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Paycor Stadium - Cincinnati Bengals

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.86

Paycor Stadium One Paul Brown Stadium Cincinnati, OH 45202

Cincinnati Bengals website

Paycor Stadium website

Year Opened: 2000 Capacity: 65,535


Welcome to the Jungle

Paul Brown Stadium has served as the home field for the Cincinnati Bengals since 2000. It has a seating capacity of 65,515, with 70% of the seats along the sidelines. It also offers 114 luxury suites and 7,600 club level suites. The stadium is named for the Bengals Founder, CEO and original head coach Paul Brown. It has been recognized by the American Institute of Architects for its sleek architectural design. Paul Brown Stadium provides stunning views of both the downtown Cincinnati skyline and the Ohio River.

Note: The name of the venue changed from Paul Brown Stadium to Paycor Stadium in August 2022.

Food & Beverage 3

There are 56 concession outlets in Paul Brown Stadium. They primarily serve the typical stadium fare at typical NFL prices. A quick overview of the menu includes hot dogs ($5.50), nachos ($8), chicken tenders ($9.75), pizza ($8.75), pretzels ($6.25), popcorn ($5.75) and peanuts ($5.75). Beverages include Pepsi brand sodas ($5.75), bottled water ($5.50) and domestic beers at $11.50.

However, they do offer several delicious items that are unique to the Queen City. The Who Dey Melt is served with mac and cheese and covered with bacon. As you would expect from the home of Cincinnati-style chili, Gold Star Chili has several locations within Paul Brown Stadium. Buffalo Wings and Rings is a football standard, but the special Cincy sauce that comes with it is what makes this item special.

Cincinnati was originally a German settlement, so it has a long love affair with beer and breweries, so you have a wide selection to choose from at the stadium. Check out the in-stadium Queen City Tap Room where local brands include Rhinegeist, Mad Tree, Rivertown and Mt Carmel.

Atmosphere 3

Football is a religion in Ohio as it has provided some of the greatest players in both the NCAA and NFL rank through its very strong high school programs. The University of Cincinnati Bearcats have been conference contenders for years as has the University of Miami (Ohio). The Bengals typically are in the playoffs on a regular basis and have gone to two Super Bowls. They also have some intense rivalries with AFC East foes the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Bengals fans show up no matter what the weather, as they have some of coldest games in NFL record books as part of the history. The stadium does a great job of showing off their history, and the great views of both the Cincinnati skyline and the Ohio River add to the rich experience of being at Paul Brown Stadium.

Neighborhood 5

Paul Brown Stadium is in a riverfront neighborhood known as The Banks. This area includes the Great American Ballpark, home of the Cincinnati Reds and a live/work/play development, which includes apartments, restaurants including Yard House and Jefferson Social, Tin Roof, the Moerlien Lager House and many retail stores. Smale Riverfront Plaza forms the southern border of the neighborhood along the Ohio River. Fountain Square is just a few blocks inland and is well worth a visit, as it serves as Cincinnati’s central gathering point, with multiple options for dining or shopping.

The nearest lodging to Paul Brown Stadium is a few blocks inland from the riverfront on 5th Street. Brands along this street include Hilton, Hyatt Regency and Marriott. There are also accommodations across the Ohio River in Newport and Covington, Kentucky. A Queen City Riverboat will shuttle you directly to Paul Brown Stadium from the Kentucky riverfront.

Fans 4

The fan base of the Bengals is known for its orange and black striped game day gear. They arrive early to enjoy the pregame activities at the Jungle Zone. The Jungle Zone opens three hours before kickoff and offers food and beverage, music, interactive games and autograph opportunities with former Bengal players. The Ben-Gals cheer squad and mascot Who Dey will also make an appearance.

One cheer or welcome you will hear throughout the games is “Who Dey?” Some people think this is simply a rip-off of the Saints “Who Dat?” cheer. However, the story behind the cheer is distinctly Cincinnati in nature. The Riverfront City has long been a big beer town. One of the local breweries was Hedepuhl Brewery and had a very popular product known as Hudy. Vendors would roam the stands selling the beer with the shout Hudy. Over time fans began to chant Who Dey as either a greeting or as an insult to the opposing team… Who Dey Think Gonna Beat Dem Bengals…Nobody!

Unfortunately, the Bengals have broken their fans hearts come playoff time. Despite numerous division or wild card appearances, the Bengals have never won a Super Bowl and have not won a playoff game since 1990.

Access 4

There are several ways to get to Paul Brown Stadium on game days. It offers easy access via I-75 or I-71. Most parking for non-season ticket holders is available in the parking decks of neighboring businesses. The stadium is near the Cincinnati Bell Connector streetcar line that loops through the downtown area and along the riverfront

Paul Brown Stadium is one of three NFL venues that can be accessed by riverboat. The Queen City Riverboats depart Newport, Kentucky and sail across the Ohio River to the stadium for a very reasonable cost of $6 round trip.

Once at the stadium, entry is available at 7 main gates around the stadium.

Return on Investment 4

The Bengals offer some of the lowest ticket prices in the NFL, as they run from $45 – $150 a ticket. Parking in nearby business decks averages $20. The streetcar charges $2 for an all-day pass and the round trip riverboat ride from Newport, Kentucky is a very reasonable $6. Concession prices are in line with other NFL teams.

Extras 4

Paul Brown Stadium is one of four NFL venues which does not have a corporate name. It is also one of only two NFL stadiums to be named after an NFL coach.

Paul Brown Stadium and Lambeau Field are the only two NFL stadiums to have heating elements underneath the field to keep it from freezing.

In addition to Bengals games, the stadium also hosts several University of Cincinnati Bearcat and Miami University (Ohio) games when a large capacity crowd is anticipated. Nippert Stadium is the on-campus home for the Bearcats and you can often find a double header weekend where the Bengals and the Bearcats are both playing at home.

In July of each year the stadium hosts the Cincinnati Music Festival. Past performers have included Tim McGraw, Robin Thicke, Demi Lovato and Guns N Roses.

Final Thoughts

Paul Brown Stadium is one of the more attractive stadiums in the NFL, as it provides wonderful views of both the downtown Cincinnati skyline and the nearby Ohio River. The Bengals have always been a very competitive franchise and talented team, and new leadership may lead them over the playoff hump. Even though Cincinnati is one of the smallest markets in the NFL, the city has a rich history and plenty of fine restaurants and great beer, all at a lower cost than most major market cities.

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