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Mitchell Field - Swift Current 57s

Photos by Jim Flannery, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.43

Mitchell Field

19 Ave N.E.

Swift Current, SK S9H 2Y3

Capacity: 550

Swift Current Baseball

Baseball has been part of the Swift Current sports landscape for more than a century. The 57s, previously known as the Indians, have been competing in the community going back to the 1950s, playing in the Southern Baseball League for several years before becoming a founding member of the Saskatchewan Major Baseball League in 1975. The SMBL eventually expanded into Alberta and rebranded itself as the Western Major Baseball League in 2001, now the Western Canadian Baseball League.

Swift Current has won the most championships in WCBL history, with six, the most recent coming in 2017. Going back to the SMBL and SBL days, they have another eight championship trophies. So this is a franchise with a history of winning.

Food & Beverage 3

Fairly typical options on the menu here. Burgers, hot dogs, and an assortment of candy are available at the main concession, next to the main entrance on the first base side of the diamond. The same menu is also available at the concession on the far end of the clubhouse, up the third baseline. Prices are reasonable, with a tasty double cheeseburger costing $10 and a can of Coke for $2.

There is also an adult beverage stand tucked into the bleachers between the first base stands and the home plate stands with a selection of beer and coolers. Again, the alcoholic options are available in the clubhouse concession on the third base side.

Atmosphere 3

Sitting at a small-town ballpark on a summer afternoon feels like what baseball is all about. Most of the fans in the stands know each other and you can hear them chatting about this and that between pitches. Or riding the umpire for questionable ball and strike calls. It’s comfortable and relaxed, just what a lazy weekend at the ballpark should be.

Views from around the park are good, especially in the main stands right behind home plate. Locations higher up and off to the left or right of home are also good and give the fan a decent view of the prairie farmland in the distance.

Seating down the third baseline, past the home dugout, is unobstructed, but the seats are pointed towards left field, not the middle of the diamond, so you’ll probably find yourself turning about 45 degrees to face the action.

The seats themselves, are molded plastic, quite comfortable, and spread well apart, giving everyone decent amounts of space, so you don’t feel jammed in together.

Neighbourhood 3

Mitchell Field is located on 19th Ave NE, right near the edge of town. The park is located in the residential neighbourhood just up the hill from the Innovation Credit Union iPlex, home of the Swift Current Broncos. To the south past the iPlex and the railroad tracks is industrial. To the east is essentially prairie farmland.

The bottom line is that the immediate area provides no pre- or post-entertainment or dining options.

Having said that you’re not too far away from anything in Speedy Creek (as Swift Current is sometimes known). Mitchell Field is only a couple kilometers south of the Trans-Canada Highway and along that highway, you’ll find the bulk of the commercial district for the city. Along the north and south service roads you’ll find all the typical franchise restaurants you might expect in a city, plus a couple of mom-and-pop places as well.

You can find Original Joe’s at 935 Central Ave. N. adjacent to the west end of South Service Road, with the local Boston Pizza (1601 North Service Rd. E) also close by. If you’re thinking about an ice cream cone after a hot day in the sun, try Dairy King, right across the street from Original Joe’s.

To the southwest of the diamond is the downtown core, with several other options, including Akropol, a Greek restaurant.

Fans 4

As noted above, the fans were not afraid to voice their opinions throughout the game, which was refreshing compared to some of the more sedate crowds around the league. Fans responding to the game, pitch-by-pitch, show that they are engaged and focused on the action on the diamond, not simply there to hang out with their pals.

Access 5

Access to the diamond is easy from just about anywhere. Situated a couple blocks from the east edge of town and a major artery, but only a few blocks west of downtown, Mitchell Field is only a few minutes away from anywhere in town. Parking along the neighbouring streets is free and plentiful.

Moving around inside the facility is also easy, with a wide concourse lane from the south entrance to the park and running between the dugouts along the backstop fence. The walking area continues behind the 57s dugout and up the third base line to the far reaches of the stands and the clubhouse concession.

Return on Investment 4

Pricing is quite reasonable at Mitchell Field, and right in line with other teams in the league. Adult tickets are $14, students are $7. Children under 12 are just $3 but are free if accompanied by an adult, so this is a very family-friendly venue. For the quality of the ball being played, this is a bargain.

Extras 2

The exterior of Mitchell Field’s grandstand is adorned with all 12 of the championship banners the team has earned over the years. A nice reminder of the team’s proud history as you walk up to the diamond.

Just to the third base side of the main grandstand is a pro shop, with all the team ball caps, shirts, and bunnyhugs (that’s the Saskatchewan word for a hoodie) you might want.

Final Thoughts

Mitchell Field is a lovely place to take in a ball game. Nice atmosphere, comfortable, and welcoming, this is a park well worth visiting on your travels.

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