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  • Dan Colacicco

The Stadium Journey Podcast Overtime - What's Next For Women's Hockey?

There's been some big news in professional women's hockey recently, as the Premier Hockey Federation was bought out by a group associated with the Professional Women's Hockey Players Association. The PWHPA group announced the immediate dissolution of the PHF and plans to begin a new professional women's hockey league for January of 2024.

Stadium Journey's Kelly Levy, Dan Colacicco and Paul Baker are joined by Melissa Burgess of the Victory Press and Ryan Burgess of the Buffalo Beauts to discuss what happened, why it happened and what to expect next.

Audio versions of the Stadium Journey podcast can be found by searching HIAC Talk Radio wherever you look for your favorite podcasts. Video simulcasts of all the Stadium Journey podcasts can be found on Stadium Journey's YouTube page. Join us live as we record every other Tuesday night at 7PM eastern at

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