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Stadium Journey's 2023 Ranking of the Triple-A Ballparks

The landscape of Triple-A baseball has changed dramatically in the last couple of seasons. This past season 30 clubs in the International and Pacific Coast League took the field and played games from early April to late September, resulting in 8,491,388 fans for an average of 5,695 per game. The ballparks haven’t changed, perhaps some of the ball clubs and cities, but the true essence of family fun remains.

We present our rankings of the overall experience. Factors we include in our ratings are food and beverage in the ballpark, overall atmosphere, the neighborhood, the fans, access (which includes parking, traffic, restrooms, and concourses), return on investment, and an “extras” category for any unique or bonus points.

Without further ado, our 2023 Triple-A Baseball ballpark rankings.

(James Hilchen) - Moving to affiliated baseball in 2021 hasn’t changed what has always made CHS Field such a great place. From the employees to the food, to the entertainment, to the amazing museum, a day at the ballpark doesn't get much better than in St. Paul.

(James Hilchen) - The Bulls have a long and storied history in North Carolina. As someone who has seen my share of minor league ballparks over the years, Durham Bulls Athletic Park just might be my favorite. Great scenery, food for every taste, and fun reminders of an iconic movie make this a ballpark that should be on every baseball fan’s bucket list.

(David Berger) - Truist Field offers views of downtown Charlotte that might be unsurpassed in Triple-A baseball. The ballpark features an array of food, a selection of beverages, a team shop with almost every kind of team logo cap and shirt, and seating areas from numerous vantage points. The jewel of a ballpark continues to show why it is so well thought of by fans and ballpark travelers alike.

Photo Courtesy of the Lehigh Valley IronPigs

(Joe Rogers) - A night out at Coca-Cola Park is one of exceptional value and pleasure. As a fan, one can appreciate the great lengths to which Lehigh Valley brass and game day staff go to ensure that their fans are continually pleased with their experiences at the park.

(Marc Viquez) - First Horizon Park keeps getting better with every visit, the aesthetics from the nearby city skyline and surrounding Georgetown neighborhood sets it apart from other minor league ballparks of its kind. The Band Box is the “hippest spot” in the game, providing a unique environment for fans of all ages. Just look for the giant guitar-shaped scoreboard.

(Marc Viquez) - Victory Field looks as clean, fresh, and vibrant as the day it was born in 1996. It is the summertime ritual for fireworks, dollar eats, and packed crowds for many in central Indiana and beyond. The ballpark has added new features, menu items, and social areas that have improved the experience on our list.

(Dave Cottenie) - The Rochester Red Wings are a cornerstone franchise in the International League. The club has weathered the ups and downs of Minor League Baseball and come out the other end still strong. Fans looking for a solid baseball experience that will offer tremendous value should check out the Red Wings - Morrie will be glad you came.

(Dave Cottenie) - Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark is one of the best minor league ballparks in the country. The ballpark has already celebrated 20 years, yet other ballparks have yet to make this OKC gem outdated. The ballpark has received numerous accolades over the years, and rightfully so, since the ballpark has single-handedly revitalized the Bricktown area.

(Paul Baker) - Polar Park has proven to be a divisive ballpark over its brief history. From the relocation of the iconic PawSox to the price tag for the new facility to the unique look and design of the ballpark, Polar Park seems to have created as many critics as fans. A closer look at the ballpark shows incredible attention to detail and connection to the community.

(Lloyd Brown) - AutoZone Park was the most expensive minor league facility when it opened in 2000. Nevertheless, it was money well spent; the Memphis Redbirds have drawn well since opening day at the turn of the century.

(Marc Viquez) - Huntington Park is a fantastic Triple-A venue that offers a lot to everyone who walks through its entrances. Tickets and parking are affordable, sections of the ballpark offer something for fans of all ages, and there are plenty of promotional nights to save fans a buck or two. All one has to do is sit back and enjoy the baseball game.

(Marc Viquez) - Las Vegas has one of the newest and most modern facilities in minor league baseball and one that befits the city it calls home. The spacious and open concourse offers enough baseball entertainment to rival any show or performance on the Las Vegas Strip.

(Marc Viquez) - A visitor can expect a great time at Louisville Slugger Field. The Bats provide affordable ticket pricing, amazing food selection, scenic views of the city, and a wealth of history inside the ballpark. It is a classic-looking baseball stadium situated near the heart of the city.

(James Hilchen) - Des Moines is an underrated city with a great downtown scene. The location of the ballpark is a perfect location for entertainment before and after the game. Inside the gates is a great place to sit back and watch a game while taking in some great views and a litany of good food and drink options.

(Eric Moreno) - Dell Diamond is my favorite minor league ballpark to visit. Everything in the ballpark is first class, from the food and drink selection to seating and unique amenities in the outfield lawn area.

Photo Courtesy of Scott Taggart, Google

(Dave Cottenie) - The old cliché, “There isn’t a bad seat in the house” definitely applies to Health Sutter Park. Opened in 2000, fan comfort and viewing ease were at the top of the priority list. The sightlines are great from any seat, and lawn seating allows for an inexpensive way to bring the whole family.

(Lloyd Brown) - During the most recent renovations at Cheney Stadium, it was decided to go from the original utilitarian design and make attending a game a unique experience. It all begins outside the stadium, where you will notice the truly Pacific Northwestern vibe of the facility.

(David Welch) - Jacksonville is hands down the sports capital of northern Florida and southeastern Georgia. It has a long history of success in handling major events, including the Super Bowl, and the Georgia-Florida game. The facility provides a very entertaining product, excellent concessions, and a myriad of seating options to meet all needs.

(Meg Minard) - Isotopes Park is an amazing venue to take in a ballgame. The view is spectacular, the team that presents the game day experience is the best around, and the prices are reasonable.

(Marc Viquez) - Fifth Third Field is a fine example of a Triple-A ballpark. The history of the club, the HensVille setting, and the atmosphere make it a great visit when in town or while on a ballpark trip. You would be remiss not to walk away with team gear from the store.

(Sean MacDonald) - I was very impressed with everything about this stadium. It is aesthetically pleasing makes good use of its downtown location, and has something for everyone. The major weakness here is price, which is a bit high for minor league ball, though again, you can find ways around it.

(Dave Cottenie) - Having enjoyed some Major League Baseball, the people of Buffalo have embraced the return of the Bisons, who have been a staple in Buffalo for a century. Baseball fans should head to Western New York to take in a Bisons game at Sahlen Field and consider it one of the excellent promotional events.

(Chris Green) - Smith’s Ballpark is beautiful, the fans are great, and the overall costs mirror those that fans have come to expect at a minor-league baseball stadium.

(Marc Viquez) - Constellation Field offers an alternative for baseball in the Houston area; it is a place where families can sit back and enjoy a night out without paying an arm and a leg. There is plenty of activity to keep the kids busy and numerous seating options to make it a decent night of baseball.

(James Hilchen) - Werner Park doesn’t get much credit when it comes to must-see ballparks. The Storm Chasers have done a great job providing quality time for the hardcore fans and those who want extra entertainment choices above and beyond the game.

(Joseph Oakes) - A ballpark that offers affordable pricing, excellent location, and downtown destinations is a great way to enjoy a baseball game during the summer months. Enjoy the horns of the boats on the nearby harbor while catching a game.

(Andrew Maurins) - A game at Greater Nevada Field represents a solid all-around value for what a ticket through the gate will get you. The minor quibbles with parking and concession lines are made up for with a high degree of interactive entertainment and a great selection of high-quality concessions.

(Michael Rusignuolo) - NBT Bank Ballpark has a great selection of food and drinks for baseball fans but doesn’t stand out in many other areas. It's a solid ballpark, and the parent club looks to make improvements.

(Gregory Koch) - The renovation PNC Field underwent in 2012 has done a lot of good. Architecturally, the stadium has seen massive improvements. The RailRiders seem to be leaning heavily on their affiliation with the Yankees rather than trying to attract fans by creating their own identity.

(Lloyd Brown) - Coolray Field is a well-designed, attractive place to watch minor league baseball. It is only 35 miles away from the parent club, Atlanta Braves.

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