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  • Ryan Rohde

Roos Field – Eastern Washington Eagles

Photos by Ryan Rohde, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 2.86

Roos Field 1136 Washington St Cheney, WA 99004

Year Opened: 1967

Capacity: 8,600


Welcome to the Inferno!

Just a few minutes west of Spokane, Washington in Cheney, Washington is Roos Field, the home of the Eastern Washington Eagles. A member of the Big Sky Conference of the FCS, the Eagles have propelled themselves into the national spotlight by having much success since they won the 2010 National Championship. The Eagles house the only red turf in the entire college football landscape. Let’s take a look at what makes Roos Field, or “The Inferno” as it is called up here, a very good venue for FCS football.

Food & Beverage 3

You’ll find two concession stands at Roos Field. One is located behind the press box and the other is located behind the video/scoreboard behind the south end zone. You’ll find the usual stadium food with some extra selections. Hot dogs can be served with chili ($5.25) or without ($3.50), also served is deluxe nachos, teriyaki chicken and rice, BBQ beef sandwiches, and macaroni and cheese. Pepsi products are served in bottle form along with bottled water, hot chocolate, and coffee. Credit/debit cards are accepted at both stands. Roos Field also offers a beer garden named the Coors Light Climb on Club.

Atmosphere 4

Roos Field has a great atmosphere for small town college football. Roos Field is fully open to all the elements and just in general. There are stands below the press box, which is the main seating area, is the biggest one. You will only find bleacher seating here. There is also a seating area behind the north end zone and the visiting fans section behind the east sideline. One of the downsides to the field is that no matter where you are sitting, you are far away from the action. An eight lane track surrounds the football field.

The Eastern Washington Marching Band takes up a section of bleachers in the north end zone seating and stays active throughout the games. Cheerleaders and music that can be clearly heard as well as the student section keeps the fans into the game. Roos Field has a crystal clear video/scoreboard that shows the game in real time on whatever network is providing the game on TV without the delay.

Neighborhood 2

This is where EWU gets a bad score. Cheney is a college town, but the area around the arena is the campus itself so housing and buildings housing the classrooms such surround the area.

The only hotel located close to the arena is a Holiday Inn Express and Suites about 1.5 miles from Reese Court otherwise be prepared to stay in Spokane, Washington which is about 16 miles from the arena.

Fast food is your main option close to the arena. McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Carl’s Jr. are about 1.5 miles from the arena. A place I would recommend trying is El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant which is located about one mile from the arena as well.

Fans 4

The fans for Eastern Washington are definitely the hardcore type. You’ll find many of them tailgating using their trucks and trailers in the parking lots behind the stadium and even on the east side behind the visiting bleacher section.

The home bleacher seating is usually full and is dominated by the student section that is in the first seven rows of the seating underneath the press box on the west side.

The fans constantly stay in the game. What is unique is these fans can leave the stadium at halftime and go back out to the trucks and trailers or meet up with friends on the outside. Some of the fans that tailgate stay outside the stadium and watch the game on TV and have food and portable fire pits to stay warm. It really is a one of a kind experience for football fans in the Pacific Northwest.

Access 3

Accessibility is the tough thing as parking behind the field in the parking lots is reserved for RV’s and media personnel. Most people find parking on the side streets and a few blocks away from the stadium itself. You can take a Spokane Transit Authority bus from the Downtown Spokane STA Plaza to Eastern Washington.

EWU does check bags as you enter Roos Field, but entry is smooth and simple. Single game tickets are sold online via TicketsWest and run to about $20, but games against rivals such as the Montana Grizzlies can run up to $50. TicketsWest offers Will Call and Print at Home ticket options for games.

Return on Investment 2

The return on your investment for attending a game at Roos Field isn’t terrible, but it definitely could be better. For the price of a ticket, you get bleacher seating like you are going to watch high school football. Also, you really don’t have that many options when it comes to food, but on the bright side you probably won’t run into super long lines at either concession stand during halftime or even before the game as most of the fans tailgate and are able to go out to their trucks and trailers during halftime.

Extras 2

Roos Field gets a couple extra bonus points:

One extra point for “The Inferno” team store located by the concession stand behind the press box. In there you will find at your Eastern Washington gear needs.

Another extra point for the history of the program on the back side of the press box right when you walk into the main gate. Including the huge 2010 National Champions sign.

Final Thoughts

Roos Field is a great place to catch a game and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see the red turf and catch a great small town college football atmosphere. The fans are great and are so involved in watching their Eagles play and with the recent success of the Eastern Washington program, I would expect them to just continue upward. Hopefully, a remodel to Roos Field is in the works so that way fans can be a little more comfortable during the game and have more amenities. Come catch a game at The Inferno!

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