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Ives-Lemel Family Field – Brevard Tornados

Photos by Aaron S. Terry, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.43

Ives-Lemel Family Field Kings Creek Loop Brevard, NC 28712

Capacity: 1,000


Reap the Tornado!

Ives-Lemel Family Field in Brevard, NC is home to D3 football’s Brevard Tornados, as well as the school’s lacrosse and soccer teams. With brand-new turf, stadium lights to allow night play, and dual grandstands seating 1,000 fans, the recent expansion represents a game-changer for Brevard sports.

Food & Beverage 2

Ives-Lemel Family Field has a concession stand behind the main concourse, and while it doesn’t offer a lot, it does provide some local favorites and plenty to get you through the game. Serving up pizza, Chick-fil-A sandwiches (regular or spicy), and lots of snacks including popcorn, cookies, chips, peanuts, packaged candy, and cotton candy, as well as drink options beyond just soda and bottled water, the prices here won’t set you back. Poppy popcorn and Chick-fil-A sandwiches are the most expensive items and cost $6.95 and $6.50 respectively, but everything else is $3 or less.

Atmosphere 4

The expanded facility at Brevard provides a great atmosphere for Tornados fans – plenty of bright blue and black signage greets fans as they arrive, and you will see a slew of fans tailgating in the parking lots next to the helmet tunnel. The crowd noise is a lot louder than you might expect from 1,000 fans, and the newness is a welcome experience for fans, with modern bathrooms, a stately press box, and comfortable seating including bucket-style chairbacks in the center of the main stands. The band and cheer squad do a great job entertaining fans as well – the only thing lacking, as yet, is a videoboard for instant replays.

Neighborhood 3

Brevard, North Carolina is a small town located on the edge of the Nantahala National Forest, about 2 hours west of Charlotte and 1 hour south of Asheville. Brevard College is perhaps the mainstay of the town, and there are several restaurants within walking distance of the campus and the stadium, with a few more located downtown such as Big Mike’s (pizza) and the cleverly named Square Root (serving up international fare). There are only 3 hotels in town, but that is more than enough to accommodate any fans who want to stay the night.

Ives-Lemel Family Field itself has student housing on two sides, making it easy for students to attend games, and the stadium is close to the school’s other athletic fields as well, with the rest of the campus buildings a little further out.

Fans 3

The fans here are great – the students sit right next to the band and provide most of the noise and energy, but the other fans contribute as well. As I mentioned above the tailgating scene is solid, and the 2 team gear tents near the parking lot do a brisk trade in t-shirts and hats, so you can expect to see many of the Tornados fans decked out in school swag.

Access 4

Except perhaps for how far Brevard College is off the beaten path, getting in and out of Ives-Lemel Family Field is a breeze. There is free parking on campus as you approach the field and wide-open space behind the main stands, with walking paths around the field if you need to get to the visitor's side. There are ticket tents set up behind each corner of the west end zone, including a bridge over the creek for fans coming from campus – the entrance behind the east end zone is reserved for fans with passes.

Note that the only bathrooms and concessions are located underneath the main stands, so if you are sitting on the visitor side you will have to walk around.

Return on Investment 5

Tickets to Brevard football games are only $10, either online or cash/credit card at the gate – this is a great return on investment for this brand-new facility. The atmosphere is great with a lot of energy from the fans, and the Tornado color scheme adds some great pops of color to the greenery around you.

Extras 3

The scenery is very pleasant with all the trees surrounding the facility, providing an intimate feel. There is also a blue Tornado sculpture next to the athletics building on the north side of the field, and the game begins with the sound of a Tornado siren, not unlike the nearby Carolina Hurricanes, with a hurricane warning alarm as the key part of their intro. Fans can also stand along the fence to watch the game, and kids have plenty of room to play there – dogs are also welcome.

Final Thoughts

I would recommend a visit to Brevard College for a football game – Ives-Lemel Family Field is a nice little gem hidden in rural North Carolina. The Tornados began playing football in 2006 after a 50+ year hiatus, and the recent stadium expansion is surely helping move their program forward.


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