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Stony Brook Field - Brewster Whitecaps

Photos by Paul Baker, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.29

Stony Brook Field

384 Underpass Rd

Brewster, MA 02631

Year Opened: 2006

Capacity: 4,000

Whitecaps on the Cape

The Brewster Whitecaps are one of two expansion teams that joined the Cape Cod Baseball League in 1988. They originally played their home games at a field located at Cape Cod Regional Technical High School. There was one problem with this field-it was located in neighboring Harwich, not Brewster. The solution-build a field within town limits. The town of Brewster chose a site adjacent to the Stony Brook Elementary School, one of two elementary schools in the town, which serves students from kindergarten through second grade.

The Whitecaps have won two championships during their time in the Cape League (2000, 2017). Famous Whitecaps alumni to play in the major leagues include Sean Casey, Chase Utley, Ryan Braun and Aaron Judge.

Food & Beverage 3

Nauset Dining Services operates a concession stand at the top of the hill overlooking Stony Brook Field. For a small stand, there is a good variety of food available. In addition to the standard hot dogs and hamburgers, ballpark staples such as sausage and pepper sandwiches, pizza slices and nachos are sold. Items that you may not expect at a small stand, including veggie burgers and corn dogs, dot the menu. An impressive amount of candy, ice cream treats and gourmet popcorn round out the offerings.

Thirsty Whitecap fans can select from cans of Coca-Cola products or bottles of Dunkin’ Donuts Iced Coffee. Alcohol is not sold at Stony Brook Field.

For something different, try “The Closer,” a grilled donut stuffed with French vanilla ice cream and rolled in chocolate sprinkles.

Atmosphere 3

The Cape league is well known for its old-timey, traditional game day experience. Even by Cape League standards, a game in Brewster is decidedly laid back.

As is the case at all Cape Cod League ballparks, there is little going on at a Whitecaps game to distract from the action on the field. Much of the noise and distraction present at most minor league ballparks just isn’t found here. The PA is limited to upcoming batters, pitching changes and sponsor announcements. The Cape Cod League is a baseball purists’ dream.

Stony Brook Field has a playground behind it, which makes perfect sense considering this is an elementary school. It gives kids who may be getting bored with the game somewhere to blow off steam. As with most Cape League games, a large part of the younger crowd spends their time chasing foul balls. If one lands near you, watch out for the oncoming horde.

Neighborhood 3

Stony Brook Field is located next to the elementary school that shares its name. Within a mile is Route 6A, also known as Main Street. Along this road are several excellent clam shacks mixed in among some bed and breakfasts, antique shops and art galleries.

Brewster is a small town with a population of under 10,000 year round residents known for its beaches, golf resorts and spas. During the summer the town’s population swells to about 20,000. The first water-powered grist and wool mill in the country was built here (on Stony Brook) in the late 17th century. Brewster is a laid back, quiet place to be, even in the summer.

Fans 3

Brewster usually ranks in the middle of the pack among Cape Cod League games in terms of attendance, averaging in the range of 1,100 fans per game. Crowds are much smaller in June than during the peak tourist months of July and August, so if you are looking to avoid the large crowds, come early in the season.

Fans at Whitecaps games mirror those elsewhere in the league with a mix of locals, families, and tourists. Fans who come to the games generally have some sort of connection with the team, as house parents, boosters, or volunteers, so they are very knowledgeable and passionate about the action taking place on the field. It makes for a very enjoyable atmosphere.

Access 4

Stony Brook Field is located adjacent to the elementary school that shares its name. The school is close to route 6A, the main drag in Brewster. If coming to Brewster from off the Cape, you will follow route 6 to route 137, and follow to Underpass Road (or “Underpants Road,” as the Stony Brook students call it). The CERTA flex bus route travels up route 137, but it is a long walk to the ballpark. Driving is the preferred and most effective method for getting to Stony Brook Field. There is ample parking at Stony Brook School. Even though some spots are a decent walk away, the helpful Whitecaps staff will shuttle you from your car to the field.

Stony Brook Field has a variety of seating areas. There are several sets of metal bleachers located on either baseline. If you are sitting in the infield, be prepared to look through fencing or netting. Beyond the dugouts are more bleachers down the left field line, as well as an area with benches and picnic tables down the right field line. The best thing about these seats is that the fencing does not extend all the way down the foul lines. If you choose to sit further down either foul line, you can sit right on the edge of the playing field and enjoy a totally unobstructed view. Many fans choose to bring their own lawn chairs to the games and sit on the hills located on either baseline. These seats offer a great view of the action, and some much-needed shade on a hot summer day.

There are bathrooms located in the elementary school located atop the hill on the first base side.

Return on Investment 5

As is the case with all Cape Cod League ballparks, there is no charge for admission at a Whitecaps game. The team asks for a “suggested donation” of three dollars in exchange for a program and roster. Parking is also free.

Fans are able to bring in their own refreshments, making it possible to watch the highest level of collegiate baseball in the country without spending a single cent. If you choose to purchase food at the game, the prices are very affordable.

Extras 2

The Brewster Whitecaps do not offer a whole lot of bells and whistles in their game day presentation. As is the case throughout the Cape League, the game is the focus here. The free program is a plus, as is the extensive 50/50 raffle which offers many prizes from sponsors in addition to the opportunity to take home half the money raised.

Visiting Whitecaps alumni and families who travel to the Cape are recognized throughout the game, a nice touch that adds to the small-town, family atmosphere here at Brewster.

Final Thoughts

The Cape Cod League is considered by many to be the top collegiate summer league in the country. 307 Cape League alumni played in the major leagues in 2017, meaning one out of every six players in the bigs today played in this league. While the ballparks may not compare to the newer facilities that dot the landscape today, the atmosphere on the Cape is a wonderful experience reminiscent of the way things used to be. All the teams on the Cape are located within an hour of each other, making the Cape a ballpark chaser’s nirvana. Add into the mix that historic Fenway Park is located less than a 90 minutes drive from the most easterly team, and the potential is there for an epic road trip.

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