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Brant Sports Complex - Paris Titans

Photos by Dave Cottenie, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.14

Don Gurney Memorial Rink @ Brant Sports Complex

944 Powerline Road

Paris, ON N3L 0B2

Year Opened: 2010

Capacity: 700

From Mounties to Titans

Located a stone’s throw from Brantford, Paris, Ontario is a town of 14,000 not unique to Junior C hockey.  Paris has been the home to former NHL coach John Muckler, skier Todd Brooker, hockey legend Syl Apps and Canada’s most famous hockey dad, Walter Gretzky.  The Paris Mounties were founded in 1985 and had a relatively successful run in the various iterations of the confusing landscape that was Junior C hockey.  The Mounties won their league in both 1996 and 2014 and took home the Schmalz Cup as the best Junior C team in the province in 1996.  The Mounties were sold in 2023 to Jon Clark and rebranded as the Paris Titans for the 2023-2024 season.

Home for the Titans is at the Brant Sports Complex, located on the edge of town.  Built in 2010, the Brant Sports Complex became the home for the Mounties as they abandoned the Syl Apps Community Centre, which is now an indoor field.   The Brant Sports Complex features two ice rinks and the Don Gurney Memorial Rink is the main ice rink and home to the Titans.  Don Gurney was a local sportsman and is now memorialized in Paris.

Food & Beverage 3

Between the two rinks at the Brant Sports Complex, fans will find the concession stand.  Typical arena offerings are found including hot dogs, burgers, fries, chicken fingers, poutine, popcorn, pretzels and candy.  Coca-cola products are the soft drink available as well as coffee, tea and Powerade.  At the north end of the ice surface of the Don Gurney Memorial Rink is the Lafarge Hall which has windows looking out above the ice.  The Paris Titans Social Club is found here and alcoholic beverages are sold in the hall.  Only the hall is licensed and beverages must be consumed inside.

Atmosphere 3

The exterior of the Brant Sports Complex is attractive with a low profile from the west.  It is built on a hill so the east entrance provides a grander scale entrance.  The exterior features silver siding with glass and a large “Brant” etched into the siding which can be seen from Powerline Road.  The sign at the west entrance is illuminated a sharp and distinct green.   Entering from the west is the best way to avoid having to traverse stairs, as the east entrance is at ice level, while the west is at seating level.  The two tier lobby is clean and bright.  The lower level entry to the ice pad is marked the Don Gurney Memorial Rink and there are large banners covering the glass during Titans games.  Brant County sports history is displayed on both the upper and lower lobby levels.  The upper level features the Brant Sports Hall of Fame while the lower level features the Wall of Recognition.  It is unclear what the difference really is between the two, however the Wall of Recognition will give treasure hunting fans a couple of nuggets with Syl Apps and John Muckler enshrined.  Outside of the Don Gurney Rink there are also framed jerseys of locals Zac Dalpe who played with the Carolina Hurricanes, and referee Steve Cruikshank.

The ticket table is at the upper lobby as well as a merchandise table and a promotions and 50/50 table.  Entry to the seating area is past the concession stand and is right between the two ice pads.  The Don Gurney Rink has five rows of plastic arena seats with plenty of standing room behind.  The seating area is significantly higher than the ice surface, with the lowest row of seating actually higher than the glass.  The ice is oriented north-south and the seating is on the west side, protected entirely by netting.  The north end features Lafarge Hall, which hosts the Paris Titans Social Club, where fans can purchase and consume alcoholic beverages and watch the game from the windowed end.  The south end has a large Paris Titans banner and in the first year of the team, the centre ice logo remains the old Paris Mounties logo.  On the east side hang a variety of youth sports banners as well as the Syl Apps banner which came from Scotiabank Arena in Toronto.  Zac Dalpe also has a 2023 Florida Panthers Stanley Cup Finalist banner.  Paris Mounties achievements are also found on the east side including 1996 and 2014 Championships and the 1996 Junior C Championship. 

The gameday production at a Paris Titans game is what one would expect from a Junior C hockey experience.  It is fairly simple and promotions include 50/50 and chuck-a-puck.  In an unfortunate circumstance, fans who purchase chuck-a-puck are required to walk to the east side, where the benches are, to throw their pucks on the ice at intermission.  The PA system is very good in the Don Gurney Memorial Rink.

Neighbourhood 3

Paris is a small town of under 15,000 in Brant County.  It has been referred to as “The Prettiest Little Town in Canada.”  For a town the size of Paris, it is surprisingly a bit of a Foodie paradise.  There are plenty of spots to try for a pre or post game meal, including Grand Gayou, Paris Pub, Legends Taphouse, Stillwaters, Cobblestone and 2 Rivers.  The Brant Sports Complex is on the edge of town and there is nothing really in the immediate area so a quick trip in the car is necessary. 

For fans looking for more sporting options, the city of Brantford is just minutes away.  From the Brant Sports Complex, the Brantford Civic Centre, home of the Brantford Bulldogs, is less than 15 minutes away.  The Brantford 99ers play in the OJHL and the summer months finds the Brantford Red Sox taking up residence.  Auto Racing can be found at the Paris Speedway.  For other tourist options, fans should walk through Downtown Paris or check out the Paris Museum.  For fans wishing to stay in Paris, the Arlington Hotel is an option.

Fans 2

The Paris Titans averaged between 130 and 260 fans per game.  It appears that Paris is in the bottom third in attendance in the PJHL, so there is plenty of room for improvement.  Fans in attendance are typical Southern Ontario fans, as in fairly quiet who get loud when something big happens.


Access 4

Brant Sports Complex is located at the southern tip of Paris, very close to Brantford.  Getting to the Brant Sports Complex is very easy.  It is very close to the confluence of Highways 24 and 403.  If coming from the north, then fans will have to drive through town, but that should not hinder travel very much.  There is plenty of free parking on site.  Unfortunately, there is not public transit in Paris, so fans will be required to drive or take a form of rideshare to the game.

Getting around the Brant Sports Complex is easy.  There is a rather large staircase that joins the lower and upper lobbies, but an elevator is available for those with mobility issues and it is probably not necessary to go to the lower lobby if fans are just in and out for the game.  The washrooms are adequate for the size of the facility and crowd.

Return on Investment 5

In an era of rising costs for sports experiences, the PJHL remains a bargain.  Tickets for the Paris Titans go for $10.  Concession prices are what one would expect at an arena in the PJHL and there is plenty of free parking on site.  The product on the ice is good and the gameday production, although simple, fits the ambience and the league.  All of these factors go together to produce an experience that provides terrific value for the sporting dollar.

Extras 2

An extra mark for the Paris Titans continuing the tradition of Junior C hockey in Paris that was driven by the Paris Mounties.

An extra mark for the Titans keeping the same colours as the Mounties.

Final Thoughts

With the birth of the Paris Titans from the tradition of the Paris Mounties, Junior C hockey in Paris continues to provide a solid experience for hockey fans. Catching a Paris Titans game will satisfy sports fans and bring them to a quaint town with plenty of possibilities.  A worthwhile experience for sure.

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