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Hammond Stadium – Ft Myers Mighty Mussels

Photos by Chris Green, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.43

Hammond Stadium 14100 Six Mile Cypress Pkwy Fort Myers, FL 33912

Year Opened: 1991 Capacity: 7,500


Tropical Comfort

Note: In Dec 2019, the team name changed from Fort Myers Miracle to Fort Myers Mighty Mussels.

Talking about minor league baseball stadiums, purists look for the old and historic stadiums, while others look for the newest and shiniest facilities. Hammond Stadium may not initially fit either of these categories, having been built in 1991, and looking quite similar to the abandoned Homestead Baseball Complex constructed for the Cleveland Indians around that time. However, a closer look reveals that the renovations in 2014-15 have completely transformed this once hum-drum facility into a beautiful, tropical oasis in southwest Florida.

Food & Beverage 4

The concessions at Hammond Stadium are affordable and offer the traditional options fans would expect to see on the menu – hot dogs, burgers, peanuts, Cracker Jacks, etc. In addition, the stadium also features various game-day specials, like grilled ham and cheese sandwiches ($5.75), churro bites ($2), and meatball subs ($6.75). There are also several bars on site, including one in left field and another in right field for fans to pick from. At either location you can get a beer for as low as $4.50, wine for $6, and cocktails starting at $7.50, as well as purchase other food items like nachos ($5.50), sunflower seeds ($1.75), chips ($1.50), and more.

Atmosphere 4

Hammond Stadium is beautiful, and the entire main concourse level is walkable around the whole field, allowing fans to wander and watch the action from various vantage points during contests. The outfield boardwalk offers up close views too, as well as alternate seating and standing-room only areas for fans to watch the Miracle take the field. The team store at Hammond Stadium is two stories, meaning you shouldn’t have a hard time finding your favorite gear for your favorite team. The main entrance is also stunning, with the fountain plaza area presenting the perfect introduction to the stadium. In addition, the field faces northeast, meaning fans will never have to sit through a game with the sun in their eyes; it also means you will always have comfortable shade to cool you off on those hot summer days in Florida.

Neighborhood 3

Hammond Stadium itself is in a more suburban area of Fort Myers, Florida, meaning you will see more houses than stores and restaurants. However, while there may not be anything right across the street, you can drive less than a mile down the road to where I-75 crosses Daniels Parkway – here you can find plenty of dining and lodging options: Stevie Tomato’s Sports Page and Cracker Barrel are both popular stops, while Baymont Inn & Suites Fort Myers Airport and Hampton Inn Fort Myers Airport are the two closest hotels to the stadium. For sightseers, Sanibel Island is a short drive west – home to beautiful beaches, the Sanibel Lighthouse, and the J. N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge.

Fans 3

While fans may not pack the stands like they would for Twins spring training games, they are no less supportive of the Miracle. The crowds can easily swell depending on what visiting team is there, and which players from the big leagues are on assignment, or shrink if the famously unpredictable Florida weather looks like rain.

Access 4

Getting to Hammond Stadium is easy, despite it not being right off the main roads. I-75 is just a few minutes away, and getting off the highway and heading west on Daniels Parkway is the best option. Once you get to 6 Mile Cypress Parkway, head south and the stadium will be on your right; parking is plentiful on site, and is only $5. Once inside the stadium, making your way around the facility is easy, as signage is plentiful, and the open concept of the stadium helps make finding your way a breeze.

Return on Investment 4

Taking the family, or even just a few friends, to the game is a great option, as the price of tickets is affordable. Hammond Stadium also features low cost concessions and parking, meaning you won’t break the bank before you get to your seat. The beauty of the stadium is also hard to miss, and the options you have for seating around the field are among the best in Florida.

Extras 2

The team features various themed nights, such as Star Wars Night, to help get fans out to games. There are also various giveaways for fans throughout the season, both from the team and from local vendors.

Final Thoughts

Looking for affordable and comfortable baseball options in Florida can be hard at times, but Hammond Stadium achieves both with ease. It may be easy to overlook the Miracle when looking at MiLB games to attend when in Florida, but make no mistake…the Miracle has a comfortable, modern facility that is welcoming, enjoyable, and affordable, which isn’t something other teams can lay claim to.

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