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The Appy League is Cool for Coal Cats

The Huntington, W. Va., club in the Appalachian League announced its identity and branding today. They will be known as the Tri-State Coal Cats, paying homage to the area's coal mining industry. The primary and secondary logos were released, featuring the colors of Coal Black, Cool Grey, and Marshal Green.

According to the team website, the Coal Cats moniker is derived from the region’s rich and historic coal mines dating back to the 1800s. “Cats” helps create an alliterative wordplay that provides the new ballclub with a one-of-a-kind name that will soon be recognized nationwide.

Dylan Winters, a Marshal Athletics graphic designer, created the logos. He incorporated four distinct marks:

  • A cat’s head is made of a piece of coal.

  • A cat’s paw that contains the letters TSCC, an abbreviation for Tri-State Coal Cats. It is also formed from coal

  • A TS monogram that features a pickaxe blending into the S.

  • A roundel logo featuring the cat’s head team name and city. It includes green baseball stitching on the side.

The ball club will play at Marshall University’s Jack Cook Field in the 10-team Appalachian League. The summer collegiate league will have its first game at Huntington on June 4.


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