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Stadium Journey's High-A Ballpark Rankings 2023

Back in 2021, Major League Baseball decided to streamline and standardize its minor league systems. While these moves sent seismic shocks throughout baseball, at no level were the changes more drastic than in the A-level leagues. After three seasons with the present alignment, things have started to become more familiar and comfortable.

The 30 teams at the High-A level compete in three leagues, the Midwest, South Atlantic, and Northwest. There are many amazing parks at this level, so we at Stadium Journey decided to do what we do best, rank them all!

The ballparks are rated according to Stadium Journey's patented FANFARE scoring metric, which takes into account a ballpark's food and beverage options, gameday atmosphere, surrounding neighborhood, access, return on investment, and more. When two or more facilities are tied, a Stadium Journey Council of Elders is consulted to break the tie.

It's been a long season, so we won't waste any more time talking. Stadium Journey is proud to present our High-A ballpark rankings for the 2023 season.

Marc Viquez - Parkview Field is one of my favorite places in the minor leagues, and before its construction, I never looked forward to a visit to Ft. Wayne. It has opened my eyes, and many others, to the downtown area that has changed dramatically since the ballpark’s opening. Redevelopment is still taking place around the stadium, and it has also attracted a few other sports teams to town.

Brian Helberg - Nat Bailey Stadium offers a first-class experience for fans of all ages. It is an enjoyable and affordable way to spend an evening in Vancouver. The people who work at the stadium are very polite and helpful. The fun factor cannot be beaten, and wandering around the stadium gives spectators a sense of childlike joy.

James Hilchen - Anyone who is a baseball fan simply must come to Modern Woodmen Park. The views can’t be beat, the staff is super friendly, and the prices are very reasonable. Plan a trip to Modern Woodmen Park and enjoy!

Marc Viquez - Day Air Ballpark has been a mainstay in Dayton since the turn of the century; the enthusiasm by its fans has been clear since day one and as each home game is played, the Dragons establish a record of consecutive sellouts. The surrounding neighborhood is a hub of activity before and after the game, and downtown Dayton is once again full of life.

Marc Viquez - The transformation of Four Winds Field and Coveleski Stadium can be likened to a butterfly emerging from a cocoon or Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree. The design was ahead of its time and made it possible to make the necessary renovations.

Michael Rusigluono - From the green-conscious facility on up, the Dow Diamond is a great place to watch a game, and its park and amenities would be right at home in much higher categories of the minor leagues. You won’t go wrong seeing a game at the Dow Diamond, and you’ll do it for a reasonable price all-around.

Richard Smith - The actual playing surface at the stadium is named Judy Johnson Field. after the Negro League third baseman. Johnson played for the Hilldale Club, Homestead Grays, and Pittsburgh Crawfords from 1921 to 1936 and was considered one of the greatest third basemen of his time. He was a resident of the Wilmington area.

Paul Baker - North Carolina is a state that contains no shortage of minor league ballparks, some of which are undoubtedly among the best in the country. While Truist Stadium is not as new and shiny as some of the other ballparks in the state, it remains a fantastic place to take in a ballgame and should be on your to-do list should you find yourself in the Tar Heel State.

Meg Minard - There is tons of history at Avista Stadium. There is a wall of history for the Spokane Indian tribe who originally inhabited this area of the Pacific Northwest. There is the Rim of Honor that pays tribute to individuals who have influenced the Spokane Indians, as well as a Hall of Fame Plaza at the entryway that recognizes former Spokane Indians players, managers, and owners with plaques in their honor.

Paul Baker - While First National Bank Field doesn’t break the mold in terms of design, it’s a nice downtown ballpark with enthusiastic fans and a great atmosphere. In a state filled with some of the best minor league parks in the country, a trip to Greensboro is a worthy Stadium Journey.

James Hilchen - There is a certain charm that older ballparks tend to have. Asheville is no different. From the scenic beauty beyond the outfield fence to the uniqueness of the right field wall, there is a lot to like about attending a game at McCormick Field. I’ll certainly be back when I can.

Steve Ohnsmann - The major improvements to Jackson Field have improved the 22-year-old ballpark immensely. The facility has more seating angles, a wraparound concourse, an improved kids area, and has opened up the ballpark for possible further ideas. The Outfield apartment complex has added color and a focal point to the ballpark and gives the place a bit of a distinction.

Sean MacDonald - Overall, Fox Cities Stadium is an excellent minor league destination that has aged well since its opening in 1995. I enjoyed my time here, with the food and fans among the best that the minor leagues have to offer. Appleton is not on many tourist itineraries, but if you are a ballpark chaser, this is one that you should not miss.

David Welch - The passion Brooklyn has for baseball creates a fun and knowledgeable baseball community. Partnered with the work the Cyclones do in meshing fans with fun, and the carnival atmosphere from neighboring Luna Park midway and the Coney Island boardwalk, baseball at Maimonides Park is one of the true gems in minor league baseball.

Lloyd Brown - Fans visiting Fluor Field for the first time will be amazed at the amenities offered at this Class A level ballpark. The architecture, the large number of seating options, in-game entertainment, and a wide assortment of concession offerings are more typically found at AAA-level ballparks.

Matthew Collins - Bruce Springsteen once said, “Down the Shore Everything’s Alright,” and the same can be said about the experience at a Jersey Shore Blue Claws game. If you’re visiting the shore for a week, a day, or the summer, be sure to catch a game in Lakewood.

Marc Viquez - LMCU Ballpark is designed for a festive night of baseball. It has an assortment of food and drinks available, a passionate fan base, and plenty of areas to enjoy the game. Future renovations will transform the ballpark and make it an even better place to catch a game.

James Hilchen - Veterans Memorial Stadium isn’t anything fancy, but it provides everything you need to enjoy a fun baseball experience. If you are a ballpark fanatic, don’t sleep on this one.

Marc Viquez - A nice little ballpark outside the Cleveland metro area and close enough to attract fans from around the surrounding neighborhoods, The prices are affordable, the views are great, and there are plenty of activities for the kids. Classic Park is worth checking out when in the Cleveland area.

Eric Hasman – ABC Supply Stadium is constructed of brick and has an old-time feel from the outside. The stadium is adjacent to the Rock River on the third base side. Foul balls can go into the river and some kids will leave the stadium and go into the river to retrieve them. The stadium sits on Shirland Avenue on the border between Wisconsin and Illinois.

Marc Viquez - Bowling Green Ballpark is a very modern and comfortable place to watch Single-A baseball. The recent renovations to the stadium and the value for your dollar make it an affordable destination for fans in the area. It also makes for an ideal visit when in the area, or on your way to a couple of ballpark heavyweights in Louisville or Nashville.

Lloyd Brown - The Rome Braves are the longest-affiliated team in the Atlanta Braves farm system. The club is a launching point for many of the World Champion Atlanta Braves key players. AdventHealth Stadium has been the home of the Rome Braves since 2003, and it offers a fantastic fan experience in the lovely northwestern section of the state of Georgia.

Steven Burke - Dozer Park is still a very nice facility but is beginning to show its age slightly. Although to be fair, the visible issues may be more of a lack of maintenance and upkeep. The facade of the press box has countless amounts of dings and dents from foul balls, it appears no attempt has been made to repair or mask this damage.

Matt Finnigan - The Hops have created an environment that highlights everything that makes minor league baseball so enjoyable: inexpensive tickets and food, involved fans, and a beautiful stadium. The team’s thoughtful celebration of Oregon’s place as a craft beer mecca blends well with the action on the field, yet even non-beer drinkers will enjoy themselves. A game at Tonkin Field is well worth the “hop” from anywhere in Oregon.

Greg Venuto - Dutchess Stadium is a nice venue to take in a game and with the new improvement planned, it will be even more attractive next season. It is an hour’s drive from White Plains, only 40 minutes from Danbury, Connecticut, and 60 miles from Yankee Stadium.

Richard Smith - Ripken Stadium is a very nicely designed stadium. It was designed while looking at what went right and what went wrong in baseball design in the late 1990s. The result has often been that the stadium has felt a bit impersonal. But it is still a strong baseball facility.

Sean Rowland - While the most authentic experience at PK Park may be an Oregon Ducks baseball game, the Eugene Emeralds have done their best to set up shop at their relatively new home. With one of the best mascots in baseball and a terrific modern field, the Ems continue to produce a good experience for fans during the summer.

David Welch - The stadium architecture and the surrounding area are not all that awe-inspiring, but the game experience itself is well worth a trip to L.P. Fran Stadium. The atmosphere created by the fans and the work the game entertainment staff does with keeping younger fans part of the game partnered with the game on the field, create an all-around memorable baseball experience.

Matt Finnigan - With great views and reasonable costs, a game at Gesa Stadium enables fans to enjoy baseball in a unique setting that does not break anyone’s bank. The ballpark is clean, well-maintained, and well worth a visit.

Lloyd Rothwell - Several renovations over recent decades have updated both the playing surface and spectator facilities. There’s a charming manual scoreboard beyond right field, and a video board reportedly amongst the newest in the league in center field. The atmosphere is fun and family friendly, with a very active game-day host always willing to liven things up in between innings.

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