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Crenshaw Gym – Randolph-Macon Yellow Jackets

Photos by Gregory Koch, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.57

Crenshaw Gym 2204 Henry St Ashland, VA 23005

Year Opened: 1964

Capacity: 1,310


The Buzz Around Randolph-Macon

The campus of Randolph-Macon College is located in Ashland, Virginia, about 20 miles north of Richmond. RMC's athletic programs, known as the Yellow Jackets, compete at the Division III level in the Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC). Randolph Macon's basketball team is one of its most successful programs, having won the Division III National Championship in 2022.

The basketball team makes its home in Crenshaw Gym, which originally opened in 1964. The venue seats approximately 1,300 fans and is also home to the volleyball programs.

Food & Beverage 1

There is one concession stand in the atrium of Crenshaw Gym that opens half an hour before tip-off. A very basic menu consists of chips, candy, bottled soda, and water. While limited, the options are affordable, with everything costing $2.

Atmosphere 5

Although Crenshaw Gym is a Division III venue, the experience here is on par with many Division I arenas. Before the game, a drummer will beat a large drum faster and faster as the crowd claps along and gets hyped. The team's mascot, a costumed yellow jacket, also loves to get the crowd into it. Cheerleaders and a dance team perform on the court during breaks in the action.

Crenshaw Gym is a small, intimate gym, with seats on both sides of the court. One side consists of chairbacks and the other of bleachers. Arrive early if you want a chairback, as the arena does fill up. Regardless of where you sit, you will be up close to the action, with fans all around you raising the energy in the building.

There is a small atrium just inside the doors of Crenshaw, featuring a merchandise table, a concession stand, and a table selling tickets to those who were unable to use the app to purchase them. The atrium is festooned with the Randolph-Macon logo, reminding you that this is the home of the Yellow Jackets. From there, you can walk through a set of doors to the gymnasium itself and take your seat.

Neighborhood 3

Randolph-Macon College is located in Ashland, about 20 miles north of Richmond. Downtown Ashland includes many options, including the Iron Horse Restaurant, The Caboose Market & Cafe, and Trackside Grill. There are hotels available as well, for visitors who are staying overnight. Richmond is a relatively short drive away and offers many more options than would be available here.

Fans 5

Although Crenshaw Gym only seats about 1,300, Randolph-Macon fills it to near capacity for most games. The fans are loud and passionate about the Yellow Jackets. Many of them have some connection to the team, whether that is a parent of a student-athlete, a student, or an alumnus. Some of them have been coming to games here for many years. Randolph-Macon may be a Division III school, but the fans here are comparable to many at the Division I level. This is a boisterous crowd, and Crenshaw Gym can get extremely loud at times.

Access 2

The Randolph-Macon campus is a few miles off Interstate 95. Once you are on campus, you can park in any lot you want, but lots closer to the arena may already be full when you get here. This will especially be true if there is some other event at the college earlier in the day and fans have arrived and parked for that. At a minimum, you should be able to park in a large lot across Center Street and the railroad tracks from the main campus, about a five-minute walk from Crenshaw. Just watch for oncoming trains, as you will need to cross the railroad tracks at grade.

There are also no clear signs directing you to Crenshaw, so we suggest using Google Maps or a similar app on your phone to ascertain the specific location and the right way to walk. Restrooms are located off the gymnasium floor and are small, so there may be a wait to use them.

One good thing about access is that the Ashland Amtrak station is located less than a 10-minute walk from Crenshaw Gym, with access up and down the Northeast Corridor. This may not help most people, but for some, it will be extremely convenient.

Return on Investment 5

Tickets to Randolph-Macon home games are just $10 each, available in advance through the Ticket Spicket app. This is on the high end for Division III, but won't break the bank. When you consider that the environment here at Randolph-Macon is one of the best in Division III, it is certainly a good deal.

Extras 4

Free programs and a merchandise table are located in the atrium and are each worth an extra star.

Look for the banners in Crenshaw Gym honoring Randolph-Macon basketball achievements, including the 2022 national championship.

The pregame tradition with the drum beating faster and faster to get the crowd pumped up is worthy of an extra star as well, and not something you often see at this level.

Final Thoughts

Don't let the fact that Randolph-Macon is a Division III college fool you. A basketball game at Crenshaw Gym is as good an experience as many Division I schools. With an energetic, packed crowd, and one of the best teams in the nation taking the court, a visit to RMC to check out some college hoops is well worth it to any fan in the area.


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