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Stadium Journey Visits the CAA Women's Basketball Tournament

Here at Stadium Journey, we often spend a lot of time visiting some of the world’s biggest and best sports venues. While we are at these venues we are also often seeing some of the largest and most well-known sports, but you also may have noticed we like to visit all sports. If there is a set of stands and someone is doing a sports activity, we are interested and will try to cover it for you here.

When finding sports to cover we often spend time scouring the schedules of amateur and professional schedules of teams in each writer’s area, as well as while on vacation and trips. Sometimes we even forget to check for some events, such as tournaments and other special attractions. This writer was very lucky to have checked all necessary schedules and found a great event that Stadium Journey recommends. This is not a regular review as the event does rotate venues each year.

We also covered the CAA Men's Tournament the prior week and wrote a review as that was scheduled for a few years at the Entertainment & Sports Arena in Washington, DC.

The Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) recently held its end-of-season basketball championship at SECU Arena on the campus of Towson University, just north of Baltimore, MD. T

Monmouth won the tournament and will be representing the CAA in the NCAA Tournament. The event was a fun one to attend and we can definitely recommend such an event to our readers.

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