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Fisher Stadium – Lafayette Leopards

Photos by Gregory Koch, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.29

Fisher Stadium 218 Hamilton St Easton, PA 18042

Year Opened: 1926

Capacity: 13,132


Leopard Spots

Located in the heart of the Lehigh Valley in Easton, Pennsylvania lies a small school known as Lafayette College. The Leopards of Lafayette play in the Patriot League along with other similarly academic-minded institutions in the northeast and mid-Atlantic. The Leopards’ football team has not enjoyed much success on the field but did manage to win their conference in 2013 despite a 5-7 overall record and advance to the FCS playoffs.

The team plays its home games at Fisher Stadium, which seats approximately 13,000 fans. Following the 2006 season, Fisher Stadium underwent major renovations which included new seats and a jumbotron.

Food & Beverage 4

There is a concession stand on the upper concourse to the left of where you come in which sells basic items, but your best bet is to head to the food truck parked on the middle concourse which sells a much more extensive menu. Options include the usual foods like burgers, hot dogs, and chicken tenders (all of which come with fries) as well as more unusual options such as pierogis, M&M cookies, and beef jerky. The prices at the food truck are fairly high for this level, but so is the quality.

Atmosphere 3

The layout of Fisher Stadium is a bit confusing at first glance but easy to get the hang of. Walking through the gates of Fisher Stadium will put you in the far corner of the upper concourse. If seated in the upper rows of the home side, you will walk around the upper concourse and then down to your seats. Theoretically, you can do this if seated in lower rows as well, but you are probably better off walking down a flight of steps on the side that will take you to the middle concourse. On this level, you will find the food truck mentioned above and you can also walk up or down to your seat. If seated on the away side of the stadium, you will have to walk all the way down to the lower concourse at field level, around the end zone past the hospitality tent, and to the bleaches on that side before walking back up.

The Leopards have a costumed mascot who is, appropriately, a leopard, as well as cheerleaders and a dance team. Sound effects (such as “DE-FENSE”) are played over the PA system between plays and the PA announcer tries to pump up the crowd on third-down plays. There is also a small marching band that performs before the game and at halftime (and plays the alma mater postgame). When not on the field, they can be found in Section 7 with the students, occasionally playing in between plays or during breaks in the action.

Neighborhood 4

Easton is a small college town of about 27,000 people located at the confluence of the Lehigh and Delaware Rivers. Most of the action is located close to the college and includes Two Rivers Brewing, a popular brewpub on Northampton Street, and Easton Public Market, which includes numerous food vendors ranging from hot dogs to barbecue to a chocolate shop to tacos, noodles, and more. Easton may be a small town but it is certainly a thriving one.

Fans 3

Lafayette only draws about 5,000 fans a game, but what the fans lack in numbers, they make up for in pride and passion. They come wearing maroon and cheer on their Leopards for the entire game. It can get very loud within the confines of Fisher Stadium at times even though the place isn’t even half full. You also don’t see a massive clearout long before the game ends as you do at some venues – these fans stay until the game ends for the most part.

The Lafayette students mostly sit in Section 7, and while there aren’t too many of them (as is to be expected for a student body of only 2,500) they are extremely loud as well. That being said, they are also smart fans who are knowledgeable about the team and the game of football. If the ref makes a bad call, they will certainly boo and shout at him, but they don’t boo obvious false starts called against the home team like at some other schools.

Access 3

The Lafayette campus is easily accessible via US Route 22 and I-76. How close you can park to the stadium depends on if you are willing to pay. Prepaid parking in the Markel Parking Deck costs $25 and is right next to the stadium, and parking passes can be purchased in advance in the Pierce Street Lot and Hamilton Street Lot as well. If you do not want to pay, you can park in the Bushkill Commons Lot about an eight-minute walk away for free. As mentioned above, the layout of the stadium is a bit complex but the staff is happy to help you find your seat. Restrooms are available on the upper and middle concourses and are of ample size for the crowd.

Return on Investment 4

Tickets are just $15 except for a few VIP seats in the Coke Zone at the top of the stadium for $40 which come with a full buffet. This is an excellent deal. If you want to park right next to the stadium, you will have to pay a bit for parking, but a free lot is available a reasonable distance away. Concessions are affordable too, so a Lafayette game can be a great deal for fans.

Extras 2

Check out the signs on the upper concourse about Lafayette football history.

Be sure to check out the leopard statue outside the stadium on your way in as well.

Final Thoughts

The Patriot League is not an elite football conference, even for FCS. In fact, it is one of the worst conferences in the Football Championship Subdivision. Lafayette is far from an elite team on the field, but Fisher Stadium has a unique layout, great fans, and great value to attend a game here, especially if you are willing to walk a bit from the parking lot. College football fans in the Lehigh Valley should be sure to check out a Lafayette game.

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