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Sebring International Raceway - SpeedTour Weekend

Photos by Chris Green, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.57

Sebring International Raceway 113 Midway Dr Sebring, FL 33870

Year Opened: 1950


Kicking Off Sebring’s Race Season

The start of the race season shows up early in Florida, and Sebring is a perfect place to celebrate that. The annual SpeedTour weekend, featuring SVRA, TransAm, and International GT, showcases sportscar racing’s past and future. Held each year in late February, this race is a great place for families and car enthusiasts, complete with car shows and thrilling race action.


Food & Beverage   4

There is no shortage of food vendors around the track at Sebring. From the main paddock and the ever-popular Track Shack (get The Beast…it is probably the best item you can eat at the track and is only known on the secret menu at Sebring) to the various drink and snack stops around the track, you never have to go too far to get something to quench your thirst, or ease the pain of hunger.

The cost of everything is also what one may consider moderately fair, as food and snack items range from just a few dollars to $12-$14 for bigger items at the Snack Shack. The event also invites several food trucks to the event as well, which are set up near the paddock area.


Atmosphere   4

The Sebring facility is steeped in racing history; fans from around the world regard it as one of the best tracks for many reasons. SpeedTour weekend features a much more laid-back vibe compared to the IMSA 12 Hours, and everyone seems to be here to have a great time. The track lacks many conventional amenities one would expect from a top-level racetrack, but makes up for it with viewing access and history. Access to Green Park is included all weekend, something not always open to smaller events.


Neighborhood   3

There isn’t exactly anything around Sebring International Raceway, as it is located in the middle of nowhere. Sebring itself is a town located in the middle of Florida, at least an hour and a half drive from the nearest major city or population center. Thus, while the town of Sebring itself may have some shopping and dining, as well as a few hotels, you are likely better off camping at the track and staying there the whole weekend.


Fans   4

The fans at SpeedTour weekend cross over from other events at Sebring, including IMSA, SCCA, and HSR events. Trackside camping is popular all around the track, and as usual, several fans decorate their campers and campsites with lights and decorations. Thankfully, the craziness of IMSA weekend is nowhere to be found here, and a much more family-friendly atmosphere can be enjoyed because of it. Without a doubt, Saturday is the best day to attend, with the most racing action on track happening that day, complete with car shows and fan access to several grid walks on pit road.


Access   3

The roads in and out of Sebring aren’t exactly major highways, with the biggest road being US-27 running towards Miami to the South and Orlando to the North. There is plenty of parking at the track, however, and trams help take you from parking lots farther away from the main grandstands and paddock to points of interest around the track.

You never feel like you are too far from anywhere either, as there are several perfectly placed crossover bridges around the track to get you to points of interest throughout the weekend. Any fan can also come down to the paddock and get up close to the stars and cars that are in attendance.


Return on Investment   4

Tickets to SpeedTour weekend are much less expensive than IMSA’s 12 Hours in March – this means you get to enjoy the sights and sounds of the race cars of yesteryear without breaking the bank. Without a doubt, this is a great event to take younger fans to as well, and your access is much more up close than traditional races you may go to.


Extras   3

Taking in the race at Sebring has its perks for fans, with various autograph sessions held throughout the weekend. In addition, fans also have the opportunity to get into the paddock area of the track free of charge, giving an up-close view of the teams as they prepare for one of the year's biggest races. Also, before the main event on Saturday, all the teams bring their cars out to the false grid before the race starts, where fans can come to see the cars and drivers up close, next to the vintage planes, before the cars head out onto the track.

Final Thoughts

 The annual SpeedTour weekend is a great place to watch some racing action on one of America’s most historic race circuits. Filled with exciting action, this weekend is a must-go for all the fans who don’t want the craziness of the IMSA 12 Hour weekend, and instead are looking for a family friendly race day.

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