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Stadium Journey Major League Soccer Stadium Ranking

For the third time, Stadium Journey presents its rankings of the stadium experience for the 28 clubs in Major League Soccer. There are several categories in the ground reviews: food & beverage in the arena, atmosphere, the local neighborhood, fans, access (including parking, restrooms, and ability to move around on the grounds), overall return on investment, and a catchall category for all extras. We use the rating of our correspondents as our primary ranking, with the crowd reviews of our members as the secondary factor. In cases where there is still a tie, we have an internal discussion to determine which arena experience might be slightly better. Click on the stadium or team name to read each stadium review. As with any list of stadium rankings, there will be some disagreements and a few headscratchers. You are more than willing to let us know what you think in the comment section, and perhaps we could see a change next year, but until then, here is the 2023 Stadium Journey MLS Stadium Ranking.

Chris Green - Orlando City SC is what soccer in the United States is trying to become, and it is a wonderful sight to see. The club has found the perfect formula for fan involvement, stadium location, and overall atmosphere to capitalize on the moment. Attending a game at Orlando City Stadium is less of an afternoon at a sporting event and more of a life experience.

Timbers games are what make the MLS shine. The Timbers have made their home one that is inviting for fans and electricians to experience. It is the model experience for soccer in the country, and anyone who visits will tell you it is on par with some of the best stadiums overseas.

Dennis Morrell - Just as remarkable is the renovation work, which helps to infuse natural light into the building. It is best to enjoy a Whitecaps match during afternoon matches. Even when the roof is closed, the space between the top of the upper deck and the permanent roof has been changed from the building’s original brown glass to clear glazing with a subtle blue tint.

Lloyd Brown - Mercedes-Benz Stadium is a one-of-a-kind facility that utilizes innovative technology, a fan-friendly food, and beverage program, and a quality team in Atlanta United to provide an excellent gameday experience for soccer fans. The stadium’s location in the downtown area offers several restaurants and attractions near the venue for the pre and post-game enjoyment of the fans.

Marc Viquez - The Columbus Crew has a fine-looking soccer facility that provides fantastic views of the pitch, quality food, a boisterous atmosphere, and a passionate fanbase. The neighborhood around the facility will blossom in the coming years, making it quite the experience for hometown fans and first-time visitors.

Stadium Journey - Charlotte FC debuted in 2022 to one of the largest crowds to attend a club soccer game in the United States The club finished second in the MLS in average attendance at 35,260. The club hopes to see those numbers again in 2023 and beyond.

Richard Smith - A trip to Red Bull Arena for the New York Red Bulls is a great way for a sports fan to see high-level teams at a decent value. The covered all-seater grandstand created a look for the rest of the league to follow soon after.

Dave Cottenie - Toronto FC is one of the top experiences in Major League Soccer. They are consistently among the best-supported squads, and MLSE is continuing to make improvements on the pitch. Getting out to see a TFC game is a great way to enjoy summer in one of the best tourist cities in North America.

Lloyd Brown - There are very few sports venues in the MLS that match the pageantry and energy level created at Seattle Sounders FC games. The name of the stadium may change, but the fan experience remains the same. You might say it is il-lumen-rating.

Eric Moreno - Despite the often-oppressive heat, the game experience at Toyota Stadium is truly something special. For MLS fans, soccer fans, or even novices looking to dip their toes into the hullabaloo that is the “beautiful game,” the opportunity to attend an FC Dallas game at Toyota Stadium should not be passed up. You will enjoy yourself.

Andrei Ojeda - Though not one of the more popular teams in Los Angeles, a trip to an L.A. Galaxy game should still be on one’s list. The passion and enthusiasm displayed by the fans throughout the game are one of the main highlights of attending a Galaxy game. Like many who are slowly grasping Major League Soccer, you will get a true feel of the soccer subculture that is steadily growing in Southern California.

James Hitchen - This stadium was the author’s first foray into MLS soccer. While I didn’t expect much, I came away knowing I will return to future MLS games. Allianz Field is a great venue to watch a game. It’s very comfortable, easy to get around, and well worth a visit.

Lloyd Brown - Soldier Field’s lakeside location and parklike surroundings are a favorite for fans from throughout the Chicagoland area. The future of this iconic stadium is in doubt, as a new stadium to house both the Fire and the Chicago Bears has been proposed for the Arlington area.

Marc Viquez - A lot has changed since I lived in Cincinnati and worked for a professional soccer team in the USL. That was in 2003, and I never fathomed that within 20 years, the city would have an MLS club and a 26,000-seat venue for soccer. Cincinnati loves soccer and supports its club through the good times and bad times. It is one of the better experiences in the league and a must to visit when in town.

Gregory Koch - DC United fans had been waiting a long time for a true soccer stadium by the time Audi Field opened in 2018. The soccer-specific venue is vastly superior to its former grounds. A trip to Audi Field is a great experience for any soccer fans in the D.C. area, and it's nice to see the club finally play in a stadium worthy of such a team.

Eric Moreno - I’ve been to quite a few soccer matches over the years, but I’ve never been to any that matched the level of excitement that I witnessed at Q2 Stadium. Austin FC has built a great fan base, so far. It is truly an unexpected experience for me and something I can only compare to as akin to a big-time college football atmosphere. If you’re a sports fan, this is one you should add to your sports bucket list.

Eric Moreno - The LAFC fan base is a good variety of soccer diehards, as well as newcomers to the sport. The 3252s have played a huge role as well in making all fans feel welcomed. Their success on the field, along with the excitement of the franchise playing close to the heart of Los Angeles, can only help expand an already rabid fan base.

Meg Minard - Witnessing a match at PayPal Park is certainly unique. The seat pattern coloring, the Epi-Center Fan Zone and food trucks, the exceptional staff, easy access, and the intimate setting all help make attending a match here an enjoyable evening out.

Stadium Journey - Whether you’re a fair-weather fan or a die-hard soccer supporter, Stade Saputo has activities and attractions above and beyond a typical soccer stadium. This review was written in the second year of the stadium’s five-year plan to improve the fan experience. It’s intriguing to know what further enhancements will be made when witnessing a match at Stade Saputo is already top tier.

Lloyd Brown - The addition of Geodis Park to the Nashville sports scene is yet another reason to visit the Music City for your next getaway trip. The new stadium is well-designed, and its cozy seating puts you right on top of the action. During breaks in the action, you can sample foods from some of Nashville’s top restaurants or listen to some of country music’s rising stars. Geodis Park certainly hits a high note.

Richard Smith - Subaru Park is a well-designed soccer stadium located in a beautiful setting along the Delaware River. The only bad thing is that the neighboring areas of the city of Chester are not as idyllic as the setting.

Matt Finnigan - A Colorado Rapids match serves as a microcosm of that success and illustrates the importance of a spirited, robust fan base. Quality food and drink options, exciting play, and a beautiful pitch combine to make a match at DSG Park a first-rate spectator experience.

Connor Comeau - America First Field is one of the best family-friendly stadiums in MLS, and the organization does a very good job keeping it that way. There are plenty of things to do before and during the game, and the fan base is as passionate as they come. This is a stadium you need to have in mind the next time you’re in Utah.

Alex Mailes - Children’s Mercy Park earns its reputation as a top MLS organization. They offer plenty of unique concession options at average prices and provide a gameday experience that is a cut above most other American soccer teams. Children’s Mercy Park stands as one of the best and it is certainly worth a visit for any soccer fan.

Eric Moreno - PNC Stadium is a beautiful venue for soccer. The sight lines are perfect, the energy is palpable, and the food and drink selections are top-notch. Houston is one of the great cities in the United States and offers a tremendous opportunity for visitors to take in the sights and flavors.

Lloyd Brown - Even though DRV PNK Stadium is an “interim” stadium as far as the MLS team, we felt that it surpassed many of the permanent stadium experiences we have had in the league. Once we learned the reasoning behind the shocking pink color scheme, we salute the team and Auto Nation for promoting a noble cause in this fashion.

Paul Baker - While being the little brother sharing a facility with a National Football League team is a less-than-ideal situation, Gillette Stadium provides the Revolution with a world-class home. Still, the calls for a new soccer-specific stadium continue in New England.

Stadium Journey - New York City FC calls Yankee Stadium home, a ballpark that creates less-than-ideal field conditions for players. The team announced a new soccer-specific venue next to Citi Field that will end the saga of playing second fiddle to the New York Yankees in the Bronx.

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