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Stadium Journey's 2024 Ranking of the NBA Arenas

The Dallas Mavericks taking on the Boston Celtics are set to do battle in the NBA Finals. Stadium Journey felt it was time to do what we do best - rank the arenas of the league.

The website utilizes the FANFARE rating scale, which considers a venue's Food, Atmosphere, Neighborhood, Fan support, Access, Return on investment, and a final Extras category to determine the rankings. A Stadium Journey Council of Elders is consulted to break the tie when two or more venues are tied.

We hope that this list provides some good-natured debate. After all, isn't that why we do these things? Feel free to share your opinions on Stadium Journey's social media pages.

Without further ado, we present Stadium Journey's rankings of all 30 National Basketball Association arenas for the 2023-24 season.

Brian O'Sullivan - Once again, “The World’s Most Famous Arena” finishes in the top spot. Seeing a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden is a must for any basketball or sports fan in New York City. Although it comes at a substantial monetary cost, the memories that come with the experience are truly magical and will last a lifetime.

Chris Green - Take an NBA team, plant it in a beautiful growing city, and build them a beautiful facility with modern touches that never seem to go out of style, and you have yourself Kia Center, home of the Orlando Magic. Chock-full of quality concessions, comfortable seating, great restaurants and bars nearby, and friendly patrons, you would be hard-pressed to find a venue as enjoyable and inviting for a game of professional basketball.

Dave Cottenie -Taking in a Toronto Raptors game is an event that fans will love.  The entertainment is top-notch, and the Scotiabank Arena is an excellent venue with a terrific location in one of the most dynamic, tourist-friendly cities. Basketball fans should not shy with the Raptors because of their relative youth as a franchise.  They are one of the best experiences around.

Pete Dowell - The fans make the experience at a Sixers game worth the price of admission. They love to band together and show the 76ers love just as much as they love to give the opposing team a hard time. Trust the Process and enjoy your time at Wells Fargo Center.

Lloyd Brown - Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse has been directed towards improving the fan experience, as the seating bowl and playing court remained the same throughout the latest changes. 

Lloyd Brown - The facility is one of the most unique arenas in the league, both architecturally and in its promotion of the local team’s brand. It embraces the Latin heritage found in the Miami area through its concessions program and the music played during lulls in the action.

Lloyd Brown - One of the premiere franchises in the NBA now has a home to match up with its elite status. The Chase Center boasts an unbeatable view of San Francisco Bay, cutting-edge technology, and a food and beverage menu featuring the best in the country.

Lloyd Brown - The Moda Center offers one of the most entertaining venues to watch a game. The fact that basketball is the primary professional sport in town, added to the raucous atmosphere of fans providing a great viewing experience.

Matt Finnegan - NBA games are high-energy, and Nuggets home games are no different.  The club's recent championship success has brought larger and louder crowds. Yet the costs of watching the Nuggets at Ball Arena do not require a complex financial transaction.

Lloyd Brown - A large venue can harm the environment through heavy car emissions, trash, and heavy use of carbon-producing gasses. Golden 1 Center is a winner in minimizing these harmful issues and should be a blueprint for future athletic facilities. Winning off the court can be just as important as winning on the court as far as our environment.

Paul Baker - The city of Boston may not be viewed as a basketball hotbed by many people. However, the combination of a team contending for the NBA Title, a rabid fanbase, an outstanding gameday atmosphere, unmatched history, and tradition makes 'The Gahden' one of the must-see venues in the league.

Marc Viquez - The arena no longer feels like a traditional basketball fieldhouse, but more of an entertainment venue that will appeal to different events.  Once in your seat, you will have a great NBA experience.

Eric Moreno - The Barn is still a special place to watch an NBA game. For the history alone, I think any sports fan should take in a Spurs game – the atmosphere is great, the arena still sparkles, and one day the Spurs will rise again.

Michael Davis - American Airlines Center is one of the finest sports venues in America and is in a great city. The arena is in immaculate condition, offers first-class amenities, and is among the best experiences in the NBA.

Lloyd Brown - Through stable ownership that always puts its fans first, the franchise has been one of the most successful on and off the court. The Utah Jazz are proof that a small-market team can thrive in the NBA.

Matt Colville -The Blender is slowly beginning to show its age and has received some recent flack for not being up to comparison with other NBA venues. It doesn't stand out amongst the city skyline.  But for everything the arena lacks, and in a city known for its partying, the gameday staff does an excellent job trying to make it an exciting and festive atmosphere.

Marc Viquez - The Fiserv Forum is an architectural beauty and offers everything a fan would want in an NBA area. The concourses are spacious, the food is varied, the views are open, and the service is top-notch. When you add the Deer District and Third Street as nearby destination options before the game, the Bucks fans have one hell of a place to enjoy their team. It is a beautiful place for a basketball game.

Editor - The Clippers have played their last game at the Arena that they have shared with the Lakers since 1999. It is scheduled to open the Intuit Dome in Inglewood next season, a state-of-the-art venue that we hope debuts on our list next year.

David Welch - Taking in a Hawks game at State Farm Arena is an overall fun experience. The organization puts a lot of effort into visiting one of the best in the NBA. From the player introductions to the in-game entertainment and variety of food and drinks at affordable prices, the experience is, without a doubt, high quality.

Lloyd Brown - A trip to the Footprint Center provides a much-improved fan experience for the Suns faithful. They can relax in the newly installed seats while keeping up with the game stats via the new video board and end zone displays. 

Dave Cottenie - Oklahoma City has proven that despite being in the smallest NBA market, they can play with the big boys and belong in the league.  A trip to see the Thunder is well worth the trip, and the city of Oklahoma City is an underrated destination city.

Marc Viquez - The United Center has enough of what you need for an enjoyable evening of professional basketball. The history of the Bulls is on display all over the building, the social areas are great for spending time away from the game, and there is always an energetic crowd to liven up the mood of the building.

Sean MacDonald -The Barclays Center has embraced a black and gray color scheme, which works well with the Nets, who use those as their primary colors. They have also embraced their Brooklyn home, and much of the game day presentation is used to strengthen the bond between the borough and the team. 

Dave Cottenie - Little Caesars Arena attempts to meld a modern arena with something from a different era.  The exterior of the Little Caesars Arena attempts to bring you back to the old Olympia Arena in Detroit, which the Pistons and Red Wings once shared.  A healthy mix of glass and brick, the exterior of the building is attractive.

David Welch - There are a variety of entertainment options to enjoy in downtown Charlotte. The Uptown area provides copious activities for fans before and after a Hornets game.

Lloyd Brown - The arena continues to serve as the premiere indoor sports facility in the Los Angeles area. Its mix of teams touches upon almost every demographic in a city. Its location across the street from the LA Live music, restaurant, and entertainment district makes it an attractive place for a night on the town.

When in Space City, checking out the Houston Rockets is a great way to help take in the entirety of the city.  The Toyota Center is a solid NBA venue; fans will have a good time at the game.

Lloyd Brown - The FedEx Forum does a great job of saluting the musical heritage of the city of Memphis and the great basketball teams of the city’s past. The concourses are very witty in working in musical references to some of the city’s blues legends while also featuring photos of some of the top basketball talent to pass through town.

Lloyd Brown - The recent renovations at the Target Center have vastly improved the fan experience for the Timberwolves faithful. New gathering areas, opening the building to more outside light, and the electronic package in the seating bowl area have been improved. 

Gregory Koch - Although the Wizards had high hopes when they moved downtown in 1997 into a shiny new arena, the experience has proven to be less than promised. Although a Wizards game is more affordable than others in the league, you ultimately get what you pay for. 

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