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Stadium Journey Writers Predict the Super Bowl

By Dave Cottenie -- January 04, 2013 12:00 AM EST


With the NFL playoffs set to begin, we took the time to ask the age old question "What will the Super Bowl Look Like?" The Stadium Journey writers took a few minutes to put together their thoughts on the subject.

Paul Swaney - Stadium Journey Co-Founder (Ann Arbor, MI)

Packers vs. Patriots

"The NFL continues to be a Quarterback-driven league, so my money in on Rodgers and Brady to lead their squads to February football."

Dave Cottenie - Stadium Journey Special Correspondent (Kitchener, ON)

Patriots over Seahawks

"The Patriots seem to be flying under the radar this season, but it's hard to discount Belechick and Brady."

Conrad Klank - Stadium Journey Special Correspondent

Colts vs. Redskins

"Sensational rookie quarterbacks leading their teams down the stretch to the playoffs. If you thought that the over-hyped Preseason Week 3 matchup was fun, you'll be in for a real treat in the big game in the Bayou."

Michael Spatz - Stadium Journey Mid-Atlantic Regional Correspondent (Baltimore, MD)

Patriots vs. 49ers

"New England will get key turnovers just as they have been all year (+25 give/take) and keep the NE dynasty rolling to Nawlins while Kaepernick tattoos the rest of the NFC and reminds everyone that this team came just two Kyle Williamses away from SB46 last year."

Jim Folsom - Stadium Journey Special Correspondent (Port Orange, FL)

Broncos vs. Seahawks

"Manning is red hot and that defense is really good too. Nobody is paying attention to the Seahawks but they have been destroying people lately."

Paul Donaldson - Stadium Journey Special Correspondent (Houston, TX)

Broncos vs. 49ers

"Peyton Manning finally has a defense and the Broncos are peaking at the right time. The 49ers will finally get over the hump behind Colin Kaepernick and will be rested after earning that first round bye."

Tarek Zohdi - Stadium Journey Germany Regional Correspondent (Germany)

Packers over Patriots

"Packers will beat the Patriots with a last second field goal from Crosby. Don't laugh. Oh and a happy new year from Germany."

Drew van der Poel - Stadium Journey Special Correspondent (Albany, NY)

Broncos vs. Packers

"Quarterback play and two teams that have playoff experience."

Josh Adams - Stadium Journey Special Correspondent (Brooklyn, NY)

Ravens over 49ers

"The Harbaugh Bowl, with the Ravens winning it to send Ray Lewis out on a winning note. I'm not sold on any team at all in the NFL Playoffs, so why not this one?"

Jason Bullock - Stadium Journey Virginia Regional Correspondent (Woodbridge, VA)

Patriots over Packers

"I still believe Brady's Bunch is the class of the AFC and the Packers have something to prove coming off of their disappointing season last year. Patriots win it all in a close one..."

Justin Sutton - Stadium Journey South Regional Correspondent

Patriots over Seahawks

"I still don't trust Manning in a big game, and Denver could be cold outdoors. The Texans are tough to believe in as well. The NFC seems like a jumbled mess, and the Seahawks seem to be a team no one wants to play right now."

Comment on this story and offer your own opinions. Who do you think will win this year's Super Bowl?


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