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DeVore Stadium – Southwestern College Jaguars

Photos by Aaron S. Terry, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 1.86

DeVore Stadium 900 Otay Lakes Rd Chula Vista, CA 91910

Capacity: 7,200


Under the Mountains

DeVore Stadium is home to the Southwestern College Jaguars, who play college football as part of the California Community College Athletic Association (CCCAA). Though technically a community college, the school generally refers to itself simply as Southwestern College, or SWC for short.

DeVore Stadium is named after a former president and superintendent of the college.

Food & Beverage 0

There are no food and beverages offered at DeVore Stadium, although there are concessions stands which were used at one time. However, fans are welcome to bring food and beverages into the stadium – I saw everything from Taco Bell takeout to foil-covered aluminum pans filled with home cooking.

Atmosphere 2

Though there have been some recent, upscale upgrades here, including the athletics building behind one end zone and a modern press box, the Jaguars don’t have a lot here besides the game itself. They do have a cheerleading squad entertaining fans from the home side of the field, and the setting is also very pleasant, with great views of San Miguel Mountain in the distance.

The seating here consists entirely of stone steps on both sides, not unlike Harvard Stadium and much of Rice Stadium – there are no bleacher benches nor chairbacks, but the steps are actually surprisingly comfortable (albeit a little cold on your derriere, especially during night games).

Neighborhood 3

Chula Vista, CA is located about 15 to 30 minutes south of San Diego depending on traffic. There are a couple of fast food restaurants right outside the stadium – in fact you can see them from the stands, such as Carl’s Jr. and Subway. Chula Vista is named for its location between San Diego Bay and the coastal mountain foothills nearby.

Major attractions in town include Sesame Place San Diego (a theme and water park for children) and Living Coast Discovery Center (a nature center), and Chula Vista is also home to one of the US’ year-round Olympic training facilities. The city also boasts several golf courses.

Fans 1

Few fans show up for Southwestern Jaguars football games, and many of them are actually visiting fans. There is some Southwestern team gear being worn, but most of the home fans seem to be either friends or family members of the players themselves.

Access 4

Getting to DeVore Stadium is pretty easy, as major roads take you down from San Diego, and there is very little traffic in the vicinity, due to the very small attendance. Moving around the stadium is similarly easy – you are free to walk all the way around the stadium and sit (or stand) wherever you want.

Return on Investment 2

Tickets to Jags football are only $10, and parking is free. If you decide to bring your own food that is a help, but if you didn’t plan for this you may be disappointed by the lack of concessions.

Extras 1

There is no mascot and no band that I saw, but there is a cool looking Jaguars logo at midfield, and some bright red Jags signage dotted around.

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