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Reese Court – Eastern Washington Eagles

Photos by Jason Karp, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.29

Reese Court 1136 Washington St Cheney, WA 99004

Year Opened: 1975

Capacity: 5,000


Fly Eagles Fly

Welcome to Cheney, Washington. This small, quiet town is situated about 16 miles southwest of Spokane, Washington and is home to the campus of Eastern Washington University. Here is where you find Roos Field or what people call The Inferno, but also here is Reese Court (also known as the EWU Special Events Pavilion). Reese Court is a 5,000 seat, multi-purpose venue home to basketball, volleyball, and special events. Eastern Washington athletics are a part of the Big Sky Conference in all sports.

Reese Court gives off the small town gym style vibe which makes this an intimate setting for a basketball game. You definitely will feel like you are a part of the action on the court.

Food & Beverage 3

The concession stands definitely leave a lot to be desired if you are looking for food. There is not much variety in terms of getting something to eat if you attend a game here. The concession stands do accept credit/debit cards so that's a plus.

Depending on what you want to eat, you might be left wishing you could have something else. The concession stands offer deluxe nachos ($6.50), teriyaki chicken and rice ($6.50), hot dog ($3.25), pretzels ($2), two different sizes of popcorn ($2 and $5), and candy ($1.50 and $3).

One special offering is a stand offering hot or cold espresso and jet teas for $4. The prices really are good for what you are getting at the concession stands.

The food looks to be of good quality and what seems to be floating around the most are the nachos. The speed of service is very good and no concession stand seems to have more than 5 or 6 people in line at a time.

Pepsi is the major soda brand served inside of Reese Court and you can get a bottle of soda or Gatorade for $3. Beer and alcohol is not served at any concession stands.

Atmosphere 4

Reese Court definitely provides a fantastic atmosphere for a college basketball game. The small town gym feel provides an intimate experience for fans.

The style is more like a gymnasium with bleacher seating for the students with a few stadium style seats in the lower level and all in the upper level. The sight lines throughout Reese Court are perfect for basketball and honestly, even at the top of the upper level, you could still have a perfect view of the play on the court. The Eastern Washington pep band is active throughout the game and they are situated right behind one of the baskets.

The Eagle Club is an exclusive area for donors to the school. This area is completely off limits to the general public so when you are walking around, you cannot cut through the Eagle Club. This is specifically a booster club/donor area only.

Reese Court has one video board that does show replays and has great angles on the replay screen. The court also features two scoreboards that are complete with the players on the court, how many fouls the players on the court have, and how many points each player on the court has scored. It also features how many team fouls and whether a team is in the bonus or double bonus. The possession arrow is at the scorer's table.

The sound quality is amazing and the PA announcer can be heard loud and clear. Music is played at the perfect volume during timeouts when the pep band is not playing. They do a few special promotions on the video wall as well as on court during stoppages and during halftime.

Seating options are limited to the general public, but they have four sections in the lower level and then the entire upper level for sale for home games. You'll see the center court logo upside if you sit in the lower level for the general public. The upper level on the student section side will give you the correct view of the center court logo.

Neighborhood 2

This is where Reese Court gets a bad score. Cheney is a college town, but the area around the arena is the campus itself so housing and classroom buildings surround the area.

The only hotel located close to the arena is a Holiday Inn Express and Suites about 1.5 miles from Reese Court otherwise be prepared to stay in Spokane, Washington which is about 16 miles from the arena.

Fast food is your main option close to the arena. McDonald's, Taco Bell, and Carl's Jr. are about 1.5 miles from the arena. A place I would recommend trying is El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant which is located about one mile from the arena as well.

Fans 4

Reese Court is home to some rowdy fans, both students and fans alike. This is where it gets fun to be at a game at Reese Court.

The student section is aptly named the Flight Club and this is one rowdy group. The game I attended featured Idaho State visiting Eastern Washington and the student section never let up during the entire game. Attendance might have been a little more due to it being Senior Day.

The crowd gets loud during the game especially with the help of the Eastern Washington cheerleaders and their mascot, Swoop. These fans are engaged throughout the entire game and the student section makes that all possible. I could not believe how loud and how rowdy they got throughout the game.

Access 4

Reese Court is very easy to get to on game day and moving around inside is not hard at all. The concourse is very spacious and allows people to move around freely.

The nearest airport is Spokane International Airport if you are flying in to see the Eagles play. Spokane Transit Authority buses stop near the arena as well if you are interested in public transportation.

Parking is free if you park behind the press box of the football field (parking lot P12). It has enough room to fit everyone who is attending the game. Traffic flow is also very good coming and going to/from the game. There is only one gate to enter the arena and it is very speedy in terms of getting people inside.

Parking lot P12 offers a ramp down to the entrance of Reese Court with plenty of handicap parking as well. If you have someone in a wheelchair you do not have to worry about stairs when parking in P12. Also, the arena offers handicap accessible seating on the lower level.

Return on Investment 4

You definitely get your money's worth coming to a game at Reese Court. Ticket prices are $17.00 for adults, students are $11.00, and general admission is $8.00-$11.00. You also get a free roster sheet when you walk in the front gate. With parking being free, that saves you a good chunk of change and concession stands offer great pricing for both food and beverages.

Extras 2

One extra point for the championship banners and retired numbers. It is always a great thing to be able to see the history of the programs that use the venue.

One more extra point for the radio station being advertised at the arena. Some fans like listening to the radio call while watching the action on the court and for it to be advertised is fantastic for the fans.

Final Thoughts

Reese Court may be situated in a small town, but the intimate feel of the arena is second to none in my opinion. Although food and beverage and the neighborhood may have left a little bit to be desired, this is definitely an arena I would visit again.

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