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The Future of Stadiums - A Stadium Journey Update

By Steve DiMatteo -- March 02, 2013 10:32 PM EST


Back in the mid-20th century, most people assumed we would be jetting around in flying cars and eating food in capsule form by now. While that has unfortunately not come to fruition, it's always fun to try and imagine a non-dystopian future.

So what's the future of the sports stadium experience? ESPN's Darren Rovell has taken a look at that, considering everything from tickets and food to parking, TV capabilities and even the full inclusion of gambling in stadiums.

What's your ideal sports future?

And now for this week's stadium news:

- Here's a look at some of the best stadiums that are no longer with us . As a Clevelander, it's excellent - and slightly heartbreaking - to see Municipal Stadium make this list.

- The Oakland Athletics will be returning to Mesa for Spring Training in 2015.

- Sure, the GEO Group has been accused of human rights violations in its facilities, but it's still really hard to give up on "Owlcatraz."

- Major League Soccer finds itself in a relationship with Flushing-Meadows Corona Park that is going nowhere , and may bail soon.

- Dodger Stadium now has the first 1080p video boards in all of baseball - now you'll be able to watch the highest payroll underperform in perfect clarity!

- Speaking of Dodger Stadium, is it a potential key in bringing the NFL back to Los Angeles?

- Jackson State really wants a $200 million domed stadium, but the city and state will be able to use it as well.

- If the Atlanta Falcons' new stadium has a retractable roof, they'll have to make the immensely tough decision between natural grass and turf.

- Camden Yards and M&T Bank Stadium have now instituted smoking bans, and not everyone is psyched, but eventually they'll realize that it's 2013 and it was bound to happen at some point.

- An emergency evacuation warning (which was a false alarm) went off in the stadium during the Mariners-Indians game in Goodyear, Arizona, and everyone pretty much stood around. The lazy days of Spring Training are the best.


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