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Ting Stadium – Holly Springs Salamanders

Photos by Gregory Koch, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.86

Ting Stadium 1151 N Main Street Holly Springs, NC 27540

Year Opened: 2015

Capacity: 1,800


Salamanders Find A Perfect Home in The Springs

With teams in Virginia, the Carolinas, and Georgia, the Coastal Plain League is one of the most well-known summer collegiate baseball leagues. One team in the CPL is the Holly Springs Salamanders, located in Holly Springs, North Carolina, in between Raleigh and Durham. The Salamanders joined the league in 2015 and play their home games in Ting Stadium, an 1,800-seat ballpark. Unlike many venues in this league which are former minor league venues, Ting Stadium was built specifically for the Salamanders when they arrived in 2015.

Ting Stadium is located in the similarly named Ting Park, which also includes tennis courts and soccer fields, among other amenities.

Food & Beverage 3

There is one main concession stand at Ting Stadium as well as several smaller stands. Meal options at the main stand include chicken tenders ($6), cheeseburgers ($6.50), bratwurst ($5.50), hot dogs ($3.50), and nachos ($6). Fries, popcorn, pretzels, peanuts, cracker jacks, and chips are also available for a few dollars, and water, soft drinks, and Gatorade range in price from $3.50 to $5.50.

There are also several other stands throughout the concourse, including one selling beer for between $6 and $13 depending on what you get, and another which sells freshly made smoothies.

The lines at the main stand can get quite long during the game, so we recommend getting your food early on to avoid a lengthy wait. Fans who purchase the all-you-can-eat option (more on that later) can get their food at a separate table by showing their wristbands.

Overall, the concession stands at Ting Stadium is somewhat average, although there are some additional options for fans looking for something unique.

Note that at the time of our visit, concession stands were only accepting credit cards. Cash was not accepted. It is unclear if this will be a permanent change or just for the 2021 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but come prepared just in case.

Atmosphere 5

Ting Stadium is a beautiful, small, intimate stadium. With 1,800 chairback seats, there is not a bad seat in the house. The seats located behind home plate are under cover, with seats further down the line that are not. Keep that in mind if you visit on a hot summer night. There is an open concourse above the seating bowl where fans come in and a large scoreboard is located in left-center field. The scoreboard is pretty impressive for this level, showing player stats and information as well as information on between innings contests.

The Salamanders have a mascot named Sal, who rather unsurprisingly is a salamander. Sal can be found on the field and in the stands throughout the game, interacting with fans. Sometimes he will bring his mascot friends from other teams and businesses in the area to the game but on many nights, it’s just Sal.

Sal the Salamander, Photo by Gregory Koch, Stadium Journey

The team also keeps fans engaged between innings with on-field contests, t-shirt tosses, and so on. This tends to keep the fans involved throughout the game. Between the action on the field and everything else going on, the Salamanders really put on a good show at a very nice stadium.

Neighborhood 3

Ting Stadium is located within a local park, so fans with small kids may want to take advantage of the playground or other amenities there. Beyond that, across Route 58 are several businesses, including Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers, a popular regional chain, and Mi Cancun, a popular Mexican restaurant. While Holly Springs doesn’t have the excitement of the nearby cities of Raleigh and Durham, you’re hardly in the middle of nowhere here either. My Way Tavern is also a short drive down Main Street (Route 55), as is the Bombshell Beer Company, a local brewery. Fans need not head into Raleigh or Durham to find things to do, although they will likely find more options there should they choose to make the short trip.

Fans 5

Salamanders fans pack Ting Stadium night in and night out to cheer on their team. Although the Salamanders are still a relatively new franchise, they have built up a large and passionate fan base. Most of the fans in attendance stayed until the end of the game even as the score turned into a blowout, continuing to support their team to the very end. Given the vicinity of many of the teams in the CPL, you will often find some fans of the visiting team as well. These fans should not encounter any problems with the home fans but should expect to be in the small minority given how many Holly Springs fans turn up.

The fans include people of all ages. While there are no real “long-time” fans due to the team being only six years old, it feels like many of these fans have been around the team a while. If they can build this kind of fan base in only a few years, it will be all the more impressive once they have been around for longer.

Access 3

Ting Stadium is located a short drive from several major roads. U.S. Route 64, U.S. Route 1, and North Carolina Route 540 (Triangle Expressway, a toll road) all provide easy access to the ballpark. Once you arrive, parking is free in a large lot by the stadium. However, once you park, it is not entirely clear how to get into the stadium. Fans will need to walk alongside the stadium down the left field line in between the ballpark and the soccer fields to get to the stadium, but there are no signs indicating this is the way to the entrance. Fans just have to either know how to get there or figure it out on their own.

Once in the stadium, it is easy enough to get around. The concourse is wide and the restrooms are large. The restrooms are located in an indoor alcove where fans can wait for their spouses/kids/friends while they use the restroom if necessary.

Return on Investment 5

Tickets are $9 in uncovered sections or $10 in covered sections if you want to sit in the shade. Given how hot it can get here during the summer, we recommend spending the extra dollar to sit under cover. For just $10 extra, fans can add on an all-you-can-eat option, which gets them unlimited burgers, hot dogs, soft drinks, and more through the middle of the eighth inning. This can further increase the value depending on how much you plan on eating at the game. If you get a burger, a soda, and a bottle of water, the all-you-can-eat will have paid for itself. Standalone tickets are a great value as well if you don’t plan on eating much.

For an environment that can rival many minor league parks, in a small, intimate stadium, a trip to a Salamanders game is a great value, whether for the seasoned baseball traveler, a couple, a group of friends, or a whole family.

Extras 3

There is a team store on the concourse which sells Salamanders gear.

A second star for the many unique vantage points throughout the stadium including a walkway in right field and a picnic area down the line as well.

A third and final star for all the friendly and helpful staff here.

Final Thoughts

Experiences at collegiate summer games vary wildly depending on what league it is, and even within leagues. That being said, Ting Stadium is one of the nicest stadiums in one of the top collegiate summer leagues in the country. While this part of North Carolina has so many baseball options to offer, a Salamanders game is still well worth checking out. The experience here can rival or exceed that of many minor league parks in the area, at very affordable prices. Fans visiting the area should be sure to make time to check out a Salamanders game while they are here.

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