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Stadium Journey's Top 25 College Baseball Ballparks of 2023

College baseball is a national sport with a significant regional bias, as the powers of the sport reside primarily in the south and southeast. Rarely has the national championship been won by a team north of the Mason-Dixon line. Similarly, there is generally a great disparity in the quality of facilities in the southern and northern part of the country.

Stadium Journey has endeavored to visit each of the 301 Division One baseball parks in the nation. As of this writing, we have been able to produce reviews for all but 18 of them, no small feat when you consider the number of teams playing in new facilities or who have moved their programs up to D-1 in recent years. Our goal is to visit the remaining ballparks as soon as possible.

We have ranked all the D-1 ballparks according to our patented FANFARE rating scale, which takes into account a facility's food and beverage, game day atmosphere, surrounding neighborhood, fan support, accessibility, return on investment and more. Where two or more venues were tied, we consulted a Stadium Journey Council of Elders to break any ties.

Without further ado, we are proud to present Stadium Journey's Top 25 college baseball venues for the 2023 season.

Lloyd Brown - Say the words “Clemson” and “sports” and most people will immediately think of the football program. However, the Tiger baseball program has a much longer history of success just down the hill from Death Valley. Kingsmore Stadium plays a key role in the recruitment of athletes to the baseball program with its great facilities, loyal fan base and years of tradition.

Lloyd Brown - The atmosphere at Alex Box Stadium is impeccable – all the great things that sports fans hear about watching a game at LSU’s Alex Box Stadium don’t match the reality. The reality of a game at The Box is much better. A trip to LSU’s Alex Box Stadium should be on every college baseball fan’s list, as it is one of the best stadium experiences in all of sports.

Lloyd Brown - Howser Stadium has been one of the premiere NCAA baseball stadiums in the country for several years. The Seminole Nation is determined to keep it that way with $25 million in improvements on the horizon. The future looks bright for baseball in Tallahassee.

Andy Mantsch - A lot of the country considers college baseball an afterthought, but not in Columbia, South Carolina. Tailgaters, boiled peanuts, cold beer and shouts of “Go Cocks!” start hours before first pitch is even thrown on game days outside Founders Park. Baseball season for the South Carolina Gamecocks is second only to football season. And even that is debatable, depending on who you ask.

Chris Green - With a beautiful newly renovated home stadium, the Knights are well positioned to provide one of the best game day experiences in college baseball. With great weather year-round and a fanbase that loves to support their team, there are plenty of reasons to not pass up UCF baseball when looking for a great place to watch America’s pastime.

Lloyd Brown - The Tennessee Tech baseball program is one of the elite programs amid the mid-level conferences. They are the perennial champions of the Ohio Valley Conference and are regular visitors to the NCAA Tournament. A visit to Bush Stadium will treat visitors to high quality baseball, free admission and some of the friendliest and most knowledgeable fan bases in college baseball.

Lloyd Brown - Ole Miss is proud of its traditions, and the stadium has some traditions of its own. These include the beer showers in the student section after a Rebels home run, the Ole Miss team performing a synchronized dance routine in the dugout in the middle of the fifth inning and Hotty Toddy cheer being done by the fans. There is truly a close bond between the Ole Miss team and their fans.

Michael Davis - The Southeastern Conference has the best overall college baseball stadiums in the country, and Baum-Walker Stadium is one of the top echelon ballparks in the conference. The venue is impressive; better than most minor league ballparks around the country. There really isn’t a single negative about the ballpark, food, atmosphere, fans, or the return on investment.

Lloyd Brown - Crimson Tide fans are known to be among the most fervent in the NCAA. They form a sea of red during the games at the “new Joe.” The words “Roll Tide” can range from a Tuscaloosa version of “hello” to a blood-curdling scream during a rally. They are also not afraid to let the umpires know if they disagree with a call. That being said, Alabama fans are very knowledgeable about the game and are very friendly to visitors.

Joseph Oakes - Recent renovations at Davenport Field have turned a nice ballpark into a great one. It now has all the amenities of a state of the art ballpark, and offers some of the highest quality baseball in the nation. A visit to Davenport Field is a must, and will not leave you disappointed!

Lloyd Brown - A visit to the home of the Diamond Dawgs should be included in any Athens itinerary. As the original sport played on the university campus, baseball has a long and glorious spot on UGA’s fabled athletics history.

Matt Colville - Coming to a game at Dudy Noble Field is truly a bucket list experience for baseball fans of all levels. From the grills in left field to the fans and their thousands of cowbells being rung, these all add to the spectacle of attending a game here and are something everyone should experience. And as John Grisham also said, “I always feel like a better person after leaving a game at Dudy Noble Field.”

Harrison Huntley - Since the completion of renovations, Clark-LeClair has been talked about in many circles as among the best in the country. Having visited now, I can see why. Everything from the ticket prices to the seating arrangement was built with the common fan in mind and because of that, the stadium provides a great stadium experience. Overall, this stadium is one that fans of college baseball must add to their bucket lists.

James Hilchen - Haymarket Park is a great place to watch a game. Cornhuskers fans are pleasant and are very into the game and behind their team. The park is aesthetically pleasing and Lincoln is a very nice college town with plenty of other things to do and see. A trip to Haymarket Park should be on the list of any college baseball fan.

Andrei Ojeda - Despite playing in the backyard of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, the Titans remain one of the hotter tickets in Orange County. With four national championships and a team that is almost always certain to make a post-season run, it’s easy to see why fans here consistently fill up the yard. Of all the college yards I’ve had the chance to visit in Southern California, Goodwin Field, with their loyal fans and fan friendly amenities abound, may arguably be the best.

David Welch - At initial thought, many might not give baseball at Charlotte much attention, but it definitely is a hidden gem on the college baseball scene. From the facilities, to the scenic back drop and baseball atmosphere created, baseball games at Charlotte provide a wonderful experience for even fans who might not have a rooting interest in the game.

Lloyd Brown - This is one of the premiere facilities in the Sun Belt Conference if not the entire Southeast. It boasts of a clubhouse/dugout complex most larger programs are envious of. GSU believes in setting high expectations for its baseball program and in return rewards the team with the tools they need to compete.

Paul Donaldson - When it comes to college baseball, it’s hard to beat the overall fan experience for a Ragin’ Cajuns game at M.L. ‘Tigue’ Moore Field. The Tigue features a passionate fan base that regularly ranks near the top of Division I in attendance.

Gordon Shelldall - Everything about Anteater Park seems to have been designed with the comfort and enjoyment of baseball fans in mind. In fact, I am hard-pressed to think of another ballpark, pro or amateur, that I have visited that hits so many "high spots" on the rating scale. See a game here if you are in the area during the season. It's well worth it.

Chris Green - USF Baseball Stadium is one of the most stunning in Florida, let alone Tampa. Great for families and diehard fans alike, the home of the South Florida Bulls is a must-visit for any sports fan passing through the area. Not to be outdone by its competitors, USF Baseball Stadium deserves billing as one of the most comfortable and well designed in college baseball.

Lloyd Brown - Jacksonville State University has been a small college athletic powerhouse for many years. The last few years have seen a significant upgrading of its major athletic facilities, including Pete Mathews Coliseum, Burgess-Snow Field and now Rudy Abbott Field at Jim Case Stadium. Gamecock fans and alumni certainly have a lot to crow about these days.

Eric Moreno - I think anyone who is a fan of sports – especially baseball – will enjoy themselves at UFCU Disch-Falk Field. It is a cathedral of the sport, draped in history and excellence. The atmosphere is tremendous, and Austin is a fun city to visit. Catch a game at the Disch when you can, and Hook ‘Em Horns!

David Welch - Baseball at the college level is a whole different type of experience than what you might get at the major and minor league levels. From fans and players alike, there is a whole different passion that rides on almost every pitch. When you add in the high level of expectations from a program such as Vanderbilt, it flows over into creating a top notch, college baseball atmosphere.

Brett Gibbons - Overall, Blue Bell Park provides a relaxing afternoon at the ballpark where you can watch some elite talent in a gorgeous venue. The student section is fun and engaging and chances are you’ll see an Aggie victory. The history and tradition of Texas A&M are on display in a way only found in College Station. Great seats and a fun day without breaking your bank is what can be expected from a visit to Blue Bell Park.

Marc Viquez - Jim Patterson Stadium is more than a respectable venue to enjoy college baseball during the warm spring months in Louisville. The promotions, aesthetics, concession prices, and weekend games make it well worth the nine innings of baseball. If you are in town, check out when the Cards are playing.

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Steve Gibbs
Steve Gibbs
Jun 24, 2023

No Charles Schwab Field ("The Chuck") in Omaha? Home of the Creighton Bluejays and the College World Series? With a 24,000 fan capacity, it is the mecca of college baseball.

Marc Viquez
Marc Viquez
Aug 21, 2023
Replying to

As the home of the CWS that is something you cannot argue! However, we went with home venues and attending a Blue Jays game compared to a World Series game is a different experience. Wouldn't you agree?


Jun 05, 2023

whoever wrote the one about misssiasippi state should actually attend a game at the stadium

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