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Stadium Journey's Ranking of the National Football League Stadiums 2023

While the National Football League decides its 2023 champion on the field at Super Bowl LVIII, here at Stadium Journey we're about to decide on an even more prestigious title, that of the best game-day experience in the NFL.

Stadium Journey's team of correspondents has visited all 32 National Football League stadiums, including 11 venues this season, crisscrossing the continent to give you, our readers, the information about what a game day looks like at every college football stadium in the country.

Stadiums are ranked according to Stadium Journey's patented FANFARE rating scale, which takes into account a venue's food and beverage options, game day atmosphere, surrounding neighborhood, fan support, access (both inside and outside the stadium), return on investment and an extra category for anything that doesn't fall in the other categories. When two or more stadiums receive the same score, a Stadium Journey Council of Elders is consulted to break the ties. To view the complete review, just click on the link below the photos of each stadium.

The resulting list is sure to produce some discussion among pro football diehards. That's OK, we can take it. We encourage you to visit our social media channels to take part in the discussion.

Without further ado, we're proud to present our 2023 ranking of the best game-day experiences in the National Football League.

Richard Smith - From the Ravenswalk area outside of the stadium to the purple seats and concourse lighting, the Ravens have set a fine stage for the enjoyment of NFL football. Expect the games to be loud inside the walls of the stadium. Every play, whether it be on defense or offense, will have the fans screaming at every detail. Even special team plays are paid attention to in great detail. The fans are knowledgeable about all aspects of the game.

Marc Viquez - It is hard not to be impressed with the gameday experience at Lucas Oil Stadium for a Colts game. It is a stadium properly made for both the players and the fans. The pre-game festivities, friendly staff, heated environment, and location steps from some of the city’s best restaurants and bars make a perfect Sunday afternoon.

Patricia Beninato - The Steelers are one of the NFL’s most storied franchises, and Heinz Field is an admirable home for it. Well-maintained and inviting as it enters its third decade of existence, it’s the rare NFL fan who wouldn’t like to go to a home Steelers game given the chance. The Steelers put Pittsburgh on the map as one of the best sports towns in the world, and when Heinz Field is filled with screaming black and gold-clad fans on a crisp autumn Sunday, there are few better places to be.

Eric Moreno - The Texans put a lot of effort into their game-day atmosphere. There is always tailgating in the parking lots, and they have what amounts to a carnival in the area surrounding the entrances with games, food trucks, a drumline, and more.

Ryan Rohde - CenturyLink Field is an absolute marvel. To be a part of the 12s on game day is a fan experience that is second to none. The Seahawks have made many strides to make the fan experience at CenturyLink Field the best in the NFL. The noise level is easily the loudest in the NFL as these fans do not have to be prompted to make some noise for their Seahawks. If you can make it here for a game, you will enjoy yourself and you will enjoy being a part of the 12s.

Lloyd Brown - The Eagles franchise has been one of the longest-running organizations in the NFL and has a great history of success. Lincoln Financial Field is a major improvement on its former home at “The Vet.” Game days feature sellout crowds, rabid fans, great Philadelphia food fare, and a quality team on the field. This all adds up to a great fan experience in the City of Brotherly Love.

Matt Colville - In New Orleans, home of so many attractions and history, there is one building that stands out above the rest. It has been called one of the most iconic venues in the whole world, hosting Superbowls, college football National Championships, and Final Fours. As you approach New Orleans it lurks over the skyline with its iconic gold-shaped silhouette reflecting off the entire Crescent City – it is Caesars Superdome, and since its opening in 1975 has become the fabric of American sports and pop culture, hosting some of the greatest entertainers and some of the biggest events of all time.

Lloyd Brown - Nissan Stadium’s location on the east bank of the Cumberland River provides stunning views of downtown Nashville, with easy access to some of the top tourism sites in Music City. The stadium provides an electronic package that is hard to beat, with its huge scoreboards at each end of the stadium. Accessibility is another strong point for the venue, as it offers multiple ways to get to the stadium, with the option of fans walking to the games via the Seigenthaler pedestrian bridge from downtown Nashville.

Lloyd Brown - Las Vegas continues to build on its reputation as a great sports town. Now that the NHL and NFL have established themselves in the Fantasyland in the Desert… it will only be a matter of time before you see the Super Bowl, the Final Four, and other major sporting events played in Allegiant Stadium…you can bet on that!

Steven Burke - When the subject of “bucket list” sports facilities to visit comes up for discussion, Green Bay’s Lambeau Field almost immediately comes to mind. It certainly is atop the list of NFL fans.

Michael Davis - Every Cowboys fan seems to have a reason why they “bleed Cowboy blue” – for some being born and raised in Texas is reason enough, while for others it might be that their hometown doesn’t have an NFL team, but television brought the Cowboys into their homes and hearts.

Richard Smith - State Farm Stadium is a distinctive venue that offers fans a great sporting experience. The fact that it offers a cool place to watch games away from the sometimes oppressive heat of the desert is just one more win for this venue.

Paul Baker - It's been a difficult transition in New England as the Patriots return to mediocracy after two decades of ruling the NFL. However, the (relative) lack of success on the field has not diminished Gillette Stadium’s influence on modern facility design or fan interest in the team. Outfitted with the largest outdoor scoreboard in the country and a modern new design, Gillette Stadium remains a premier, if somewhat overshadowed, NFL facility.

Marc Viquez - The recent aesthetic changes at Paycor Stadium have been welcoming, and the atmosphere is always colorful before and after a Bengals game. It is one of the best values in the league and even better when the team plays winning football. 

Richard Smith - The Giants fans do feel like they are in a bit of a funk. The team has not provided consistent on-field quality for a few years and it does seem to be affecting things such as attendance. Even with that said, the team has a long history and a large dedicated fan base that provides good amounts of cheer for their team.

Richard Smith - A game at MetLife Stadium is a great way to cap a trip to New York City and is also great for locals. The stadium may not feel like it costs 1.6 Billion dollars, but that does not mean it isn’t a good place for a game.

Dave Cottenie - Whether it is enjoying the fun in the Pride Plaza or belting out Gridiron Heroes with Theo Spight, the fans of the Detroit Lions make the most of their experience every game. Not being required to sit through the cold Detroit winters is a plus and the loyalty of Lions is unquestioned after a long drought of on-field success. Taking in a Lions game is something that all football fans should consider in their travels.

Lloyd Brown - Levi’s Stadium is one of the most technologically advanced stadiums in the NFL. Its location in the heart of Silicon Valley is a major improvement over the 49er's former home at the weather-challenged Candlestick Park. The team has seen a resurgence on the field in recent seasons, providing fans with an up-tempo offense that will fill the stands. The gold rush has returned!

Dave Cottenie - The Cleveland Browns are a solid NFL experience at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Being part of a fanbase that is as ardent passionate and loyal as any in the NFL is an attractive part of the Browns experience. Cleveland is also a great tourist destination and fans will enjoy making a full weekend of it.

David Welch - The Panthers have continued to make upgrades to Bank of America Stadium to improve the fan experience, but previous improvements will pale in comparison to the projected $1 billion+ in upgrades the Panthers are looking to make. Future enhancements to Bank of America Stadium will likely look to provide visitors more of an entertainment destination than is currently being offered. These potential improvements will only add to the current positives that are already a part of the Carolina Panther football experience.

Aaron Terry - The NFL’s newest stadium represents a pricey proposition but certainly comes with a lot of bells and whistles for fans to enjoy. If you plan in terms of seating, parking, and perhaps eating before the game, you can save yourself a little hassle, and perhaps a little green as well.

Lloyd Brown - Hard Rock Stadium is an NFL venue that has stayed current with the times, and in many ways is an improvement over its original design. The team has been fortunate to have owners from Joe Robbie to Steven Ross who have been willing to invest whatever funds are needed to improve the fan experience. It is no surprise that such special events such as the Super Bowl, NCAA Football Championships, and the Pro Bowl choose to come back regularly.

Lloyd Brown - Despite being one of the oldest stadiums in the NFL, Arrowhead Stadium has stood the test of time well. It keeps reinventing itself by adding amenities like the Hall of Honor, premium seating locations, and a concessions menu featuring BBQ from some of Kansas City’s finest restaurants. They also have one of the most loyal, and officially the loudest, fan base in the NFL, if not the world.

Chuck Uteck - Regardless of where the Vikings find themselves in the standings, their boisterous supporters arrive early and stay late. The stadium is a magnificent centerpiece in Minneapolis. The two are a perfect pairing.

Lloyd Brown - The Bears and Soldier Field both have a legendary history for Chicago natives. The fact that they never got together until the mid-1970s is somewhat symbolized by the present design of the stadium…. a modern-day seating bowl stuffed into a classic exterior dating back to the 1920s. Its setting on the shoreline of Lake Michigan is both a blessing and a curse. It is very scenic in the early fall, but brutal when the icy winds blow off the lake during the late-season games.

Lloyd Brown - Mercedes–Benz Stadium is continually looking for ways it can serve its community while tweaking its game day procedures to improve the fan experience. It has a strong record in this regard, as it annually hosts the SEC Championship game, is in the rotation for the College Football National Championship game, and hosts a Peach Bowl Game on New Year’s Day, it is a serious contender to host one or more World Cup games in 2026.

Lloyd Brown - A great team history, great fans, a diverse menu of food and beverage items, along with the natural beauty of the nearby Rocky Mountains make Empower Field at Mile High Stadium a high priority for anybody’s NFL bucket list. It also makes a great add-on activity for your ski vacation in late fall and early winter. Make sure you arrive early to enjoy the Western hospitality and the many pieces of stunning public art that dot the stadium complex.

Chris Green - With continued local investment from the team’s ownership and the potential continued success of the team in Jacksonville, the future looks bright for the Jaguars and their loyal fans. This is a game day experience that many visiting fans find impressive upon their arrival, and for good reason. The Jaguars consistently produce a solid fan experience all around and have given fans good reason to be excited about the future.

Aaron Terry - The NFL’s newest stadium represents a pricey proposition but certainly comes with a lot of bells and whistles for fans to enjoy. If you plan in terms of seating, parking, and perhaps eating before the game, you can save yourself a little hassle, and perhaps a little green as well.

Chris Green - The home of the Bucs may be missing that one little thing that would catapult it into the top ranks of football stadiums in America, but it is nonetheless an enjoyable experience. Proper planning for likely-to-be-congested roads helps a whole bunch here, and the tailgating is top-notch. Once inside, you will have a good time under the warm Florida sun; just don’t forget to bring a full wallet.

Richard Smith - FedExField is a purely functional stadium in a less-than-desirable location. The team is also in a transition phase that could go in many directions. Ultimately the fan experience is better than it looks on the surface but is still far from ideal in the modern NFL.

Dave Cottenie -It will be interesting to see what a brand-new stadium will bring to the Buffalo Bills experience. There were plenty of opposing views as to what the new stadium should look like and where it should be. Until that time, the Bills are still making memories at the former Ralph Wilson Stadium. NFL fans who have yet to visit Highmark Stadium may want to make their way there before it is too late.

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