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Russell C. King Field at Switzer Stadium - Wofford Terriers

Photos by David Welch, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.43

Russell C. King Field at Switzer Stadium 429 N Church St Spartanburg, SC 29303

Year Opened: 2004 Capacity: 2,500


Russell C. King Field at Switzer Stadium

Wofford College is less than two miles from downtown Spartanburg, South Carolina, but a quick walk around campus makes you feel a world away.

For decades, the Terriers played at Law Field that sat on the site of their current home. When Wofford made the jump to Division I, Law Field did not meet minimal size requirements, so Wofford moved to the cross-town Duncan Park in the mid 90s. The Terriers would call Duncan Park home for 8 years, but would move back to campus in 2004 with the opening of Russell King Field.

Wofford has played as members of the Southern Conference (SoCon) since their move to Division I in 1997 – the Terriers were SoCon tournament champions in 2007, and back-to-back regular season champions in 2021 and 2022.

Food & Beverage 2

Russell King Field does not have a traditional concession stand, but what it does have is the 429 – the Road Boss food truck which is part of the Wofford food system.

While having a food truck as a concession stand is a novel idea, it falls short of expectations when it comes to food options; the main options of substance are either a hot dog or nachos. There are also a handful of snack choices, such as the traditional baseball peanuts, Cracker Jack, and sunflower seeds. Drinks consist of bottled Coke products or PowerAde.

Atmosphere 3

Russell King Field sits at the bottom of an embankment, at the end of an oak tree-lined drive. During the spring months, after the trees have filled out with their canopy of leaves, it is quite a stunning sight. The stadium blends in so well with its surroundings that if walking up from behind the press box, it would be difficult to tell there was even a baseball field here. Upon approach, it has the feel of an amphitheater.

The seating bowl is made up of nine rows of permanent seating, spread out into five sections from dugout to dugout. The middle three sections are covered with a steeply sloped roof. Many fans choose to bring lawn chairs to set up on the concrete pad along the top of the seating area, or along the hillside on each side of the field.

Other than the small press box at the top of the seating area, the stadium has no built-in amenities. Restrooms are conveniently available, however, at the adjacent Richardson Hall, which could quite easily be peppered with foul balls, or at the food truck providing concessions at the neighboring soccer field.

The natural grass, symmetrical stadium plays a bit small, but is offset a by a roughly 10’ fence. Down the lines the distances run 325’ with 385’ power alleys, and 395’ to straightaway center field.

Hot cloudless days will make seats under the overhang a popular option, as would the hillside seats along the first baseline in the shade of the oak trees.

Neighborhood 4

A train trestle with “Wofford” painted across it welcomes visitors to the southeastern edge of campus. Russell King Field is neighbored by the school’s softball field, soccer pitch, Snyder Field, and the newly built Jerry Richardson Hall that houses locker rooms, athletics offices, and student housing.

Wofford’s campus is less than 2 miles from downtown Spartanburg, so there is a wide variety of food, lodging, and entertainment options just minutes away. The University of South Carolina-Upstate is less than 4 miles away, also. A bit further from campus, in the neighboring town of Greer, is the BMW manufacturing plant and Zentrum Museum.

Fans 3

Wofford has a sizeable fanbase given the size of its student body. The crowd is seemingly three-quarters family and alumni, and the other one-quarter is students. Adults in the crowd tend to be the most vocal of the bunch.

Students come and go throughout the game, but are not the ones to create a substantial home field advantage. With an enrollment of just over 1,800 students and an average attendance of about 400 fans per baseball game, the Terriers draw well in comparison to the size of their student body.

Access 4

Wofford is easily accessible from nearby I-85, or from I-26 which passes through just south of Spartanburg. These main arteries of travel provide rather direct routes from Ashville, Columbia, Charlotte, and Atlanta.

Once at the Wofford campus, parking is available on the first base side of the field. If this lot is full, there is a good amount of on-street parking along the perimeter of campus. From that point, it is just a short walk to the field.

With free admission, there is not a gate entry point to pass through and there does not appear to be enforcement of a clear bag policy. A handful of fans even brought small coolers with drinks and snacks.

Return on Investment 5

When the only thing you must invest in when going to a Wofford baseball game is time, it is time well spent. While concessions are a bit limited, the prices are affordable and the day will not break the bank. The picnic tables along the third baseline also encourages fans to bring a picnic lunch to enjoy during the game.

Extras 3

The aforementioned picnic tables that line the hillside along the third base line are a nice touch, and create space for a great afternoon picnic lunch as you take in a game.

The large oak trees along the right field line create a great deal of shade, and provide wonderful aesthetics.

Spartanburg does not have much of a skyline, but Denny’s Tower, the corporate headquarters for the diner’s chain, is prominently visible in the distance behind right field.

Final Thoughts

Russell King Field offers a wonderfully beautiful environment for baseball, paired with a rather quality team. From the oak-lined drive to the meticulously maintained grass, to the simpleness of berm seating and players watering down the infield on their own, baseball at Wofford is an overall pleasant way to spend an evening or afternoon.


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