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Best Logos in Baseball - Logovember 2023

Photo Designed by Jason Moragas

This past November a series of baseball teams and leagues introduced new branding to the market in hopes of attracting fans to their organization and a few more to purchase merchandise. Each November brings out a wave of new franchises, rebranding, and logo updates. The month has become known as Logovember.

Jason Moragas tracked down every league’s new styles on his Brand Identity Checklist and joined me on a recent episode of the Ballpark Hunter. Here is what we thought were the five best logos from the offseason, so far.

Rome Emperors - South Atlantic League

Marc - "I am not sure there is a negative complaint about this rebrand. The former Rome Brave ball club went from a vapid-sounding name to one that evokes that of Ancient Rome. The Studio Simon-designed emperor penguin has the right smirk on his face and dons enough aesthetics to make Julius Caesar blush. The colors of red, black, and gold have been a hit across the country, with merchandise sold in all 50 states."

Jason -“Even among Dan Simon’s portfolio, this is some top stuff. The penguin logo appeals to little children, and the name is not over the top. It does a great job of appealing to everyone and isolating no one. I love the use of the old Roman columns, the wardrobe, and the penguin's smirk on his face. This brand writes itself.”

Ft. Collins Foxesv - Rocky Mountain Baseball League

Marc- "I was worried that after the ball clubs' hiatus, they might not return; instead, they unleash an update on an old classic and come very close to beating Rome in the Logovember Wars. The two shades of orange and the teal coloring make the logo pop. If you are doing a reboot with your club, this is how to get it started."

Jason- “What a statement after taking last year off. The Foxes come back with a really impressive logo in a league that does offer powerful branding. The colors of orange and teal are electric. The real fox is commanding. This logo is the only one that could truly rival the Rome Emperors.”

North Platte 80s - Pecos League

Marc - "Leave it to the Pecos League to find one of its teams on this list and one that came out of the blue. The club isn’t named after a particular year but after "The Decade of Decadence". The logo looks like it was created in 1986, but it feels fresh for baseball fans to rock in on a trucker’s cap in 2024."

Jason - “The 80’s is a good logo. It is one of my favorites of the off-season. It's like an 80s logo. They are trying to bring in the culture and the vibe of that era of baseball. That’s good and that sounds a lot of fun.”

Saskatoon Berries - Western Canadian Baseball League

Marc - "You can’t help but like the cute little logo of the expansion of Saskatoon Berries of the Western Canadian Baseball League. The emblem, designed by Brad McLeod, works for the company that owns the Berries, Sask Entertainment Group. The colors of purple and sky blue give this a fresh look for the club bringing back baseball fun in the summertime in Saskatchewan.

Jason - “I love this one. It’s a nice, cute logo, but this little berry with the eye black, white cap turned backward like Ken Griffey, Jr., with his bat over his shoulder is great for the league. I’m a sucker for purple, and it’s a good logo for a baseball team. You love to see a logo like this for a collegiate summer league.”

Northwest Arkansas Naturals - Texas League

Marc - "I love the colors and secondary marks, and the rooster logo is a great addition to the new branding of the ball club. The oversized logos are not my cup of tea, but this new branding makes you realize how outdated the old logo was. There is a lot to enjoy from the Naturals new imagery."

Jason - "The new Naturals logo dials back on the business of their old primary mark to create a new visual identity that puts the scenic views of NWA at the forefront. The blue, yellow, and red color scheme of the club creates a stunning portrait of a sunset sky over a natural landscape. I'm also a big fan of the oversized secondary marks that truly pop on caps. The oversized cap logo look seems to be in (see the Tampa Bay Rays Devil Ray throwbacks), and the Naturals certainly do not miss that mark. Overall, this is a massive improvement, in my opinion, and I cannot wait to see the new logo set hit the field."


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