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Guv Fuller Field - Falmouth Commodores

Photos by Gregory Koch, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.71

Guv Fuller Field

790 Main St

Falmouth, MA 02540

Year Opened: 1963

Capacity: 2,000

Comm(odore) on Down to Guv Fuller Field

Located in the town of Falmouth on Cape Cod, Guv Fuller Field is home to the Falmouth Commodores of the Cape Cod League. Falmouth has been playing in the Cape League since the early 1900s and has won 16 league championships, including six in the modern era, which began in 1963.

The Cape Cod League is known for having some of the best college baseball players in the country during the summer months, and Falmouth is no exception. Famous alumni include Tino Martinez, Jeff Weaver, and Darrin Erstad. Even before the modern era when the Cape League was mostly town ball, the team recruited prominent players, including future Hall of Famer Pie Traynor.

Food & Beverage 3

There is one concession stand at Guv Fuller Field, located near the entrance down the right field line. Classics such as burgers and hot dogs are available, as are sausages with peppers and onions, fried dough, chips, and candy. Soft drinks and water are available, with the latter coming in aluminum cans rather than plastic bottles due to local ordinances.

Prices are a bit on the high side compared to other Cape League venues, but the food is grilled fresh in front of you, so ultimately you get what you pay for.

Atmosphere 3

In Falmouth, as in the rest of the Cape League, the game on the field is the main attraction here. There are no between-innings contests unless you count the raffle, and while music is played, it is not played at the high volume you see at many other places. The focus here is on the game.

Guv Fuller Field has a rather haphazard seating arrangement, but wherever you sit, you will have a great view of the action. There is a set of wooden bleachers down the right field line that seems unstable, and while it feels like it is about to fall apart at any moment, longtime fans say it has been like that for some time and is still standing so you are probably fine. There are more modern sets of bleachers closer to home plate, as well as ample hill seating for fans to bring their chairs and watch the game.

There is no fence separating the wooden bleachers in the right field from the playing area, only a gravel track. Players will walk along this track and are always willing to interact with fans and sign autographs before and after the game, and even during it if they are not playing.

Neighborhood 5

Guv Fuller Field is located on Falmouth's Main Street, less than a mile from the heart of downtown. Numerous restaurants, bars, and other shops line the street and everyone will find something to enjoy. Cape Cod is known for its seafood, and Falmouth is no exception, with several places to eat along these lines. You are also mere minutes from the beach, with numerous hotels and resorts to stay at as well as vacation rental homes. Anywhere on Cape Cod is going to have excellent places to eat, drink, and stay, and with Guv Fuller Field being so close to the heart of Falmouth, it is certainly no exception.

Fans 4

As is the case throughout the Cape League, the crowd at Guv Fuller Field will depend on when in the season you head down. As the tourist season picks up in July and early August, so too will the crowds at Commodores games increase. When we visited in late July, the crowd was beyond capacity, with about 2,500 in attendance. Games in June, when tourism is lower, will draw less.

Every Cape Cod League team has loyal fans who follow the team at home and often away from home as well. Whether it's retirees or vacationers, young couples, or families who come to the same town on the Cape every year, the Commodores have built up a loyal fan base. Given many of the fans are tourists who are only in town for a week, it may not be the same fans throughout the season, but you are sure to get a good crowd here, especially later in the season.

Access 3

If coming to a Commodores game from off-Cape, be prepared for heavy beach traffic, especially if coming on a Friday or weekend. Crossing the Cape Cod Canal can be especially bad, as there are only so many ways across. Once you get into Falmouth, Guv Fuller Field is located behind the Community Center near the police station and there is a large, recently renovated lot, in which fans can park. Other parking is available nearby if that fills up.

Restrooms are located in the Community Center, which can be a bit of a walk depending on where you are sitting, but there is an entrance right next to the field for fans to use, and center staff will helpfully direct you if you don't know where to go.

Return on Investment 5

As with all Cape Cod League games, admission is free here in Falmouth. While concessions are on the high end, you are paying for freshly grilled food and freshly fried dough, not something that has been sitting out for a while. That makes the slightly extra cost well worth it, particularly since you won't be paying anything else to go here other than the cost of gas.

Extras 3

There is a playground beyond the right field fence as well as a grassy area for kids to play catch.

A 50-50 raffle gives fans the chance to win not just a cash prize but prizes from numerous local sponsors as well.

Fans can sign up for the speed pitch contest at a booth down the first baseline. Whoever throws the fastest pitch in each age group wins a prize.

Final Thoughts

The Cape Cod League is one of the most historic summer collegiate leagues in the country and is also known for its high quality of play and the large number of major leaguers it has produced. The Falmouth Commodores are no exception, and a trip to Guv Fuller Field will allow fans to see future major leaguers playing in competitive games for free.

The scenic setting of the Cape, the action on the field, and the loyal, friendly fan base are unlike any other league in the country. While Guv Fuller Field seems to have a negative reputation among some Cape Cod League fans, a visit here on a night in late July, with the crowd packing the stands and the hills, shows why baseball on the Cape is amazing wherever you go.

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