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Knockouts Knock Out Their Logo

The wait is over. The New England Knockouts have released their team branding and it packs a punch. The Brockton, Massachusetts, ball club will play its first season in the Frontier League at Campanelli Stadium.

The primary logo features a bulldog wearing boxing gloves and holding two baseball bats. He has a backward cap and is looking forward. The team name is above him and dotted with rivets, an homage to the south shore’s industrial history.

The bulldog resembles the bruiser personality of every boxing champion; the gloves he is wearing are a tribute to Brockton’s infamous tie to the sport: Rocky Marciano and “Marvelous” Marvin Hagler.

The secondary marks feature the bulldog again and have him wearing a crown and ready to box.  The next mark spells out “KO”, short for “knockout”, and uses a ring bell for the letter O. The final mark reads “City of Champions” in cursive font. The official colors are titled “Jab” (navy blue), “Hook” (sky blue), “Overhand” (red), “Bell" (yellow), and “Canvas” (cream).

The team was originally going to be called the Chowdaheads, a name chosen by fans in an online contest. The name received 3,100 votes, but team officials overruled it after it received a lukewarm reception. On December 15, the organization announced that the new name would be Knockouts to honor the city’s boxing history.


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