a great deal for college football, and as I mentioned previously the parking and concessions also come at a very low cost. Given the great setting and fun traditions here, you are getting your money’s worth at PC Blue Hose football.

Extras 4

Another thing to mention at Bailey Memorial Stadium is the setting – the stadium is built in a slight depression with small hills on all sides, and trees all around the facility. This provides a beautiful setting and pleasant scenery as you enjoy the game. The blue and garnet color scheme is also rather striking and adds to the overall atmosphere. There is also great halftime entertainment in the form of rescue dogs that have been trained to catch frisbees – this is a great partnership between PC and some local organizations.

Final Thoughts

Presbyterian football offers some great traditions, such as the sword in the stone and the student sections bring your couch. The scenery is also great, and the 20-year-old facility still feels very modern, so I think you would very much enjoy a visit to Bailey Memorial Stadium for a PC football game. Go, Blue Hose!


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