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Top 100 Stadium Experiences of 2015

By Paul Swaney -- January 07, 2016 2:03 PM EST


For the fifth consecutive season, we are very pleased to present our ranking of the 100 best stadium experiences of 2015. The correspondents of Stadium Journey have now reviewed more than 2,300 venues, and we continue to make return visits to update our information and assessments for you the fan. Our ratings take into account the food & beverage served in the stadium, the overall atmosphere, the neighborhood where the stadium is located, the fans, access (which includes traffic, parking, ability to move around, and restrooms), the overall return on investment, and one final “extras” category. We use the ratings of our correspondents as our primary ranking tool, with the ratings of our members as a tiebreaker. For the full review, just click on any of the stadium names listed below. Enjoy the Journey in 2016!

  1. Oriole Park at Camden Yards - Home of the Baltimore Orioles

    It may have been a trying year for Baltimore and their hometown Orioles baseball team, but fans should know that Oriole Park at Camden Yards is still the best.

  2. AMSOIL Arena - Home of the Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs

    Amsoil Arena was designed to take the history of hockey in Duluth and capture it all in one place, and capture it, they did. Adorned with floor-to-ceiling glass on one side that looks out onto the picturesque Duluth skyline, to the artistic terrazzo floor and unique blue light fixtures, to the open wall that allows you to see inside the arena before passing through the gates, the lobby provides a fantastic greeting to Amsoil Arena. Bulldog pride is in full force throughout Amsoil Arena.

  3. PNC Park - Home of the Pittsburgh Pirates

    Located on the North Shore of Pittsburgh, an extension of the city's North Side, PNC Park is in a great up-and-coming area of the city. PNC Park is highlighted by its unique 21-foot tall right field wall, dubbed the Clemente Wall, in honor of former Pirates legend Roberto Clemente, who wore number 21. The stadium offers all fans seats with incredible views. The ballpark is built outwards instead of upwards to allow fans to simply look forward instead of right down on top of the action, like most other ballparks.

  4. Busch Stadium - Home of the St. Louis Cardinals

    Baseball Heaven does more than lay claim to a team which has established the best 15-year winning percentage in franchise history and the second most World Series titles at 11. It describes what every baseball fan wants when stepping through the turnstiles; to be welcomed and appreciated by everyone you come in contact with, and leave feeling the experience exceeded expectations, no matter what the outcome.

  5. Daytona International Speedway - Home of the Daytona 500

    The atmosphere at Daytona has always been great. It is the biggest event in NASCAR racing and this speedway is the most prestigious. The fans have always been excited about the Daytona 500 and 2015 was no different. But now, with the additions of even more luxurious accommodations, there are additional "wow" factors associated with Daytona. When going up into those new seats installed in Turn 1 and looking out at the view of the entire facility, it makes even seasoned Daytona veterans stand there and take it all in for a minute before looking for their own seats. People make a point of showing up early to check out all the new concession areas and souvenir stands. In 2015, many caught the Kid Rock pre-race concert on one of the many TVs in the concourse area as well.

  6. Compton Family Ice Arena - Home of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish

    The new ice and the new $50 million facility are both immaculate, and you can certainly add a trip to Compton Family Ice Arena to your must see list if you are a fan of college hockey. In fact, it may very well be possible to see a football game at Notre Dame Stadium as well as a hockey game in the same day. Check the schedules carefully in October and November.

  7. Founders Park - Home of the South Carolina Gamecocks

    Some places just do college baseball better. Before you walk through the gates and are greeted by two national championship trophies, you’ll be greeted by tailgaters, boiled peanuts, cold beer and general excitement.

  8. AT&T Center - Home of the San Antonio Spurs

    The Spurs are perhaps the most understated team in NBA history, having quietly won five championships since 1999 with Tim Duncan, the least controversial star the league has ever seen. Fortunately for fans, their arena is similar in many respects: clean, smartly designed, and doing things the right way. If there were a championship for best venue in the league, it would be hard to top the AT&T Center, our pick for the best arena experience in the NBA.

  9. Parkview Field - Home of the Fort Wayne TinCaps

    Many organizations may be tempted to rest on their laurels, or at the very least continue on their current path. But there is a reason why Parkview Field has been ranked the top minor league ballpark by Stadium Journey two years in a row, and four times in the last five years. They simply refuse to stand pat. The TinCaps management is always searching for new ways to improve the ballpark experience for their fans. Outside the box thinking is the norm here in Fort Wayne. For the 2016 season, the innovations will just keep on coming.

  10. Lucas Oil Stadium - Home of the Indianapolis Colts

    What else can be said of the Indianapolis Colts game day experience at Lucas Oil Stadium? This is our 5th annual ranking of the best stadium experiences in sports, and each year we have rated the home of the Colts to be the very best in the NFL. The first thing you need to understand is that you have to go to a game to truly appreciate this venue. It looks great on TV, but when you actually make the trip to Indianapolis you are able to appreciate all the fine details that are offered.

  11. Blue Wahoos Stadium - Home of the Pensacola Blue Wahoos

    Everything about the stadium screams you should have a good time at a Blue Wahoos game. The seats come with great sightlines, and plenty of room is available to move about the rows. The crowd and staff at the ballpark give off friendly vibes and workers being recognized at a game for their performance helps encourage this. Seeing Pensacola Bay from just about any seat adds an element to Pensacola Bayfront Stadium that most ballparks do not possess.

  12. Alex Box Stadium at Skip Bertman Field - Home of the LSU Tigers

    The Tiger baseball experience at Alex Box Stadium has it all, from a powerhouse ballclub, state of the art facility, great food selection, a rabid fan base, and an intimidating atmosphere for opposing teams. Fans of college baseball would be wise to make the pilgrimage to Baton Rouge part of their ballpark bucket list.

  13. Notre Dame Stadium - Home of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish

    Going to a game at Notre Dame Stadium is an iconic experience that every college football fan should take part in. Built in 1930, Notre Dame Stadium seats 80,795 for football. The stadium has been the home to nine of the 11 teams who have won the National Championship for Notre Dame, including the stadium’s inaugural season. The stadium has a classic bowl shape and there are few bad seats in the place. Recent expansions have done little to detract from the game day experience. Touchdown Jesus is still visible from parts of the upper areas of the stadium, even with the new scoreboard. Recent press box and luxury suite fixes haven’t taken much away from the atmosphere either.

  14. Providence Park - Home of the Portland Timbers

    The stadium, being almost 90 years old, has a huge amount of character. The west side of the stadium shows its age with the large wooden beams supporting the roof and the upper sections of seating with no seat backs really gives you a feeling of nostalgia. To contrast that, the east side of the stadium is totally modern, having been added back in 2010. When the seats on the east side are empty, you can see Portland spelled out on the seat backs. Even though the sides are so different, it is a perfect combination of classic and current.

  15. Children’s Mercy Park - Home of the Sporting KC

    In 2015, Sporting KC was once again the US Open Cup Champs (having previously won the title in 2004 and 2012). They made the playoffs for the fifth straight season. The team and stadium are so beloved by locals that they’re working on a 70 game sellout streak, a number sure to rise in the 2016 campaign. The club is a model of continuity and success for a professional sports team, is engaged with their fans more than any other team in major sports, and boasts one of the best designed stadiums.

  16. Fenway Park - Home of the Boston Red Sox

    Despite its age, Fenway Park has undergone frequent renovations over the course of its long and illustrious history, keeping it modern and ensuring its viability into the next century. The team on the field has kept pace, winning three World Series championships in the 21st century. No other ballpark in the nation does a better job of mixing historical aspects with modern amenities. Suffice it to say Fenway Park is one venue any baseball fan should visit at least once in their lifetime.

  17. M&T Bank Stadium - Home of the Baltimore Ravens

    The Baltimore Ravens spent $35 million in recent years to upgrade the fan experience at M&T Bank Stadium. The concourse features bright signage, good audio quality, and nicely designed concession stands. New artwork on the club level depicts some of the Ravens' most successful seasons of the past.

  18. Frontier Field - Home of the Rochester Red Wings

    To say Rochester, New York has a bit of baseball history is an understatement of biblical proportions. It has one of only six sports franchises in North America (and the only in the minor leagues) to play continuously in the same city and league since the 19th century, and (along with the Hamilton Canadian Football League team) is one of only two North American teams to win championships in every decade of the 20th century. The Rochester franchise has gone by the "Red Wings" name since 1929 and, since 2003, is the Twins affiliate in the AAA International League (after epic stints affiliated with the Orioles for 41 years and the Cardinals for 31 years).

  19. MTS Centre - Home of the Winnipeg Jets

    In the fall of 2011, the NHL puck dropped once again in Winnipeg and the experience of watching an NHL game in this city has become an event ever since. On opening night, it was 16 years of pent up emotion, frustration, desire and hope that poured over the boards onto the ice surface at MTS Centre from the fans in the stands. They have not stopped passionately cheering since.

  20. Wrigley Field - Home of the Chicago Cubs

    The “1060 project” at Wrigley Field has completed phase one and the results are stunning, leaving many fans looking forward to the other projects planned over the next five off seasons at the 101 year old ballpark. For the 2015 season improvements included complete replacement and expansion of the bleachers in left and right field, improved and expanded concessions in the bleachers, and the addition of two video boards. The larger video board in left field shows replays and focuses on the current batter and game statistics while the smaller video board in right field usually has both teams’ lineups. Of course both boards also play the much discussed revenue-generating advertisements between innings and during breaks in the action. The ballpark has been fitted with modern day amenities, but stills holds its historical appeal.

  21. Staples Center - Home of the Los Angeles Lakers

    The proud Lakers organization has certainly experienced better times, but there is still a certain mystique that comes with attending a game at Staples Center. Easily the most notable part of the atmosphere is the "Lights Out" campaign, providing the action on the court as a theater-like experience. Only the basketball court itself is illuminated and the fans sit among dimmed lighting.

  22. Xcel Energy Center - Home of the Minnesota Wild

    Hockey has a special place in the hearts of Minnesotans. It is, for all intents and purposes, the state sport. Sure, Minnesota has sports teams that have more history – the Vikings – and have been more successful – the Twins – but the Minnesota Wild hold a special place in the hearts of Minnesotans, and nothing exhibits that more than the mecca they’ve constructed to the sport they hold so dear.

  23. Rupp Arena - Home of the Kentucky Wildcats

    Wildcat basketball fans are a unique breed in the world of sports. With no professional teams to offer competition in the state of Kentucky, UK is truly the states' team and fans will flock from all parts of the state given a chance to attend a game at Rupp Arena. Their knowledge of the game and team is second to none.

  24. Mariucci Arena - Home of the Minnesota Golden Gophers

    This 10,000-seat arena has a one seating bowl design. Due to this design, there are no nooks, crannies, or obstructions to worry about. Just pick your favorite viewing area and buy the ticket. Fast and exciting action on the ice combined with a passionate fan base creates a thrilling fan experience. The amount of historical artifacts and pictures around the arena is another reason to go to Mariucci. Regardless of your rooting interest on the ice, you won't go home disappointed in this true hockey arena experience.

  25. Raley Field - Home of the Sacramento River Cats

    The old cliché, "There isn't a bad seat in the house" definitely applies to Raley Field. Built in 2000, fan comfort and viewing ease were at the top of the priority list. Sightlines are great from any seat and lawn seating allows for an inexpensive way to bring the whole family. Low sitting lawn chairs are permitted in the grassy berms.

  26. Durham Bulls Athletic Park - Home of the Durham Bulls

    The DBAP was built after Camden Yards in Baltimore started the new "classic" ballpark era, and is similar to many MLB parks of this era. The stadium is built in the city, and recent development has created a scenic skyline all around the park. The Bulls do a great job of combining a fun night out for local families, a cool hangout for adults, and a baseball atmosphere for die-hard fans.

  27. CenturyLink Field - Home of the Seattle Sounders FC

    One of the few MLS franchises to play in an NFL home, this stadium is one of the best in pro football. Chief among the elements which make it so great is the highly vertical rise of seating as opposed to horizontal depth which puts seats further back from the action. Fans feel like they are right on top of the action as levels extend more upward than outward. The intimacy in such a large structure is uncommon and makes attending events here so much better.

  28. FedExForum - Home of the Memphis Tigers

    Memphis Tiger basketball fans are a raucous, entertaining bunch, to say the least. Referee-baiting, calling out opposing players by name, and the occasional pithy chant are all on display when the Tigers crash the FEF. Crowds are generally in excess of 16,500, even for obscure opposition. The pyrotechnics and graphics on the big board for player intros are top notch and take the measure of many professional sport franchises.

  29. Lambeau Field - Home of the Green Bay Packers

    Thanks to the south scoreboard, Lambeau Field stands as the tallest building in the city. It remains steeped in history despite numerous renovations to meet the demands of today’s NFL. The longest active tenured home in professional football (3rd longest in professional sports) has hosted an Ice Bowl, a Snow Bowl, outdoor hockey, country music stars, and Wisconsin/LSU football (scheduled for 2017). The 80,000 seat Frozen Tundra is the center of the Wisconsin sports universe on eight Sundays each year and lives up to the “Shrine of Pro Football” moniker.

  30. Moda Center - Home of the Portland Trail Blazers

    There are already plenty of great reasons to visit Portland, and an NBA game at the Moda Center should be on the bucket list of any basketball fan. The crowd responses to the action make it an ideal place for any sports fan.

  31. Ohio Stadium - Home of the Ohio State Buckeyes

    The Ohio State Buckeyes were the winner of the first College Football Playoff, taking the 2014 title as the fourth seed and bringing the program and the B1G back to the forefront of the sport, after several years of southern domination. This is only fitting, because Ohio Stadium, home of the Buckeyes, is one of the best sporting destinations in the land and the team on the field often matches the overall game day experience.

  32. AutoZone Park - Home of the Memphis Redbirds

    The first pitch was thrown in the year 2000 at AutoZone Park. Although that year implies it might be seasoned, the venue shows minimal wear and all of the locals still call it “Our new ballpark.” Strategically placed in the heart of downtown, a family evening at AutoZone Park exposes everybody to so much more. You might drive down Riverside Drive and see the mighty Mississippi River on your arrival. You could park near the legendary Beale Street, or walk by the infamous Peabody Hotel or simply stroll close enough to catch a whiff of the smoke from the world famous Charlie Vergo’s Rendezvous BBQ restaurant. Getting into AutoZone Park can be half the fun.

  33. Bryant-Denny Stadium - Home of the Alabama Crimson Tide

    This is the place to be on a Saturday afternoon. The fans, the city of Tuscaloosa, the food and the game itself make Bryant-Denny Stadium a very enjoyable experience. The people in Alabama love the Crimson Tide and they know how fortunate they have a team that wins consistently. That is why this stadium is a must see if you are a fan of college football or just fan of sports in general.

  34. BB&T Ballpark - Home of the Charlotte Knights

    As the cold winds dissipate and the leaves return to the trees, though, the thoughts of many of those same Panther fans turn to baseball. Luckily for them, one of the best baseball experiences in the game can be found at BB&T Ballpark, less than a half-mile from the home of their beloved football club.

  35. TicketReturn.com Field at Pelicans Ballpark - Home of the Myrtle Beach Pelicans

    Myrtle Beach is known by many in the southeast as a popular summer destination. The city is home to many beach resorts, tons of shopping, and famous golfing. A close neighbor to the outdoor mall, Broadway at the Beach, is TicketReturn.com Field. The ballpark opened in 1999 and has been the only home the Pelicans have ever known. Since moving here from Danville, VA (and before that, Durham, NC), the Pelicans have done an amazing job of catering to both local die-hards and casual tourists. With the massive variety of food options and many entertainment options, TicketReturn.com Field is easily a premier minor league venue.

  36. Chase Field - Home of the Arizona Diamondbacks

    Going to a Diamondback game should be treated as an all-day event, especially for those fans that don’t get to go to Chase Field or Downtown Phoenix all that often. The entire area around Chase Field has turned into a booming entertainment district, offering all kinds of entertainment and dining options for old and young alike.

  37. KeyBank Center - Home of the Buffalo Bandits

    There are a ton of reasons to catch a National Lacrosse League (NLL) game. The price is right. The scoring is high. The experience is awesome. When you make the decision to see some indoor lacrosse, the top of the bucket list has to be the Buffalo Bandits.

  38. Staples Center - Home of the Los Angeles Clippers

    Our first venue in 2015 to make the list twice, Staples Center is a premier venue. The improvement of the Clippers have made this arena a great place to visit an NBA game regardless of whom the home team may be. The chance to see a CP3 to Griffin or Jordan dunk makes this a must see attraction.

  39. Michigan Stadium - Home of the Michigan Wolverines

    The Big House had an all new energy in 2015 with the addition of new head coach Jim Harbaugh. In 2014, the Wolverines finished behind Ohio State for average attendance, but in 2015 they were back on top, averaging 110,168 per game, leading all of college football. Michigan Stadium has always been special, but once again it feels like the Big House.

  40. Trustmark Park - Home of the Mississippi Braves

    With Jackson's history of Minor League Baseball, it should not come as much of a surprise that many fans have readily adopted the Mississippi Braves as their squad. All throughout a game, a buzz can be heard and felt in the stadium. Rarely is there a quiet moment. No one feels too far away from the action, because the seating all works downward, as the playing surface is in a recessed bowl. In sections 108-112, fans can actually sit just below the playing surface.

  41. Heinz Field - Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers

    Heinz Field has several elements that set it apart from most NFL stadiums. The first is the FedEx Great Hall, a shrine to Pittsburgh’s long and successful history in the NFL. Amongst the displays are a History of the Terrible Towel, the actual lockers of several Steeler greats, including Franco Harris, Mean Joe Greene and Lynn Swann, a section devoted to the Immaculate Reception, and salutes to each of the six Super Bowl winning teams the Steelers have fielded. A second very obvious feature is the two huge Heinz Ketchup bottles atop the scoreboard. If filled with ketchup, these bottles would hold more than one million ounces of this famous brand of condiment. The bottles “dip and pour” whenever the home team reaches the red zone.

  42. Target Field - Home of the Minnesota Twins

    The seating areas are comfortable and spacious at Target Field. The seating pitch is angled most fans won't have a problem seeing above the person in front of them. The best areas to sit in the park are between the third base line and the first base line. These views showcase the Minneapolis skyline, as well as the massive scoreboard in left field. The Twins added a smaller scoreboard for fans in the left field seats. For a real treat, the sunset at a Twins game is a must see if you are seated between left field and home plate. Downtown Minneapolis has some impressive glass structures and the sunset shines off of the glass, giving these buildings a blue and orange coating until the sun goes fully down.

  43. Huntington Park - Home of the Columbus Clippers

    The designers of Huntington Park clearly put a lot of thought into it, from the center field fence running along the abutting sidewalk, to the double-decked "Hamburger Balcony" out in right, to the complete refurbishment of the building in left into the Power Pavilion that houses restaurants and stores, with its own bleachers on the roof. Downtown Columbus pokes up behind all of this to provide the backdrop for your game.

  44. Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium - Home of the Vancouver Canadians

    The C’s were busy expanding Nat Bailey Stadium in the offseason prior to the 2015 season. They added nearly 1,000 seats to raise their capacity to 6,013. The Hey Y’all Porch in left field is brand new, as are the seats lining the left field baseline. You will not find a 64 year-old stadium in better shape than The Nat.

  45. KeyBank Center - Home of the Buffalo Sabres

    This is the second venue to make our list with multiple tenants, a tribute to how versatile this downtown facility is. It was built just a block away from Buffalo’s old Memorial Auditorium, a beloved sports barn that served the region for over half a century and was recently demolished. The arena, located at the foot of Main Street in Buffalo, is the anchor of the emerging Canalside and Cobblestone districts, which are finally seeing interest and development after too long a period of stasis and inertia. Attached to the First Niagara Center is the newly opened HarborCenter, a mixed use facility with parking, two hockey rinks, fitness center and hockey training facility, restaurants and retail, and a new hotel. Buffalo is positioning itself as a first class destination for tournaments and sports travel, and the hockey arena is right in the middle of things.

  46. Philips Arena - Home of the Atlanta Hawks

    The new Pac Man style logo in the middle of the court is flawless. The old-school logo gives the arena an edge it didn't have before the 2014-2015 season. The fans are starting to get behind the Hawks because the team is starting to play its best basketball in recent memory. The Kia Sixth Man section features some of the best basketball fans in the country. They are loud, hold up signs and they never sit down.

  47. Carrier Dome - Home of the Syracuse Orange

    Nestled in the hills of Central New York, the Carrier Dome pops out of the landscape as you travel west on I-81. At night, it’s lit up orange. Hosting one of the best basketball programs in the country, the Dome routinely sees at least 25,000 flock through its doors for a basketball game. The Dome features one of the best atmospheres for any collegiate sporting event. Crowds flock to the Syracuse campus early to pregame at the local bars, in the parking lots and to explore the Dome’s pregame activities.

  48. Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium - Home of the Navy Midshipmen

    It was a historic year for the Midshipmen in 2015, playing in their first year as members of the American Athletic Conference. A great sense of tradition is prevalent at a Navy football game. Memorials are scattered all over the stadium and class honors and battle names are evident nearly everywhere. The battle names on the front of the seating sections are unique as they honor the many battles fought for American freedom.

  49. Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium - Home of the Texas Longhorns

    The 2015 season was a terrible season for the Longhorns and their fans. Still, the classic horseshoe design of Texas Memorial Stadium is conducive to a wonderful game day atmosphere. You'll still find Texas-style tailgating including wood-fire smokers, cowboy hats, cowgirls in dresses and boots, and state flags flying high. Inside the stadium you'll hear songs about Texas including “Deep in the Heart of Texas” and the “Eyes of Texas,” and you'll also see the world's largest Texas flag proudly displayed on the field during pregame. You might even catch a sighting of BEVO, who is not only the university mascot but also a symbol of the historical early Texas cattle drives.

  50. Bristol Motor Speedway - Home of the Bristol Motor Speedway

    Opened in 1961, Bristol Motor Speedway> has gone through many changes just like any other sporting venue. Where Bristol was once an asphalt oval with 22-degree banking, it is now surfaced with concrete and has 36-degree banking. The grandstands have grown from concrete bleachers with seating for 18,000 to a structure that could compete with the best football stadiums in the country. The track now has seating for over 155,000 fans, arranged in a complete bowl, and luxury suites that circle the upper levels of the grandstands.

  51. Dudy Noble Field - Home of the Mississippi State Bulldogs

    Considered by many to be one of the top on-campus baseball venues in the country, Dudy Noble Field at Polk-DeMent Stadium has played host to the top ten highest-attended, on-campus baseball games in NCAA history. The stadium was the host site of the first SEC tournament and has hosted 12 NCAA regional tournaments.

  52. English Field - Home of the Virginia Tech Hokies

    Virginia Tech does not charge admission to baseball games (or softball or volleyball games, for that matter, nor many other sports). Parking is also free, so except for concessions and maybe team gear, there is nothing you need to buy. For such a unique venue, this is definitely a stadium to put on your college baseball bucket list. There are many different vantage points to watch the game from, Many different vantage points are available to watch the game, the seating is unique, and the traditions are a lot of fun.

  53. Liberty Baseball Stadium - Home of the Liberty Flames

    With a pristine playing surface, wonderful views in almost any direction, comfortable seats, a great product on the field and some of the nicest people you'll encounter anywhere, a trip to Lynchburg to see a Flames game needs to be on your to-do list. The open feel of the Liberty Baseball Stadium yields to a distant view of the Blue Ridge Mountains beyond the wall in left-center. The building for LU's online department is visible across Evans Boulevard beyond the wall in right-center, just beyond a series of flags that display the current Big South Conference standings. Liberty creates quite a bit of the hype themselves, as the school is one of the best around at marketing and ad placement. Liberty Baseball Stadium certainly lives up to the billing given it by fans and supporters of the school.

  54. Russ Chandler Stadium - Home of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

    Russ Chandler Stadium has seen its share of great baseball, as the team has been to the College World Series four times. Because of the history of the stadium as well as the team, Russ Chandler is a great place to experience college baseball. From the quality of play to the between-inning contests they have for kids, the officials at Russ Chandler Stadium understand what it takes to get fans into the stadium and make sure they come back.

  55. Baum Stadium at George Cole Field - Home of the Arkansas Razorbacks

    The ballpark opened in 1996 and has been renovated four times since then, with three of the four renovations resulting in expansions of the park’s seating. With a total capacity of 10,737, Baum Stadium is the fourth-largest college baseball venue in the United States and the second-largest in the SEC. The ballpark provides an elite atmosphere, especially when it comes to many of the other college baseball venues in the area. There are tons of promotional contests and activities going on, the music between the innings is the type that people actually enjoy listening to and the PA announcer is very lively and keeps the crowd engaged.

  56. Dee Glen Smith Spectrum - Home of the Utah State Aggies

    The doors open one hour before tipoff and for some games, the students have been waiting in line for hours -- sometimes all day. The student section, which constitutes half of the stadium, fills up fast and all the way to the brim. There is a buzz from the moment the doors open and the famous chants and heckling intended for opposing teams, begins much before tipoff.

  57. Mike Martin Field at Dick Howser Stadium - Home of the Florida State Seminoles

    Nestled on the campus of Florida State, fans get to see quite a bit of the university on their way into the stadium. With hanging moss on the oaks that surround the parking lot and a circus tent across the street behind right field, it makes for an interesting trip into the stadium. Fans getting to the game early enough can watch warm-ups close to the field, and several Seminole players will come by the fences and sign autographs for fans.

  58. Kohl Center - Home of the Wisconsin Badgers

    As you approach the well-lighted Kohl Center exterior, you immediately begin to get that feeling that you are going to be in a special place. Through the front entrance, you find the Dale Chihuly glass sculptures, known as the Mendota Wall (representing nearby Lake Mendota). It's a beautiful piece of art, even if you don't know about Murano-style glass. Walking the concourse, you'll find numerous displays, including an interesting timeline of Wisconsin sports accomplishments, which includes championship trophies for all of the Badger athletic teams. It is worth your time to arrive at least 30 minutes before the puck drops so you can walk the concourse and learn more about the history of this prestigious athletic history.

  59. Phog Allen Fieldhouse - Home of the Kansas Jayhawks

    In these parts, if the University of Kansas men’s basketball serves as a religion to many, then the six-decade-old sports venue is its cathedral where traditions are preserved and history is chronicled. A stroll through the hallway leading to the KU locker room tells the story with banners featuring a series of numbers: 56 conference titles, 16 College Basketball Hall of Fame members, 14 Final Four appearances, five national championships.

  60. Fluor Field at the West End - Home of the Greenville Drive

    Fluor FIeld at the West End is the home of the Greenville Drive of the South Atlantic League. The 5,700-seat stadium debuted on April 6, 2006 and borrows many elements from its parent club, the Boston Red Sox, and their home Fenway Park. Its near identical dimensions with Pesky’s Pole in right field, the Green Monster, and the singing of “Sweet Caroline” have made many refer to the park as “Little Fenway.” However, there are also attributes inspired by the city of Greenville as many of the bricks used to construct both the stadium and the apartments in back of the outfield were reclaimed from local textile mills. Also, famous players and past teams are highlighted throughout the concourse with “Shoeless” Joe Jackson being paramount. Some even say his ghost is in the outfield.

  61. Jones AT&T Stadium - Home of the Texas Tech Red Raiders

    Jones AT&T Stadium is a great looking stadium from the outside, with beautiful brickwork, and is a ton of fun on the inside, with a great crowd, good sight lines, and lots of fun traditions. The stadium has undergone $135 million in renovations since 2003, including new luxury boxes and club seats, new concessions and restrooms throughout the stadium, a new locker room and press box, a new high-def video board, and a brand-new sound system.

  62. AT&T Stadium - Home of the Dallas Cowboys

    The atmosphere surrounding AT&T Stadium is alive and electric, and begins hours before kickoff when the tailgaters are allowed to set up. Since tailgating is limited to designated areas, space is limited, so plan accordingly if you like to tailgate. The atmosphere is friendly no matter which team colors you wear. In a short time, the stadium has become one of the premier stadiums in the world breaking numerous attendance records. Besides being the home of the Dallas Cowboys, the stadium has hosted events such as Super Bowl XLV, the NBA All-Star game, NCAA Final Four, the annual AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic, and Academy of Country Music Awards.

  63. Yost Ice Arena - Home of the Michigan Wolverines

    Passed all of the tradition and success that the Wolverines have seen over the years, Yost Ice Arena is one of the premier destinations for all fans of hockey at any level. A truly unique experience, Yost merges modern convenience with old school tradition.

  64. Bank of America Stadium - Home of the Carolina Panthers

    The Carolina Panthers have taken steps to improve the fan experience, and these additions are quite noticeable throughout the game. The Black and Blue Fan Patrol is in place to keep the crowd fired up during key moments in the game, shoot t-shirts into the seats and make things more lively during breaks in the action. The large video boards at either end of the seating bowl also show highlights of games in progress during stoppages in play and halftime, which helps connect fans to the other action going on around the league.

  65. Homestead-Miami Speedway - Home of the Homestead-Miami Speedway

    No track comes close to Homestead-Miami Speedway when it comes to fan access, fan friendliness, and the quality of the product you see on the track. For years to come, fans will continue to flock to this facility that has grown to become one of the best in all of sports. Whether you're visiting for NASCAR or a small SCCA race, the experience at the track is without a doubt one of the best in the country.

  66. Crisler Center - Home of the Michigan Wolverines

    The only school to place three venues on this year’s ranking list, Crisler Center feels like an entirely new building after renovations were completed in 2012. What used to be a dark concourse with standard displays to past Wolverine athletics accomplishments has become a bright and fun feast for the eyes. The entrance to Crisler Arena used to be less than ideal with steps to climb and long lines running out the door into the cold winter weather. The new northeast entrance has created more interior space, a quicker entry, and a beautiful escalator entrance to the new main lobby of Crisler. You’ll find a new waterfall, Kids Zone, concession stands, and trophy display area.

  67. Amalie Arena - Home of the Tampa Bay Lightning

    More than $47 million out of Lightning owner Jeff Vinik's pocket and private funding, and not a penny from the taxpayer, was used to bring Amalie Arena up to its current state of grace. The replacement of every single seat in the arena with cushioned seats and cup holders, including the 300-level, was complemented with the addition of a fully-functional electronic pipe organ located above a full service bar called "Between the Pipes." Working Tesla coils hang from the rafters in the corners of the facility and all four corners along the 100-level open to overlook the ice from the concourse. The coup de grâce of the facility is the largest scoreboard in North America; it spans from blue line to blue line. The arena is equivalent to AT&T Stadium, and marginally larger than the one in Houston’s Toyota Center.

  68. Dom Cardillo Arena at the Kitchener Memorial Auditorium - Home of the Kitchener Rangers

    The Aud has been described at times as a mini Maple Leaf Gardens. The atmosphere is unmatched in the entire Canadian Hockey League. If there is one thing that the Rangers are better at than any team in the OHL and possibly all sport, it is showcasing their history.

  69. Coors Field - Home of the Colorado Rockies

    Though the product on the field hasn't had a whole lot to cheer about the last few seasons, the ballpark is still a remarkable venue to visit. It does not look its 20 years of age. If you haven't been in a while, it may be time for a return visit to Coors Field.

  70. CenturyLink Field - Home of the Seattle Seahawks

    CenturyLink Field is the third venue to make our list more than once this season. Before you walk into the stadium, you can feel the energy the fans bring to the event hours before the game. Located in the SoDo district just south of downtown, you can have a great view of the skyline based on your seating area. It makes for picturesque scenery on almost any game day.

  71. AT&T Park - Home of the San Francisco Giants

    Easily in the upper echelon of major league ballparks, AT&T Park offers just about all of the amenities you'll need and the crowds show up in numbers consistently. Winning three World Series in five years clearly helps,and there’s a definite excitement and cockiness around the ballpark in the usually full stands.

  72. McLane Stadium - Home of the Baylor Bears

    After 65 years of playing football four miles off campus at Floyd Casey Stadium, the Baylor Bears football program has returned home. In the evening of August 31, 2014, on the shore of the Brazos River, Baylor University opened one of college football’s most scenic campus stadiums. McLane Stadium became the third on-campus college football stadium to be accessible by water, joining Washington’s Husky Stadium, and Tennessee’s Neyland Stadium. The stadium’s horseshoe infrastructure with a seating capacity of 45,000 was designed by the well-known sports architecture firm Populous, at a cost of $250 million.

  73. Washington-Grizzly Stadium - Home of the Montana Grizzlies

    The Grizzly Marching Band, PA announcer, piped in music, and the video board are well coordinated and make a very professional presentation throughout the game. The PA guy does a good job of keeping the crowd informed of down and distance and delights the crowd with his signature sharp and loud "FIRST DOWN!" after which the entire crowd responds "MONTANA!" Missoula is not your typical Montana cow town. The city definitely has more of a Pacific Northwest vibe - think Portland or Seattle. There are a ton of recreational activities available in and around Missoula including hiking, mountain biking, road cycling, canoeing, rafting, fly fishing, skiing, and much, much more. It's hard to get out of shape in a place that has so many outdoor activities to offer.

  74. Gila River Arena - Home of the Arizona Coyotes

    Gila River Arena has replaced US Airways Center as the premier entertainment venue in the Valley of the Sun, hosting some of the biggest music artists in the business, as well as the Harlem Globetrotters and high school basketball tournaments. One of the main reasons that the Coyotes needed to move out of US Airways Center was because there were obstructed seats at both ends of the arena, forcing fans to look up at the video board if the puck was in the end closest to them. Gila River Arena was designed so the concourse areas would be open to the ice. That allowed for some standing room areas, especially on the upper level, and every seat has a perfect view of the ice.

  75. Isotopes Park - Home of the Albuquerque Isotopes

    The Isotopes franchise began play in 2003. Beginning the 13th year in the PCL, the Isotopes have gone from triple-A affiliates of the Florida Marlins to the Los Angeles Dodgers, and beginning in 2015, the Colorado Rockies. While the affiliations changed, the one constant has always been the great ballpark simply known as “The Lab.”

  76. CenturyLink Center - Home of the Creighton Bluejays

    Many of the Creighton athletes and fans are spoiled, in a good way. They get to watch their baseball team play at TD Ameritrade Park, a fabulous venue. The basketball team is also privileged to play in a great arena. CenturyLink Center has great food, a fabulous atmosphere, and the fans are tremendous. It is rarely thought of among the elite arenas in college basketball, but the arena combined with a fabulous downtown Omaha makes any effort to attend a game here well worth the trip.

  77. Fifth Third Field - Home of the Dayton Dragons

    From the first home game, the team began a string of sellouts at Fifth Third Field that survives to this day, and reached a staggering 1,000 games on May 10, 2014. No other team in professional sports in North America has ever had a streak of sellouts extend this long.The Dragons have become one of minor league sports great success stories. The team blends professional amenities (for fans and players alike) with the more casual environment of minor league baseball. A night at a Dragons game offers experiences to suit many different types of fans and appears to serve them all well. Dayton's Fifth Third Field offers one of the great baseball experiences in the minor leagues, and the Dragons sellout streak is well earned.

  78. Wells Fargo Center - Home of the Philadelphia Flyers

    Philadelphia fans have a reputation in the sports world. And some of that reputation is probably justified. But you will also find that Flyers fans, in particular, are one of the most knowledgeable fan bases and are passionate about their team and hockey. Wells Fargo Center is an impressive arena. It is large, but has the intimacy of a much smaller venue.

  79. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium - Home of the Florida Gators

    The atmosphere has gotten even better. The team is winning under head coach Jim McElwain and the fans are excited again. A new video is displayed during pregame on the new massive video board located in the south end zone. This video will give any Gator fan watery eyes.

  80. Scottrade Center - Home of the St. Louis Blues

    It is a sensory treat to witness a Blues game and the club realizes, as the Cardinals long have figured out, you have to add value to the experience. Good stuff, and, as compared to the other 29 clubs, it stands as one of the very best experiences in the NHL.

  81. Autzen Stadium - Home of the Oregon Ducks

    Autzen Stadium, home of the Oregon Ducks, is the crown jewel in the university’s sports complex. Built in 1967, the stadium has been updated and modernized and now holds 54,000 fans. Autzen Stadium sports a massive video screen that stands as a beacon within the complex. Looking past the complex, the views from the upper levels of the stadium provide a picturesque view of the Willamette Valley. It’s difficult to imagine another venue with a more pleasing atmosphere.

  82. FirstEnergy Stadium - Home of the Reading Fightin Phils

    As soon as you come into the main entrance to the stadium you feel like you are in for a party. The team and stadium staff make every game a true event. This is the place to be in the Reading area night after night.

  83. Quicken Loans Arena - Home of the Cleveland Cavaliers

    With the Cavaliers back in the playoffs and LeBron James reclaiming his throne as the King of Cleveland, the fans have been quick to forgive and have come back to Quicken Loans Arena, averaged over 20,500 fans during the 2014-2015 season, good for second best in the NBA. The play on the court, combined with a great food and beverage program, first class technological amenities, and a great downtown location combine to make Quicken Loans Arena one of the best experiences in the NBA, and one that should be on every basketball fan’s bucket list.

  84. Giant Center - Home of the Hershey Bears

    The Hershey Bears have quite a bit of history to fall back on. Founded in 1932, the team is the oldest continuously-operating professional ice hockey team in North America, outside of the "Original Six" of the National Hockey League. Originally known as the Hershey B'ars and once even as the Hershey Chocolate B'ars, the team is also the oldest member club of the American Hockey League. The arena invokes memories of the old Hersheypark Arena. You can almost close your eyes and forget you are in a new arena. But even with your eyes open, you will witness a fantastic old hockey barn kind of arena. It really takes the best of the old and mixes it with new, modern amenities.

  85. Arrowhead Stadium - Home of the Kansas City Chiefs

    From before you even enter the stadium, you would be hard pressed to not have a good time. Tailgating is a big deal in Kansas City. It's easy to chat up Chiefs fans as you walk through the parking lots. They are a friendly bunch of folks and don't be surprised if you are offered a beverage or some great pre game food. The stadium is abuzz as kickoff approaches and other than halftime, it never wanes. At the end of the National Anthem, the entire stadium shouts, "...home of the Chiefs." Touchdowns have their own songs and celebration and there is deafening noise throughout. Noise is no stranger to Arrowhead. In fact, Chiefs fans own the record and hold the unofficial crown as the loudest fans. On September 29, 2014 they reclaimed their record, briefly held by Seattle Seahawks fans, when they registered 142.2 decibels. Some charts indicate 125 decibels is the pain threshold. That doesn't seem to matter in Kansas City.

  86. Williams-Brice Stadium - Home of the South Carolina Gamecocks

    Get ready for southern football pageantry and just flat out noise. The in-game atmosphere at Williams-Brice is rapidly becoming one of the best in all of football. There are certain traditions that every true college football fan should have on their bucket list. Tailgating on the river at Tennessee, dotting the "I" at Ohio State, the Midnight Yell at Texas A&M are some of these, and you'll want to make sure 2001/Sandstorm at Williams-Brice is on your list.

  87. BMO Field - Home of the Toronto FC

    BMO Field is being entirely rebuilt from the ground. There have been constant expansions on a small scale throughout the stadium’s short history but now, a complete transformation is being undertaken. By the 2016 season, the stadium will be covered and will seat up to 40,000 for big events. It will also begin next summer to host the Canadian Football League’s Toronto Argonauts. Now and into the future, it is one of the very best grounds in MLS, offering a spectacular experience for fans.

  88. Soldier Field - Home of the Chicago Bears

    For as long as there has been a National Football League, there has been football in Chicago. There has been a running back who must perform great and heroic feats to drag the offense into field goal range, there has been a linebacker who plays like fans imagine they would handle themselves in a fight, and there have been grills, vast acres of grills, cooking meat on cold Sunday mornings. The interior of Soldier Field offers a terrific game day experience, led by intimate views of the action from anywhere in the stadium and the company of a diehard fan base. Bears tickets are hard to come by, but a trip to Soldier Field is worth the effort for any football fan.

  89. Stanford Stadium - Home of the Stanford Cardinal

    If you're looking for a high quality, high class, high excitement, and high value college football experience, look no further than Stanford. It will be hard to find a more beautiful and relaxing site for which to catch college football, and Stanford's fans make the event even more enjoyable. The weather is great, the team provides high excitement, and the stadium is a beautiful scene to behold.

  90. BC Place - Home of the Vancouver Whitecaps FC

    Uniquely created with nearly 50 large white heavy-duty fabric pieces, these visual elements are hung from a cable which mirrors the encircling area which ends up being quite a bit smaller than the perimeter of the upper deck. These large pieces are draped and connected to the first row railing of the upper deck. The upper deck is pretty much put out of sight and mind in this process and interestingly is reminiscent of the upper awning commonly found as the top rim of many MLS soccer-specific stadiums.

  91. Air Canada Centre - Home of the Toronto Raptors

    The Air Canada Centre has truly become among the best venues in the NBA and a trip to the Raptors will surprise fans, especially those south of the border. The air of excitement buzzes through the arena and around the city and the Raptors look only to be getting better and better.

  92. Kyle Field - Home of the Texas A&M Aggies

    You will not experience a much more amazing atmosphere than you will find at Kyle Field. One interesting thing you will notice at an A&M football game is unlike many schools which have a large group of cheerleaders to rally their fans during sporting events, Texas A&M has five student Yell Leaders. Consisting of three seniors and two juniors, historically all male, the Yell Leaders are elected to their positions annually by the student body.

  93. UFCU Disch–Falk Field - Home of the Texas Longhorns

    The Longhorns have a great fan base. Such strong support requires the ballpark to be built more like an AA stadium than a typical college ballpark. The fans are serious and knowledgeable. While making the Longhorn sign, you’ll hear and see both the fans and the players sing along to “The Eyes of Texas” before and after the game.

  94. Ricoh Coliseum - Home of the Toronto Marlies

    Although the realities of economics mean most hockey clubs today don't play in their original old 'barns,' fans of the game often feel a strong connection to the grand old arenas of a century ago, and for these fans, there is no better city than Toronto. Past temples of the game still host regular hockey here; Maple Leaf Gardens and Varsity Arena are two great examples, but no arena manages to retain its historical flair and combine it with modern conveniences quite like Ricoh Coliseum, the home of the legendary Toronto Marlborough Hockey Club, now commonly known as the Marlies.

  95. Coca-Cola Field - Home of the Buffalo Bisons

    Buffalo's dream of being a major league baseball city will in all likelihood never happen. Too small a market, not enough TV ratings, and not enough corporations to sponsor gates and buy the suites. But make no mistake, Buffalo is a great baseball town. Its traditions go back across three centuries. Their ballpark is amongst the best in the minor leagues. They have stable ownership committed to the Game, great fans, and a pleasant game day experience. And the story continues to unfold and grow in Buffalo.

  96. Madison Square Garden - Home of the New York Rangers

    The Rangers are one of the iconic franchises in the history of the NHL. Madison Square Garden provides a great backdrop for this historic team. If you are a hockey fan this should be on the list of places you need to visit. It is truly an iconic hockey arena. Make sure you find some time to visit "The World's Most Famous Arena."

  97. WisePies Arena - Home of the New Mexico Lobos

    New Mexico basketball is relevant on a national level because of The Pit. Though the school has never advanced to a Sweet 16 in the NCAA Tournament, the basketball team plays to capacity or near capacity crowds at the venue on a regular basis. The success of the program needs to catch up with the popularity of The Pit.

  98. Madison Square Garden - Home of the New York Knicks

    One thing that adds to the experience here is Celebrity Row. Madison Square Garden saves some courtside seats for celebrities who agree to have their mug shown on GardenVision in return. This always gets fans excited and livens up two or three TV time outs every game.

  99. Mercedes-Benz Superdome - Home of the New Orleans Saints

    There are few stadium experiences as unique and memorable as a New Orleans Saints game in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Whether it’s experiencing one of the most passionate fan bases in the NFL (affectionately coined The Who Dat Nation), being in a one of the most historic sports venues in America, or living it up in the party capital of the world, the Mercedes-Benz Superdome provides one of the best sports environments nationwide.

  100. Ralph Engelstad Arena - Home of the North Dakota Fighting Hawks

    Making its grand opening in October of 2001, the $104 million Ralph Engelstad Arena boasts one of the most premier venues in all of college hockey. UND alumnus and Las Vegas businessman Ralph Engelstad used hard work with the ultimate goal of building an arena for his former hockey team. As one of the oldest Division I hockey programs in the United States, the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks has never fallen short of excellence — and the Ralph is no exception.


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