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Rice-Totten Stadium – Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils

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Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 2.43

Rice–Totten Stadium 14000 Hwy 82 W Itta Bena, MS 38941

Year Opened: 1958

Capacity: 10,000


The Legacy of Jerry Rice

If you are looking for a passionate fan base and a fun environment to watch a football game, Rice-Totten Stadium is definitely a good place to start. Itta Bena, Mississippi is what you may expect from a small southern town, and in many ways it protects a gem in the Delta Devils. With Jerry Rice and Deacon Jones as their most well-known athletic alumni, the Delta Devils bring a proud football tradition to the Southwestern Athletic Conference. Rice-Totten Stadium seats approximately 10,000 fans, and provides a fun small school feel.

Food & Beverage 2

There is nothing wrong with the food and beverage choices offered in the stadium. In many ways, it is what you would expect for a small Southwestern Athletic Conference school. You are not going to pay a lot, and in return the variety is not all that great. The few tailgates set up around campus do have some unique food choices, and the fans are definitely friendly.

Atmosphere 3

With numerous alumni in the National Football League, the Delta Devils fan base has high expectations for their team. They are passionate and interested in the game. They are also very proud of their team, no matter how it happens to be doing that Saturday. Overall it is an enjoyable venue to watch a football game. It is small enough to give you that personal feel, while still being at a college environment.

Neighborhood 3

Itta Bena is a nice small southern town. It is proud of being home to the Delta Devils, and openly shows its pride. But Itta Bena is probably not a place where you are going to go to spend a weekend, as there is little to see besides the University. Greenwood is just about ten miles east on US-82, and there you will find a few hotels and a few chain restaurants. But visits to Memphis, Tennessee (two hours to the north) or Jackson, Mississippi (one hour and forty five minutes to the south) both provide plenty of entertainment if needed. The trip is definitely going to show you what the Mississippi countryside has to offer from either direction.

Fans 3

The fans know their football, as they have seen some of the best in college and professional history play at Rice-Totten Stadium. The passion is definitely evident when you arrive and continues until you leave the campus. While not as large as some Southwestern Athletic Conference schools, Mississippi Valley State can definitely hold its own when it comes to loyalty amongst its fan base.

Access 2

Once on campus, finding parking is not difficult, nor is finding the stadium. The drive in is a bit of a drain, with few close places to stay. The best bets are either Memphis, TN or Jackson, MS if you are looking to spend time in a larger city, both which leave long drives in on game day. The drive is definitely worth the experience overall.

Return on Investment 3

Ticket prices run $20-$35 on game days, with a discount for buying them early. The food is affordable, and the fans are passionate. Plus any place that has hosted Jerry Rice has to be worth the trip. On this, the Delta Devils do not disappoint.

Extras 1

The Mississippi Valley State Delta Devils and Itta Bena, Mississippi provide a fun and worthwhile journey into the small town south. Any fan of college football, or of greats like Jerry Rice and Deacon Jones definitely need to make the trip to Itta Bena. The fans will welcome you with open arms, and at the end of the drive, you will be glad you went on the journey.

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