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Louisburg High School Stadium – Louisburg Hurricanes

Photos by Aaron S. Terry, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.57

Louisburg High School Stadium 201 Allen Dr Louisburg, NC 27549


Junior College Football NC

The Louisburg College Hurricanes participate in college football’s National Junior College Athletics Association, and play their home games at Louisburg High School Stadium on the campus of Louisburg Magnet High School – the high school is a mile or two down the road from LC’s campus.

Food & Beverage 3

There is a concession stand next to the main grandstand, which sells a small variety of items but at great prices – beverages, packaged candy, and hot dogs (with or without chili) run just $2, or you can get nachos and pizza slices for a dollar or two more. The quality is great for the price, so any of these options represent a great value, especially the hot dogs, which are the Bright Leaf red variety popular in eastern NC.

Atmosphere 2

The Hurricanes have cheerleaders on site but no mascot or band, although they do play big band music through the loudspeakers at the expected times during the game. The PA announcer is also very lively and does a great job calling the game, ramping up the crowd during opposing third downs and after big plays by the Canes.

Neighborhood 2

There is not much in the vicinity of the high school, but if you go a few miles down the road you can find a few restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, and the like. Depending on where you are coming from, however, you could drive for miles down country highways without seeing any place to stop for gas or a bite to eat.

Louisburg College’s campus is on Main Street in Louisburg, just a mile or two down the road from the high school, and is closer to the town’s main shopping areas than the high school is.

Fans 2

Not too many fans show up to Hurricanes football games, even during homecoming weekend, which is a bit disappointing. That said you won’t see the stands looking very full, although the fans who are there seem to know the players personally – you’ll hear a lot of fans yelling out encouragement to specific players by name; presumably, they are friends or family members of the player.

The visiting side is even more sparsely populated than the home side, but that could be because of the particular visiting team that I saw the last time I visited.

Access 4

Except for the rural location, getting to Louisburg High School Stadium is simple enough, as the high school is just off Main Street, the main thoroughfare through town. The football stadium is behind the practice field, so once you turn onto Allen Drive be sure to keep going – don’t be alarmed by the lack of attendance at the first football field you pass, which is the aforementioned practice field.

There is no re-entry at the facility, but there are bathrooms right next to the main entrance on the home side (there are no bathrooms on the visiting side). The concessions line and line at the team gear stand are also both pretty quick to get through.

Return on Investment 3

Concessions are very inexpensive, and parking is free right next to the field – even if you get there late there should still be a few parking spaces available. Admission to the game itself is $10 per person, and there are no actual tickets – you just pay as you walk through the gate (this is likely why they have no re-entry, as there is no way for you to prove you paid since you are given no ticket).

$10 is probably reasonable for this level of football, although I have seen higher-level football schools like D2 and D3 charge less, so ten bucks may be on the high side. That said, seeing a Louisburg Hurricanes game might be a good way to spend a Saturday, but be warned there are not many bells and whistles at this venue.

Extras 2

Late in the game, you can buy whole pizzas from the concessions stand for $8 (assuming they haven’t run out yet). They also let you bring umbrellas into the stadium, which many facilities do not allow – that is a nice boon, especially during particular sunny or rainy days.


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