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Stadium Journey's Major League Baseball Ballpark Rankings 2023

With the playoffs in full swing, it's time for us at Stadium Journey to once again rank the game day experience at all 30 Major League Baseball Ballparks.

Our correspondents visited 25 of the 30 MLB parks in 2023, ranking the game day experience according to our patented FANFARE rating system, which takes into account a ballpark's food and beverage, game day atmosphere, surrounding neighborhood, fan support, access, value and more. When two or more facilities were tied, a Stadium Journey council of elders was consulted to break those ties. It's a different way of looking at a ballpark, and produces some variability which is sure to create some lively debate. We invite you to take to our social media channels to participate in some good-natured discussion. We can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Threads, YouTube and Instagram.

Without further ado, Stadium Journey is proud to present our 2023 rankings of the Major League Baseball ballparks.

Andrei Ojeda - Petco Park continues to play a huge role in the revitalization of the local area throughout the East Village. With a vibrant neighborhood and enthusiastic fans coming in droves along with one of the more picturesque parks among the 30, it’s no wonder Petco Park continually ranks high among ballpark experts in America’s Finest City.

Chris Green - The Guardians continue to showcase what makes their home one of the best home stadiums in the major leagues. Progressive Field has everything you would want in a perfect setting. Top food and beverage options mix here with a constantly improving stadium that remains one of the best in baseball.

Andrei Ojeda - One visit to this beauty and you will see why Oracle Park consistently ranks among the top ballpark experiences among baseball fans. As you walk away to the tune of Tony Bennett’s “I Left My Heart in San Francisco,” a piece of your heart will undoubtedly be left at 3rd and King.

Chris Green - The Cardinals have one of the best fanbases in baseball, and the stadium matches. Without a doubt, this is one of the premier experiences in all of baseball, featuring stunning views, a stellar game day experience, and top-notch food options. If you’re looking for a great experience on par with those of other facilities that are well regarded, Busch Stadium must be at the top of your list.

Dave Cottenie - For any fan of baseball, a trip to see the Pittsburgh Pirates at PNC Park is an absolute must. With some improved play on the field this season, hopefully more fans will embrace the experience and flood the park on the banks of the Allegheny.

Marc Viquez - The improvements to Wrigley Field have not taken away from the overall game day experience or the historic aesthetics. It has created an ambiance that would fit right into any decade of the ballpark's historic history.

Gregory Koch - The difference between Target Field and the old Metrodome is like night and day. While the Twins previously played in one of the worst stadiums in Major League Baseball, they now play at one of the best. Just walking up and gaping at its gorgeous exterior, you get the sense that this place is different, and once you get inside, you will not be disappointed.

Paul Baker - How old is Fenway Park? It opened the same week that the Titanic sank. While other cities are building billion-dollar complexes to replace ballparks that are only 20 years old, in Boston they are simply finding new ways to put modern touches on this classic diamond.

Dave Cottenie - The Cincinnati Reds have grasped a hold of their history and celebrated it better and stronger than any other team in Major League Baseball. Great American Ball Park captures that feeling and offers a fantastic baseball experience. A Reds victory at GABP will have fans joining Reds legend Marty Brennaman proclaiming “And This One Belongs to the Reds.”

Andrei Ojeda - With its unique seating pallet mimicking its original 1962 look, when you step inside Dodger Stadium, you’ll no doubt tell yourself colors, meant to evoke the sun, sand, ocean, and sky, really do give the 60-year-old gem a look, and experience, that’s like no other in baseball.

Dave Hanson - Citi’s unique location in Flushing, extensive food offerings, and rabid fanbase make visiting the park feel completely different from the experience across town at Yankee Stadium. Citi Field is a world of its own, both of the city and simultaneously removed from the dense urbanity of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx.

Richard Smith - Philadelphia fans often get a bad reputation. The stadium itself can also get lost in the sea of new stadiums across the league, but the fact is that Citizens Bank Park is a modern ballpark that offers all of the best things that fans expect out of their stadium experience. It should not be forgotten about.

Richard Smith - Oriole Park at Camden Yards opened in 1992 and has been considered one of the best Major League Baseball stadiums in the league. Before its opening the landscape of professional baseball was littered with boring, multipurpose bowl stadiums. Now nearly every team has a great baseball stadium. Luckily Oriole Park has kept up with the experiences.

Matt Finnegan - Coors Field is unlike any other stadium in MLB. For baseball fans, it has great sight lines and beautiful design. For those less inclined to pay attention to the on-field action, Coors Field provides a stellar environment for catching up with friends (or making new ones). It’s one of baseball’s great stadiums and should be for years to come.

Eric Moreno - Minute Maid Park has a lot to offer fans, and it still just frankly looks great. I would definitely recommend putting the Juice Box on any baseball fans bucket list. If you find yourself in Space City during the season take in a game; I think you’ll come away with the same appreciation that I have.

Marc Viquez - T-Mobile Park provides everything a traditional and non-traditional fan would ever need at a ballpark. The assortment of food, beverages, and value options is impressive, along with its location to public transportation. However, it might be the views of the city and The Sound that is the real highlight of the ballpark.

Richard Smith - The best feature of Comerica Park is the giant Tiger statues that guard the various entrances to the stadium. These are popular photo spots and/or meet-up locations prior to games. They are not only a great feature but show a team knowing how to double-down on their mascot.

David Welch - After just 22 years, there was much question about whether the Rangers needed a new stadium, and if replacing Globe Life ballpark was even necessary. Regardless of the actual need for a new stadium, there is one, and it does well to provide a bit more than what the previous facility was able to give fans.

Greg Venuto - Yankee Stadium is still an iconic ballpark even with a few too many “bells and whistles.” It clearly is worthy of a Stadium Journey for not just baseball fans but all sports fans alike.

Meg Minard - Chase Field provides good game day enjoyment and it is easy to reach and traverse. The swimming pool and the retractable roof and panels offer unique elements to the ballpark. A recommendation is to visit early in the season (April) to enjoy a game with the roof open.

Lloyd Brown - American Family Field is one of MLB’s most underrated stadiums. It offers a better-than-average food and beverage program, a very competitive team, and the premiere figure race in the big leagues. We raise our stein to the Brewers’ home and its great fans!

Marc Viquez - The Chicago White Sox has been working very hard to improve the amenities at the stadium. The past few seasons have seen renovations to the concourse concerning food and beverage service, social areas for fans, a brand-new scoreboard, and fan-friendly pricing on game day tickets. If you haven’t been to a Sox game lately, perhaps you need to come back sometime soon for a game.

Andrei Ojeda - Angel Stadium is the 4th oldest yard in the bigs. It has gone through its share of changes. From being enclosed in 1979 to accommodate the Rams to its return to its current form as a baseball-only park, compared to other yards of the post-Camden era, Angel Stadium could use some updates.

David Welch - Though Truist Park is a wonderful experience for most baseball fans, stadium enthusiasts might leave feeling a bit underwhelmed. It just feels like, with a stadium so new, there is just something missing; there is not that one feature which just leaves you in awe of the visit.

Gregory Koch - In 2005, the Nationals came to town, and in 2008, they got a brand-new stadium. Since then, the excitement has worn off and the crowds have steadily declined, especially as the Nationals’ performance on the field has gone downhill. That being said, Nationals Park is still a nice stadium for fans to take in a Major League Baseball game.

David Welch - The reality is there is a high probability Kauffman Stadium will soon be replaced, but in the meantime, it continues to provide an enjoyable ballpark experience, whether you are a diehard Royals fan attending 70-plus games a season, or enjoying an evening out with baseball as the backdrop.

Dave Cottenie - With the renovations long overdue coming to Rogers Centre, it will be interesting to see if, as Blue Jays President Mark Shapiro hopes, the former SkyDome becomes a “ballpark” and not a “stadium.” It remains debatable if the renovations to Rogers Centre will give fans the ballpark experience Shapiro is shooting for, however, it is undeniable that thus far, the renovations have been a success.

Lloyd Brown - loanDepot park is one of the most unique ballparks in the MLB, as it offers a very different look from the traditional steel and brick structures favored by most of the other clubs. Its smooth lines and use of bright colors fit in very well with the Miami vibe of clean lines and the neon colors of South Beach.

Lloyd Brown - It is no secret that the home of the Rays is seen as the ugly duckling of MLB stadiums. Its’ exterior has no appeal and its support system of wires and beams have resulted in a set of ground rules to cover plays where the ball has hit a beam or support wire. On the other hand, the Rays are a very talented team and frequently go to the playoffs.

Chris Green - Oakland baseball deserves better – most everyone agrees on this. The fans who do show up are passionate and proud of their team’s history. And while the Athletics have done the best they can with what they have in their current state, the shortcomings are so vast that it is hard to overlook one, if not most.

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