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Regis Baseball Field – Regis Rangers

Photos by Meg Minard, Stadium Journey

Stadium Info FANFARE Score: 3.29

Regis Baseball Field 3333 Regis Blvd Denver, CO 80221

Year Opened: 1969

Capacity: 1,000


Regis Rangers Baseball

Regis University is Colorado’s only Jesuit Catholic University. It has an enrollment of close to 15,000 students amongst all its schools and offers educational programs in liberal arts, sciences, business, education, computer and information sciences and health care.

For athletics, the Regis Rangers are more known for its basketball achievements than its baseball success. Even so, the baseball game day event is a delightful afternoon experience.

The baseball program began in 1969 and has been a part of the Div II RMAC (Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference) since then.

Food & Beverage 2

The concessions at Regis Field are minimal yet enough to satisfy the fans in attendance.

One concession stand is under the press box and offers soda (Pepsi), water, Gatorade ($2), nachos, pretzels, popcorn, hot dogs, peanuts, seeds, and candy ($1 – $3). The hot dog looks quite tasty.

Alcohol is not sold at Regis Field.

Atmosphere 4

Watching a baseball game at Regis Field on a warm spring day in Colorado provides a fabulous, stress-free afternoon. It’s an excellent venue for a relaxing game of baseball just five miles from downtown Denver.

The field is a beautiful natural green grass and there’s real dirt between the bases, at home plate, and on the pitcher’s mound. None of that fake turf here.

The backstop is a handsomely designed brick wall which blends in well with the press box and the home plate area.

Seating is the perfect size for the attendance. Four rows of blue fold-down stadium seats are on each side of the press box then a section of aluminum bleachers with handrails ending at the beginning of the dugouts rounds out the seating. There is a separate set of bleachers down the third baseline.

A net extends from dugout to dugout. Yet there’s still an area where one can stand next to the dugout and watch the game net free. Many fans sit on a hill on the first base side behind the dugout. This area is also net free. Unlike several other RMAC venues, one does have to watch out for foul balls at this venue.

There are no lights – only day games are played here.

For music during a game, a mix of country, Christian, patriotic, and top pop songs are played and it’s not too loud. In fact, it is the perfect volume, enough to enjoy yet still hear and talk with friends in the stands.

Trees adorn the left and center fields. A new LED scoreboard was installed in 2011 and sits above the left field wall. It provides the basic information needed for score keeping: batter number, ball, strike, hit / error, and runs per inning. It can sometimes be difficult to read between the net and the sun.

Neighborhood 3

Regis University sits just five or so miles from downtown Denver and all that city has to offer.

Several places for food and beverage are just a block or two from the university. Fast food options include Wendy’s, Taco Bell, McDonald’s and the like. Good Times (a regional ‘Burgers and Frozen Custard’ fast food chain) is a block away.

Also within walking distance are some non-chain food and drink establishments. A spot to visit for a beer (between those double headers or after the game) is Goldspot Brewing Company, a local craft brewery which has a friendly and welcoming environment. Next door to Goldspot is Dubbel Dutch (European sandwiches, salads, and coffee).

The one hotel within walking distance is a Motel 6 (it is a safe neighborhood to stroll). Plenty of other hotel chains are just a few miles away in or near downtown Denver including Quality Inn, LaQuinta Inn, Residence Inn, etc. For a fancy hotel, try the Crawford Hotel at Union Station (it’s quite pricey).

Most of the tourist attractions are in downtown Denver. Check Visit Denver for points of interest.

Fans 4

A good crowd is on hand. Lots of families, particularly dad’s with sons. The dads/granddads take the kids and play catch or Frisbee on the hill and park area adjacent to the field. It’s very much a joyful family environment.

Plenty of visitors from the opposing team are in the stands as a handful of the RMAC schools are within an hour or so drive.

Many cheer on players as they know them personally. All are friendly, polite, and welcome to conversation.

Access 3

While getting to Regis University is relatively easy, parking and finding the ball field is a chore.

The university is off of I-70 exit 272 (Federal Ave / US 287) then north a few blocks to 50th Ave.

Once arriving onto the campus, no signage of the ball field is visible. Parking is difficult to figure out; I ended up parking in a small visitors lot (Entrance #1 off Regis Blvd) near the David M Clark, SJ Hall building. Walk around that building and the Field House and you’ll find the baseball field.

RTD Bus 52 is the available public transportation. Get off at W 50th St and Irving Ave or Regis Blvd and Irving Ave to get to the Regis University.

Wheelchair access is limited.

No tickets are handed out; just pay at the folding table (cash only). Seating is on the honor system; bleachers are general admission; the fold-down blue seats are the reserved seats.

Return on Investment 5

Attending a warm, sunny Saturday/Sunday afternoon game is well worth the ticket price.

Prices are: General admission (bleachers/grass) $6, Reserved seats (chair back) $9, Non-Regis students $3, Regis students and faculty free, under-7/over-65 free. A season ticket package is $50.

Doubleheaders are common at Regis Baseball Field. Two seven-inning games for the price of one. Can’t beat that.

Concession items are no more than $3 and as far as I could tell, parking is free.

It’s a splendid game day experience on a warm spring day.

Extras 2

An excellent game day program with a sharp-looking glossy photo cover is available upon entry. It includes rosters for both teams, game notes, Regis baseball schedule and results so far in the season.

A ball player recites the RMAC sportsmanship code of conduct before the game.

Final Thoughts

A refreshing afternoon of baseball can be witnessed at Regis University. If needing a baseball fix and the weather cooperates, check out a game at Regis Field. It’s a good overall relaxing, entertaining afternoon of baseball. Note: Snow outs and cancellations do occur because of the versatile weather conditions in the Rocky Mountains.

If you’re in town visiting a Rockies game in the early part of the season, check and see if the Rangers are at home and extend your vacation activities.

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