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Jack Spinks-Marino Casem Stadium – Alcorn State Braves

Photos by Justin Sutton, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 2.43

Jack Spinks-Marino Casem Stadium 1000 Alcorn Ave Lorman, MS 39097

Year Opened: 1992

Capacity: 22,500


The Home of Alcorn State Football

Located in one of the oldest parts of the Magnolia State, Alcorn State University sits in relative isolation when compared to many of the Division I universities around the country. However, when on campus, one will not feel that isolation, because Spinks-Casem Stadium, the home of the Alcorn State Braves, sits in the middle of the campus.

Food & Beverage 2

If a fan is looking for a culinary experience at the stadium, they will walk away disappointed. That said, there are still pretty good deals to be had at an Alcorn State football game. Hot wings are available for six dollars, and turkey legs go for seven dollars. If someone is looking for a bit more, combo meals are available for six dollars.

Hamburgers and pizza also come reasonably priced at the concession stand, and other items such as popcorn, nachos, and peanuts are sold, as well.

The knock comes on the availability of the items. Perhaps it was because of the size of the crowd or the fact that the season was coming to a close when I visited, but none of the concessions stands had everything listed on the menu.

Atmosphere 3

A trip to Spinks-Casem Stadium feels like a visit to a college football venue. With tailgates going on all around the stadium, the atmosphere is set for college football. When fans enter the stadium, they remain excited for the game about to take place.

The stadium may not reach full capacity, but the crowd that attends keeps things lively during the contest, and the halftime shows almost always entertain.

Neighborhood 2

To be honest, there is not much of a neighborhood to Alcorn State. The university just appears after a drive down Mississippi Highway 552.

However, if you need to grab something before the game to eat, park in the general parking area. On the way into that parking area, there are three restaurants: The College Grill, Wingos, and Pattons. Also, this parking entrance is by the campus police station, which houses the only ATM on campus.

However, fans who care about a culinary experience will make sure to hit up The Old Country Store on US 61 just about two miles south of the Highway 552 exit. The hours are limited (10am-5pm every day), so plan accordingly. If you do so, some of the best fried chicken in the world will be yours.

Fans going to the game might be best served by making Natchez, a town located a little over an hour away, their base of operations for the weekend.

Fans 3

Alcorn State fans care about their football team, and they expect to see a quality team on the field.

Fans of all ages attend the games. It is not uncommon to see high school students and younger children at the game sitting next to much older fans. All of them stay very engaged in the game while enjoying the company of those around them.

While the atmosphere is a bit more subdued than that of an SEC affair, it can still be fun.

Access 2

There is no way around the fact that there is not an easy way to get to Alcorn State. Most will either travel north or south on US 61 or take the Natchez Trace (something that I would recommend for those not from the area) to get close to the stadium.

Once there, parking can be a bit confusing, but it will be figured out. However, you will be on your own to figure it out, as there is not a large gameday operations staff helping with the situation after taking your money.

Caution is advised coming home from night games at Alcorn State as deer love to dart across the highways in the area. Do not pay the $25 for VIP parking. It is not worth $20 more than the general admission parking.

Return on Investment 3

Fans hoping to get into an Alcorn State game will look at paying $20 per ticket. Unless one has a rooting interest or a burning desire to see a game at Alcorn State, the price seems a bit too high.

However, for a football game $20 is not that expensive of a ticket, so the price does work out to be fair, and if the right game is chosen, there can be NFL-caliber players in the contest.

Extras 2

Steve McNair played his college ball at Alcorn State, and surprisingly, there does not appear to be anything celebrating this fact.

Fans going to the game have no reason to not have Alcorn State attire. There are Barnes and Noble booths in the stadium, and many vendors set up temporarily along Highway 552 to sell their items.

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