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Theodore A. Wright Stadium – Savannah State Tigers

Photos by Brian Jones, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.14

Theodore A. Wright Stadium 3219 College St Savannah, GA 31404

Year Opened: 1967

Capacity: 8,500


The Wright Place For The Tigers

Ted A. Wright Stadium has been the home of the Savannah State Tigers since 1967. However, Savannah State made major renovations in 2010-2011, which included improved locker rooms, ticket booths, concession areas and new FieldTurf.

While the team has struggled to find wins over the years, Ted Wright Stadium is not a bad place to watch a college football game. It’s not a big stadium, and it looks more like it would be home to a big high school football team in Georgia.

However, because of the fan support, which includes a lively student section and loyal alumni, the stadium is a fun place to take in football game in South Georgia.

Food & Beverage 3

Because there are only two concession stands in the entire stadium, there isn’t a wide variety of food to choose from. That said, the food is not expensive, and that is never a bad thing. The most you will spend for an item is $5, which is the wings catered by Bojangles’. The stands also include hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and candy, all ranging from $2-$4. Another good thing about the concession stands is the wait is never too long, as there are numerous people working in each stand.

Atmosphere 2

Ted Wright Stadium looks like a field for a large high school football team in Georgia. One reason is that there is a track circled around the stadium, which has been around since the stadium was originally built. The other reason is the scoreboard, which does not have a screen to watch any replays or the game itself. When you add the two concession stands, the stadium just doesn’t have that Division I college football feel that it should.

Neighborhood 4

Savannah State is located near the center of Savannah, so there is always something to do. With the city of Savannah featuring some of the best restaurants in the country, you will never go hungry. Elizabeth on 37th is a highly recommended place, as well as Sweet Spice. Since Savannah is located off the coast, the beach is another option for visitors. South Beach has been a fan favorite for years because it’s clean and peaceful.

If the beach is not for you, there are various museums to visit, as well as churches that have been around since almost the beginning of time.

If you go to Savannah, go to River Street. There are numerous shops, bars and restaurants to keep patrons occupied all day.

Fans 4

I have to give the fans credit. For as much as the team has struggled in recent years, they are as lively of a crowd as you will find, especially the students. They wear the school colors with pride, they get to the game on time and they even start their own chants.

In fact, they even start to do the wave, which is unusual, because the bleachers don’t circle around the stadium. The home bleachers are located on one side, and the away bleachers are located on the opposite side.

The one thing that stands out is the endless amounts of tents set up in front of the stadium for tailgating. As many games I’ve been to, I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s clear the fans love their team and will support them no matter what.

Access 3

Parking at Ted Wright Stadium is accessible. as it only costs $10 to park on campus. Because the stadium is located near the end of the campus, there are buses to take fans to and from the stadium.

Because the stadium is not like a normal college stadium, access from one side of the stadium to the other is not hard. With the stadium not being very big, getting to and from your seat is a breeze, and the concourse is not a maze like other college stadiums.

Savannah State is located in one of the bigger cities in Georgia. If you want to drive or fly to watch a game, that is not an issue, since the university is located minutes from the airport, as well as Interstate 16.

Return on Investment 3

Tickets for a game won’t cost you an arm and a leg. For a single-game ticket, it will cost around $20-$30, which is not bad, considering the team has not been a hot commodity in several years. The best place to sit is where the students sit, which is right near the middle of the home bleachers. They know how to have a good time, regardless of how the team is playing.

Extras 3

Right near the home bleachers is a place where fans can get Savannah State gear. When I was there, fans were stocking up on the shirts and hats, and they were also getting free stuff like water bottles and seat cushions.

The marching band is also a fun sight, as they keep it lively all game long. They played songs that ranged from TLC’s “Waterfalls” to Jay-Z “Holy Grail” on the day I visited.

WHCJ is the radio station that broadcasts all the games for Savannah State. If fans want to listen to the game while they are in the stands, they have that option.

Final Thoughts

Ted Wright Stadium isn’t the best college stadium in Georgia, but it’s not a bad stadium either. From the loyal fans to the entertaining band, there is never a dull moment.

If the team was in a better position in terms of success, the stadium would be a tremendous place for a game. Regardless, if you are in the Savannah area and want to take in some football on a Saturday afternoon, Ted Wright Stadium is a solid place to do just that.

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