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Joe Cannon Stadium – Coppin State Eagles

Photos by Richard Smith, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 2.29

Joe Cannon Stadium 7611 Ridge Chapel Rd Hanover, MD 21076

Year Opened: 1990 Capacity: 1,500


Fly Like An Eagle

Coppin State University plays baseball nearly 25 miles away from its Northwest Baltimore campus, as an on-campus facility does not exist. They use Joe Cannon Stadium, located at Harmans Park in suburban Hanover, MD. The stadium was designed for the use of amateur baseball teams in the region and is named after the man who pushed very hard to get such a field developed.

Coppin has not really been one of the more successful schools in baseball, but it did have the late Baltimore Orioles great Paul Blair serve as their Manager from 1998 to 2002. Recent years have seen some better success with the team.

When Joe Cannon Stadium was opened in 1990, the area was not very developed. Since then, this area has been the center of rapid growth and development. The large Arundel Mills Mall and Maryland Live Casino are nearly across the street from the stadium. BWI Airport is also located nearby, and the sight of airplanes taking off is not uncommon.

Food & Beverage 0

There are no food options available for a Coppin State baseball game. A concession stand exists at Joe Cannon Stadium but is not used during Coppin games.  No soda nor snack machines are located here either.

Atmosphere 2

The seating section sits pretty high off of the field, which limits fan participation. And that is if there are fans at the game. The atmosphere is almost non-existent, although a PA announcer does keep you into the game with announcements and music played between players.

The seats are metal bleachers with no backing. It may be worth it to go all the way to the top of the stands so that you will have a back to your seat, but you will be a bit further from the action.

Many of the fans do not even sit in the stands, but bring their own chair to sit along the chain link fence along the foul lines. This may offer a bit more interesting view than in the main grandstand.

The stadium did have a recent renovation that added an artificial turf field and other player amenities.

Neighborhood 4

The stadium is located back in the woods but is across from a thriving development. Arundel Mills Mall is very popular, so much so that parking can be difficult at times. The addition of the Maryland Live Casino adds to the popularity of the area. Luckily, the casino has added a large parking garage to alleviate some parking problems.

Food options are varied. The closest options are within walking distance across parking lots. Subway and The Greene Turtle are close and offer options for both carry-out and eat-in. The Greene Turtle has a diverse menu, offering more intriguing options, including everything from Raspberry Turkey Flatbread down to a more usual bar food menu. They also offer many happy hour foods and drink specials at the bar. There are so many other food options in the area, from standard fast food fare to upscale restaurants at the casino. There are a few hotels also in the area, with ALoft and Element located within walking distance of Joe Cannon Stadium.

Fans 2

The fans at the stadium are clearly family and friends only. I would doubt there are ever many student fans in attendance unless they know someone playing. The stadium is too far removed from their campus.

The stadium did seem to draw a large group of fans from the opposing team. Once again, it was mostly family members and other friends, but the location near Arundel Mills may be a draw for these games.

Access 3

Joe Cannon Stadium is near most of the large highways in the area, such as I-295, I-95, and Maryland Route 100. So access is technically very good.

The abundance of highways does not tell the whole story. The traffic around Arundel Mills Mall can be stifling. You can expect to sit through many lights just to make simple and small turns. Weekend games will be worse than weekday games. Plan your trips accordingly, as you may need to be patient for the most simple of rides.

Parking at the stadium is plentiful and free.

Return on Investment 4

Games are free to attend, and there are no other costs associated with the stadium, so the value for the fans is very good. If a good local team is in town, or one of the powerhouse programs is playing, fans will be rewarded with some good baseball skills with very little investment.

Extras 1

The large water tower located beyond the left field wall is an interesting sight to see at a baseball game. It may not be the Green Monster or the Camden Yards Warehouse, but it gives fans at Joe Cannon Stadium an interesting view.

Final Thoughts

The stadium is an enjoyable place to watch a game, especially for being free. You will not be wowed by the field, nor probably the talent level, but it can offer a good option away from the crowded shopping environment located nearby. A good option for many fans is to drop those of their party who wish to shop at the mall while others take in a game.

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