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PGCC Baseball Field - D.C. Grays

Photos by Gregory Koch, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 2.71

Prince George's Community College Baseball Field Prince Pl Largo, MD 20774

Year Opened: 2019 Capacity: 500


The Other District Team

Founded in 2005, the Cal Ripken Collegiate Baseball League features six teams in the Washington, D.C. metro area. One member, the DC Grays, is the second of two summer league teams by that name. The first Grays team played in the Clark Griffith League from 2006 to 2009 when the league folded, although they only played in the District for one of those years.

After an absence in 2010, the second and current version of the Grays was founded in 2011 and joined the Ripken League for the next season in 2012. The Grays played their first two seasons at Hoy Field on the campus of Gallaudet University before moving to the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy in Southeast D.C. in 2014. In 2024, the Grays moved out of the District entirely.

Now, they play at the baseball field at Prince George's Community College (PGCC for short) in Largo, Maryland. The turf field at PGCC opened in 2019 and is a simpler home than the Youth Academy. The Grays nickname pays homage to the old Homestead Grays, a Negro League team that used to play in the District.

Food & Beverage 4

Concessions at a Grays game are sold out of a food truck that is parked up the left field line, near the foul pole. Most of the truck's selections are Mexican food such as tacos, quesadillas, and burritos, but a steak sandwich and a veggie burger are also available. Most meals come with fries.

Bottled water and soda are available, including Jarritos, a popular Mexican soda known for its wide range of flavors. A meal and drink will cost about $15, which is reasonable for a food truck and cheaper than what you'd pay at most professional stadiums, but is on the high end for this league.

Food is made to order so it may take a while to be ready, but you shouldn't spend much time in line waiting to order and you can see the field from the truck. They will also give you an estimate for how long your food will be, so many fans choose to leave and come back.

Atmosphere 2

Although the baseball field at Prince George's Community College only opened in 2019, it certainly doesn't feel that way. There are several sets of rusty bleachers with no steps in the middle to climb up or down. A few new-looking tables are located up the left field line and are a popular area to sit at. These are first come, first serve, so arrive early if you want one.

All seats are located behind a thick fence which makes it difficult to see the action, and some are partially obstructed by the dugout or its fence as well. This makes the sightlines not ideal.

A Grays game is a pretty basic experience. You will get to see a game, and that is about it. You will be able to hear a lot of the conversations on the field, which baseball purists will certainly enjoy, but if you're looking for the excitement of a professional baseball game, you will not find it here.

The PA announcer can be difficult to hear at times, especially as you get further up the lines.

There are no lights at the PGCC Baseball Field, so Grays games typically start at 5 PM so they can be completed before darkness falls.

Neighborhood 3

This year, the Grays moved out of the District of Columbia to Largo, Maryland, a suburb of DC in Prince George's County. This is a typical suburb, with several shopping centers located a short distance away from the PGCC campus. There are many eating options to choose from here, but most of them are chain restaurants. Local pizza chains Ledo's Pizza, known for its square pies, and Pizza Boli's, are close by and are quite popular. The amusement park Six Flags America is about a ten-minute drive away for fans looking to make a whole day out of their experience in Largo.

Fans 2

The Grays only draw a few dozen fans to a typical game. These are typically locals, and many have a connection to the PGCC community. The crowd is not very active either, though they do occasionally get lively. It seems most locals are unaware of this team's existence. The fact that they moved out of the District to Largo was only announced shortly before the season, which perhaps has impacted attendance.

Access 2

The PGCC campus is located a short drive off the Capital Beltway (I-495). If coming to a weekday game, be aware that traffic around 5 PM will be horrible, so we recommend arriving early to avoid this. It should be less bad on the weekends, but still give yourself extra time.

There is a small paved parking lot past the outfield fence, but when this fills up, fans will have to drive through a gate at the end of the lot and onto a gravel road that runs beyond the outfield fence. They will then park along the grass to their right. However, there is no signage indicating to do this, so fans are often unaware of where to park.

This gate is also where fans will enter the stadium on foot after parking in the lot. There is a gate in right field that is closer to the seating area, but it is locked. However, there is no indication of this until you get there.

Restrooms are available just inside the locked gate in right field and are sufficient for the small crowds the Grays draw.

Return on Investment 5

Admission to all Grays home games is free. While most clubs in the Cal Ripken League charge a small price for tickets, free is even better. Prices at the food truck are reasonable as well, making a Grays game an excellent value.

Extras 1

The picnic tables down the left field line make for a unique place to watch a baseball game, especially while eating something from the food truck. Mexican food is not known for being neat, but being able to eat it at the tables helps.

Final Thoughts

Moving out of the District has hurt the fan experience at a D.C. Grays game, at least for now, and it is a pretty simple experience here at Prince George's Community College. Baseball purists will certainly enjoy it, and it's hard to argue with free baseball on a warm summer evening. One hopes that with more time in their new stadium, the team will have the opportunity to improve things here.

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