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Stadium Journey's Low-A Ballpark Rankings 2023

Back in 2021, Major League Baseball decided to streamline and standardize its minor league systems. While these moves sent seismic shocks throughout baseball, at no level were the changes more drastic than in the A-level leagues. After three seasons with the present alignment, things have started to become more familiar and comfortable.

The 30 teams at the Low-A level compete in three leagues: California, Carolina, and Florida State. Even here at the lowest level of organized baseball, there are many amazing parks to be seen, so we at Stadium Journey decided to do what we do best, rank them all!

The ballparks are rated according to Stadium Journey's patented FANFARE scoring metric, which takes into account a ballpark's food and beverage options, gameday atmosphere, surrounding neighborhood, access, return on investment, and more. When two or more facilities are tied, a Stadium Journey Council of Elders is consulted to break the tie.

It's been a long season, so without further ado, Stadium Journey is proud to present our Low-A ballpark rankings for the 2023 season.

Steve Ohnsmann - Great food; excellent choice of craft beers; free parking; nearby Broadway at the Beach; Splash and Slider; friendly welcoming staff; and Myrtle Beach combine to make Field an easy choice for your visit. It is one of the best in the minors.

David Welch - The Columbia Fireflies have done a wonderful job building an experience that offers fans what they want from a stadium; those wanting a more traditional baseball game have plenty of seats to choose from in the grandstand, whereas fans wanting to use the game as more of a social backdrop to their evening have both a considerable number of field level table boxes or the Bowtie Bar in center field.

Lloyd Brown - Baseball and the city of Charleston have shared a love affair for more than 100 years. Today their rendezvous spot is the Joseph P. Riley, Jr. Ballpark on the banks of the Ashley River. The Joe combines up-close seating with a huge concession menu and a history of sending players to the majors as its recipe for keeping this relationship alive and strong.

Andrei Ojeda - The Quakes continues to be a leader in the California League circuit. Being located an hour from Downtown Los Angeles and its affiliation with the Dodgers benefits the Quakes greatly as evidenced by all the blue and white in the stands.

Lloyd Brown - LECOM Park offers you a unique opportunity to check out a ballpark that has seen players like Willie Stargell, Babe Ruth, Henry Aaron, Bill Mazeroski, and Ted Williams play on its field. Its Spanish Colonial architecture, and the roof-protected shade over much of the grandstands all bring you back to baseball as it used to be.

Joseph Oakes - After enduring several years of playing in a “dump” in Woodbridge, the FredNats organization now has a beautiful, brand-new ballpark it can call its own and be proud of. A night out at the new Virginia Credit Union Ballpark Ballpark will be a great experience for many years to come!

Chris Green - While many still call it Municipal Stadium, this ballpark continues to impress regardless of the name. A must-see for any Giants MLB fan, or baseball diehards in general, the San Jose Giants have cultivated an atmosphere that is among the best in baseball. Quaint, cozy, historic, and full of character, a visit to this home of Bay Area baseball will not go unrewarded.

Lloyd Brown - SRP Park and the GreenJackets continue to generate buzz in the minor-league baseball community. The facility offers amenities that are not usually found in Low-Class A-level stadiums. These amenities include theatre-style seating, a 360-degree concourse, a top-of-the-line video board in the outfield, and terrific views of both the field and the Savannah River thanks to the TaxSlayer Terrace in right field.

Chris Green - While many may scoff at the Florida State League’s lack of general excitement among the team’s respective fan bases, the Clearwater Threshers stand to change that feeling. It is no mistake that this team is one of the most popular years in and year out, regardless of their record, in the league.

David Berger - Coming soon will be loft apartments at the ballpark, which are sure to draw new residents to the downtown area who want a hip new place, with a view of the park and its off-day amenities. My guess is this area will be almost unrecognizable in five years, as growth and development draw more inhabitants who want the small town charm and a still very convenient pathway to the Charlotte Metro area.

Michael Rusignuolo - While in a small town and just delivering the basics on food, Grainger Stadium stands out in most other ways, especially delivering a family-friendly, cheap night of entertainment in a historic ballpark.

Andrei Ojeda - One of the biggest draws to The Diamond is the ballpark’s aesthetic appeal along with its natural surroundings. Over the last several years seating capacity has decreased to create a more intimate and sociable ballpark experience.

Richard Smith - Arthur W. Perdue Stadium is a great stadium and the Delmarva Shorebirds go out of their way to make the stadium a place where both the casual and hardcore baseball fans can be entertained and enjoy a quality game experience.

Meg Minard - Banner Island Ballpark is an extremely fun ballpark. It provides a perfect minor league game day experience. Fans and staff are friendly and welcoming, it’s affordable, and it’s not overdone with extras as the ballgame takes center stage with clever, non-intrusive games and contests offered between innings. This is a pretty impressive place to watch a game.

Chris Green - Publix Field at Joker Merchant Stadium is a beautiful facility thanks to its latest renovation, and the Flying Tigers are a team that tends to get lost in the shuffle of Florida’s bustling sports world, but is no less deserving of a visit. Easily one of the best facilities in the Florida State League, things are looking up for the Flying Tigers.

Meg Minard - Clover Park opened in 1988 and has gone by various names based on sponsorship, but it has always been the Met's home. The stadium holds 7,160 for spring training, but that number is greatly reduced for the Single-A St. Lucie Mets games as portions of the seating area are closed off in the summer.

Chris Green - The idea of a baseball team playing in a beach city in Florida seems about as idyllic as one can imagine, and the stadium surely lives up to the image. With great views from the seats, fans in Daytona are treated to a great experience on game day.

Chris Green - Talking about minor league baseball stadiums, purists look for the old and historic stadiums, while others look for the newest and shiniest facilities. Hammond Stadium may not initially fit either of these categories, having been built in 1991. However, a closer look reveals that the renovations in 2014-15 have completely transformed this once hum-drum facility into a beautiful, tropical oasis in southwest Florida.

Meg Minard - Roger Dean Stadium and the Jupiter Hammerheads provide an enjoyable game day experience at a reasonable price. With all the promotions and game day activities, families and fans of all ages should enjoy their time at a game.

Meg Minard - Taking in a game at Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium is a great option for families, large groups, and individual fans alike. If you want somewhere to get out and enjoy the beautiful Florida weather while watching some quality baseball, consider taking in a Palm Beach Cardinals game.

David Welch - Baseball stadiums are different than those of other sports, in that the natural surroundings play an important role in how memorable an experience a visit can be. The views at Carilion Clinic Field provided by the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains provide possibly the most impressive backdrop in all of the Carolina League.

Eric Hasman - TD Ballpark opened in 1990. It is the home of the Single-A Dunedin Blue Jays and the spring training home of the Toronto Blue Jays since 1977. The ballpark is built on the site of Grant Field, which was the original home of the Jays. The city of Dunedin and this location are the only home that the Blue Jays have ever had since their inception as a franchise in 1977.

Jared Goodman - While Segra Stadium is unique in some areas, overall it’s a pretty plain vanilla ballpark. The team does a good job of drawing fans and entertaining them on game day, but the high prices and distant parking options are bound to turn some folks away. Hopefully, the revitalization of downtown Fayetteville will keep fans engaged, and it will be exciting to see what the final product will be.

Meg Minard - Chukchansi is a Native American Indian tribe in central California, known for their beliefs in and advocating early learning and giving students the tools they need to succeed. This also includes continuing education of their historic culture. The tribe owns and operates the Chukchansi Gold Resort and Casino. That casino owns the naming rights to downtown Fresno’s Chukchansi Park.

Meg Minard - Nothing special stands out about San Manuel Stadium. It does provide fabulous customer service and a decent game day experience. Go with family and friends on a Friday and get an inexpensive, enjoyable evening out.

Aaron Terry - The atmosphere can be somewhat laid back and down-home at the ballpark. A Hillcats game is comfortable and relaxing but not over the top in excitement or exuberance. That said, there are other parks nearby you could visit with bigger crowds and better amenities. But if you do find yourself at The Bank of the James Stadium for a game, you will certainly have a decent time.

Meg Minard - The Modesto Nuts at John Thurman Field provides a traditional minor league baseball experience and families should take advantage. It’s pretty bare bones but the fans that attend do have a pleasant summer evening out. Here’s hoping more fans will stop by and enjoy a game in the future.

Gregory Koch - It seems like in North Carolina, there is a baseball stadium just about everywhere you look. Compared to many of those stadiums, Five County Stadium disappoints. Although it isn’t a terrible stadium by any means, it’s nowhere near as good as many other stadiums in the area, including in nearby Durham.

Dennis Morrell - The stadium is a fortress – it exudes Yankees power, money, and status. Steinbrenner Field befits a team like the New York Yankees, yet the presence of their Single-A team in this cavernous building is almost an embarrassment.

Meg Minard - Valley Strong Ballpark is a stadium one will like because of its quirkiness and affordable prices or not like because of its accessibility and an unsafe neighborhood. It is in the ‘Gateway of Sequoia’ so if in town during the summer, consider checking out a game and let us know your thoughts.

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