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Koskinen Stadium - Duke Blue Devils

Photos by Chris Green, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.43

Koskinen Stadium 106 Whitford Dr Durham, NC 27705

Capacity: 4,500

College Soccer in Durham

Though the city may be more known for its basketball and football programs, the Duke University men’s soccer program is no less impressive a team to watch. A consistent contender year after year, the team has numerous NCAA tournament appearances and conference titles to its name. Their home stadium boasts an impressive 4,500-seat capacity, with multiple grandstands and a viewing patio that make it an impressive facility to watch from.

Food & Beverage 3

The concessions stand at Koskinen Stadium is impressive for a smaller college sports facility – the food variety isn’t wide, but what they have is solid. Hot dogs ($5), cheeseburgers ($8), and Bojangles Chicken Supremes and fries ($11) make up the main menu items, while popcorn ($5-$10), peanuts ($4.50), pretzels, cotton candy, and nachos (all $5) make up the rest. Drinks are limited to water ($4) or sodas ($4.50 to $5.50); a hot dog combo with a drink runs $10.50.

Atmosphere 4

Koskinen Stadium features a standard main grandstand setup. Seating is not shaded, though, so prepare for warm temperatures during hot afternoon games. The opposite side of the field from the bench features a small grandstand as well, with benches that have no backs to them, and the right side end zone is where you can find the elevated and covered patio area.

During game days this offers a unique angle to watch the soccer matches from, and also features info plaques about various people important to Duke soccer’s history. Underneath the main grandstand is where you can find the best shade during halftime, and post-game autograph sessions are held here during various games throughout the season.

Neighborhood 4

Durham and the area around Duke’s main campus are experiencing a revitalization, especially in downtown Durham. The campus itself is beautiful and easy to navigate, with Koskinen Stadium sitting next to the school’s football stadium and track & field facility. Hotels are plentiful nearby, as are shopping and dining. Raleigh-Durham Airport is also only a 15-minute drive away, meaning that a weekend trip to catch some college sports in town doesn’t involve a lengthy drive out to somewhere far away.

Fans 3

The fans of Duke soccer are loyal and loud but usually consist of family and friends of players on the field. The stadium can at times fill in with bigger crowds, but most games feature a modest attendance. Nonetheless, the ones who occupy the grandstand seats are often loud and proud, sport-knowledgeable, and eager to cheer every goal scored on the field.

Access 3

The parking at Koskinen Stadium is at times less than ideal – free parking is available but is located near the football stadium, requiring a long uphill hike back to Koskinen Stadium itself. Metered spaces are available next to the stadium’s main entrance, but those are few and fill up quickly on even the quietest of game days. Thankfully there are two entrances on either end of the stadium, meaning you can get in and out easier depending on where you park.

To get to the stadium, you just need to follow the signs locally for the college itself. Located near I-85 and perfectly framed by the 501 and 147 Highways, Duke University is just west of Durham proper.

Return on Investment 4

Tickets to Duke soccer run just $7. Couple this with the affordability of the concessions at the stadium, as well as the option for free parking, and you have a solid price for watching a quality college soccer program. Weather in North Carolina is usually nice in the fall as well, meaning you’re likely to have a rather enjoyable game-day experience at Koskinen Stadium.

Extras 3

The team offers free giveaways at the promotion tables by the entrances on most game days, be they posters cowbells, etc. Various games also include post-game autograph sessions with the players, which is a hit for the young fans in attendance.

Finally, if you wish to learn some of the history of Duke soccer, the patio viewing area features numerous plaques, with historical info on them about important figures in Duke’s past.

Final Thoughts

Koskinen Stadium is impressive for a college soccer facility, offering a variety of viewing options and affordability for fans. Free parking, solid concessions pricing, and a variety of giveaways make this a great option if you want to see some of soccer’s bright young stars in person.

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